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Oct 23, 2018
Looks like Jonathan is taking Bill Whatcott to the BCHRT.
Radical trans activist hits Christian with $35K ‘human rights’ complaint for injured ‘dignity’ | News
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Bill Whatcott. David Cooke via YouTube
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PETITION: Tell Rights Tribunal to THROW OUT cases of trans ‘woman’ demanding females wax his genitals Sign the petition here.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian trans activist who has drawn global headlines for demanding female beauticians wax his male genitals and attempting to organize LGBT “swim parties” for children is now going after Christian activist Bill Whatcott for publicly referring to him as male.
Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a man who “identifies” as a woman. He recently rose to prominence for filing 16 complaints against local beauticians who offer bikini waxes to actual women but have refused to wax his male genitals, then for seeking permission from the Township of Langley, British Columbia, for “LGBTQ2S” groups to hold topless-optional swimming parties for “all people aged 12+,” with parents and guardians barred from attending.
Whatcott is a Christian social conservative activist whom the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal fined $55,000 in March for distributing a flyer identifying trans activist and former political candidate Ronan “Morgane” Oger as a “biological male,” which the court deemed an affront to Oger’s “dignity, feelings and self-respect.”
In a post Tuesday at the Free North America forums, Whatcott revealed that Yaniv is seeking $35,000 for “gender identity or expression” discrimination for publicly referring to him in sidewalk preaching and a flyer as a “biological male” and a “transvestite deviant” looking to “prey on vulnerable biological women.”

The complaint alleges that by stating the facts of Yaniv’s gender and expressing a negative opinion about his public activities, Whatcott has caused him “immense injury to dignity and self respect,” “incited hatred towards myself,” and “clearly intended to injure and, regardless of his intent, did injure the my privacy, dignity, and economic interests by calling attention to my sex and gender identity in a hateful manner.”
“God has created two sexes, and your gender identity should align with reality,” Whatcott declares in the video the complaint highlights. “If you choose to believe something fake, if you choose to believe you’re a woman when in fact you were born a biological male, I feel sorry for you. But you have no right to impose that falsehood on me. You have no right to impose that falsehood on other Canadians.”
“Really, these so-called human rights complaints are all an offense to real democratic principles and when it comes to complaints involving so-called transgender complainants the process is an offense to reality itself,” Whatcott responded to the complaint. “What is clear to me is if these frivilous (sic) and vexatious complaints continue (and all indicators are the BCHRT is happy to spend taxpayer's money entertaining them) the ability to use peaceful speech to challenge the mostly fraudulent claims of the LGBT agenda, especially as it pertains to so-called gender theory will be gutted.
“No doubt Yaniv and the BCHRT would be really happy if I incurred the cost of another lawyer and expended all sorts of energy to defend myself,” he continued. “I believe we Christians have to do something different and indeed we have to work to reform our country and remove the ability of cultural Marxists and malcontents to use the power of the state to silence our speech.
“Beyond pointing to Christ as our ultimate answer, I have no solution as to how to Canadians can regain our freedom,” Whatcott lamented. “I think the judgments I am facing and the ordeal these 16 female estheticians have faced at the hands of a sick predator and a corrupt human rights tribunal is clear evidence our courts and political system is corrupt and I see no mass uprising on the horizon of outraged Canadians demanding to have their freedom back.”
Apart from the transgender ideology issues at play, some speculate Yaniv may simply be a male heterosexual predator using “gender identity” as a pretext to prey upon women and girls (he identifies as a lesbian, indicating he remains sexually attracted to the people he wants to wax his genitals and share locker-room space with).
The Daily Caller reported that Yaniv has a record of disturbing texts about being in locker rooms with girls as young as age 10, asking questions like, “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and tits out?” and, “What are some things that girls do like in the bathroom stall and in the change room that I should be doing to make myself more a girl,” specifying that he was asking about “the gross stuff.”
Moreover, Oger himself has accused Yaniv of “outrageously inappropriate acts, some towards children who are tweens and teens,” spanning 2013 to 2018.” Yaniv is alleged to have attempted to solicit phone numbers from teenage girls online, and to have taken photographs of underage girls at a beauty pageant without permission.
For his part, Whatcott says he may be willing to sit down with Yaniv for mediation, noting that while he doesn’t have the money for the damages Yaniv seeks, “I have Good News that I can share and a treasure more long lasting and beneficial to his well being than money.”
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Jun 14, 2019
The Oger BCHRT hearing was a shit show because of this guy, didn't he show up wearing a shirt every day that read "Oger is a man"?

Also I don't think he ever has or ever will pay Oger because the tribunal can't enforce their decisions and he's broke. I don't know what exactly Yaniv is hoping to get out of this one.

Edit: The line at the end is golden. "For his part, Whatcott says he may be willing to sit down with Yaniv for mediation, noting that while he doesn’t have the money for the damages Yaniv seeks, “I have Good News that I can share and a treasure more long lasting and beneficial to his well being than money.” "

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May 25, 2019
Raising a complaint on the basis you've been called a “transvestite deviant” looking to “prey on vulnerable biological women” might be a bad move if you actually are a predator looking to prey on vulnerable biological women (and girls). Evidence of such behavior would necessarily be admissible to defend against these claims - Yaniv risks having such evidence being affirmed if their claim fails because the defence can show these statements are true.


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Jan 10, 2015
ALERT :woo:

Made this thread in an attempt to keep things here somewhat organized, if you want to discuss his discrimination suits (ongoing and threatened) or post updates of the hearings from people like goinglikeelsie and others, please do so here.

