Campaign Ammo Brianna Wu Sponsored by Nazis - Based Blue has had enough.

Adolf Von Merkel
Hahah, I'm a piece of shit and even I wouldn't associate with that shithead weev, except to occasionally insult him.

I do have to say, Weev does more to show nazis are idiots than any antifa person ever has.
So who's gayer, John Flint or weev?

I mean, John Flint cut his dick off and has sex with a man, so that's pretty gay, but weev.... well weev is an unironic nazi.

It's a pretty tough call.
At least tag him.
@14⚡⚡ weev ⚡⚡88, this guy want to talk with you.


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@Jaimas pointed out at 3:03, Wu says "The Nazi's are going to win." in her Wolfenstein 2 stream.
This may as well make it hilarious in hindsight. Backed 100% by Weev, working with a person she knew had ties with Weev.
She's really bad at this game.


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I'm gonna look like the biggest sperg for this but I gotta defend her on this one. Wolfenstein 2 feels like a game that you should play recklessly and it kind of encourages you to, but also punishes you for it as well. You die way too damn fast.
Capping my health off at 50 and discouraging open combat in favor for stealth is not what makes a good Wolfenstein.
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