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Jul 24, 2019
In the oger decision they said the fact that oger is a biological male didn't matter.
You'd think it was different because Yaniv publicly agreed to the idea that he was a biological man. In a land of shit that makes sense, it would be pretty stupid to argue that even though its true and you admitted it, the truth hurt your dignity. But I guess Canada is about the shittiest country you could find yourself in if you're a reasonable person.

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Nov 11, 2016
goinglikeelsie has just resumed her tweeting about the hearing fyi

Tweets from today in text form, in which Jonathan claims to be "intersex" and the tribunal again demonstrates how much of a farce it is by letting him get away with breaking simple rules like not coaching the witness.

Miriam Yaniv, JY's mother is sworn in to give testimony about the impact of service denials on JY. JY says have added some questions.
Recall that the Member had let MY testify at a previous hearing with no respondent present and given JY & MY a lot of "leeway".
She had warned them that she would be stricter in this hearing and that JC could and would objects to things.
MY explains her disability so it can be accommodated.
JY thanks her for coming
JY? Born as boy or girl?
MY - both
JY? Intersex?
MY - yes
Note: that was the first time MY was asked by JY about being intersex.
JY? Gender identity, expression?
MY - female
JY? First period?
MY - 13 or 14
JY? Wanted to be a princess?
MY - yes
JY - boy or girl clothes
MY - depends on occasion, girl at home, boy when out
JY? Boy or girl toys?
MY - no guns, only Barbies
JY? As female at home, gender identity was secret to the public, own decision to come out?
MY - should she answer for 6 yr old JY or 32 yr old JY?
JY? My gender id was a secret
MY - yes
JY? Intimidated (to show it)
MY - yes
JY? Major cramping before age 13?
MY - yes
Member says - said period wasn't relevant (when said JY didn't have to talk about internal sex organs) gender identity was (nature of JY's ) - JY can't have it both ways
JC says JY is leading witness
JY & MY interrupt each other arguing against JC
Member says she will consider how much weight to give leading testimony
JY? Why is a gender id a threat to other women?
MY - It should not be
JY? Reflects a "deeply held bias", starts to ask a hypothetical about how far can you go to discriminate...
Stopped by Member
JY? Impact of denials on me?
MY wants to speak freely, no more questions
- extreme impact
- destroying JY's life
- gender id destroyed JY, my life, my sister's life
- MY is going to give up her life in Canada after 35 years
- was happy in Canada, "come home parent", giving up
- "I mean it"
JY? Impact on me?
MY - won't go there, everyone can see, "I'm done"
JY? Importance of " gender affirming care" to me?
MY - very important
JC objects, says JY is asking MY questions to bootstrap JY's testimony. Says JY must asked questions about facts, not JY' internal feelings
Member says will allow but weigh testimony
MY - not willing to share medical info,
Talks directly to JC - not willing to show physical and medical info with you, "Mr. Jay Cameron"
Note: as in other threads, couldn't possibly record all the hypotheticals, interruptions, outbursts, not following directions from JY & MY
Also things get heated on both sides at times but it is overwhelmingly on the JY side.
JY? Haircuts, waxing as gender affirming, validating my gender identity and sex as a woman?
MY - if not for JY, not for anyone, all are entitled, JY shouldn't be denied due to GID
JY? I'm with you a lot, describe discrimination you've seen (against me)?
MY - says discrimination in Tim Hortons', couldn't believe when JY told her about it in the car
JC - how relevant
Back & forth, JY, MY, and JC
MY wants people to know that Tim Horton's is against trans women, would not give JY food (only a drink)
Member says not relevant
JY? - In person waxing discrimination or harassment from certain cultures
MY - yes, customer service, online
MY - was an ER nurse for 20 years, had to take everyone, elderly, young, couldn't deny care to pregnant 14 year old though against my beliefs.
JY? Required to follow Canadian culture, align with CA values (talks about getting screwed over for a $40 cab ride), not use religion or culture to willfully discriminate
- had to learn the law, culture, language to become Canadian
- came here to become Canadian
- has own beliefs, doesn't impose them
- practicing Jewish
- is immigrant, so was JY's father, Portuguese, speaks Portuguese
Member says off base, cuts her off
JY? With me when discriminated against online
MY - my reaction, my emotions, see now, same emotion now, wants to cry
MY says directly to JC - "you don't live my shoes"
JC wants it recorded that MY is castigating him. Member notes
JY starts reading, "Neo Nazism consists of.."
Member stops JY
JY - just giving background
Member says no
JY says online it comes up that I'm a rascist..
JY? Am I am rascist?
MY - no
JC objects, lots of talk, obvious that JY shared info from earlier in hearing with MY.
MY is told that she is not supposed to be hearing anything (while outside in hallway), "you are a witness"
JC has objection, JY had opportunity to discuss while giving evidence, MY's testimony must be about impact of refusal on JY, JY is calling MD a nazi
MY to JC - "you can object all you want"
MY then objects for her tax dollars to be used for hearing to be in session
JY? People say I target certain cultures, target immigrants, known fact that immigrants perform certain services?
MY - no doesn't target immigrants, yes certain immigrants
At this point Member calls out JC for laughing
(JC was leaning back in chair, hands clasped behind head, incredulous laugh)

JC says it was the "amazing impropriety of the question"
Member says JC knows JY is self represented (has higher standard for JC as lawyer)
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