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Charming Man
True & Honest Fan

A heated row has broken out over a move by Britain's largest bakery chain to launch a vegan sausage roll.

The pastry, which is filled with a meat substitute and encased in 96 pastry layers, is available in 950 Greggs stores across the country.

It was promised after 20,000 people signed a petition calling for the snack to be launched to accommodate plant-based diet eaters.

But the vegan sausage roll's launch has been greeted by a mixed reaction: Some consumers welcomed it, while others voiced their objections.

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spread happiness@p4leandp1nk

#VEGANsausageroll thanks Greggs


10:07 AM - Jan 3, 2019

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Cook and food poverty campaigner Jack Monroe declared she was "frantically googling to see what time my nearest opens tomorrow morning because I will be outside".

While TV writer Brydie Lee-Kennedy called herself "very pro the Greggs vegan sausage roll because anything that wrenches veganism back from the 'clean eating' wellness folk is a good thing".

One Twitter user wrote that finding vegan sausage rolls missing from a store in Corby had "ruined my morning".

Another said: "My son is allergic to dairy products which means I can't really go to Greggs when he's with me. Now I can. Thank you vegans."

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pg often@pgofton

The hype got me like #Greggs #Veganuary


10:28 AM - Jan 3, 2019

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TV presenter Piers Morgan led the charge of those outraged by the new roll.

"Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns," he wrote on Twitter.

Mr Morgan later complained at receiving "howling abuse from vegans", adding: "I get it, you're all hangry. I would be too if I only ate plants and gruel."

Another Twitter user said: "I really struggle to believe that 20,000 vegans are that desperate to eat in a Greggs."

"You don't paint a mustach (sic) on the Mona Lisa and you don't mess with the perfect sausage roll," one quipped.

Journalist Nooruddean Choudry suggested Greggs introduce a halal steak bake to "crank the fume levels right up to 11".

The bakery chain told concerned customers that "change is good" and that there would "always be a classic sausage roll".

It comes on the same day McDonald's launched its first vegetarian "Happy Meal", designed for children.

The new dish comes with a "veggie wrap", instead of the usual chicken or beef option.
It should be noted that Piers Morgan and Greggs share the same PR firm, so I'm thinking this is some serious faux outrage and South Park KKK gambiting here.

Jerry_ smith56

The man in black
Tbh honest I think this is a good idea. Thanks to these vagan rolls Greggs will gain a base of customers that they never would've had otherwise. Its silly to complain about this, its not like they are replacing their sausage rolls entirely with vegan rolls. Just let the vegans have their vegan rolls and they'll be just fine.



Charming Man
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Quorn creeps me out, and a lot of their products are not even vegan. Just go with bean, wheat, or soy fake meat.
Quorn was originally going to be used to solve world hunger and food insecurity (it's a lab grown fungus).

Then they realised that they could make more money selling it to fussy eaters.

But Quorn mince is pretty ace in chilli and Spag Bol.


Godmaster Reverend
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This is one of those things where I think it's exceptional to get worked up about it. Like, if you're furious about a sausage roll, really your only way forward is suicide, and I mean that charitably.
The real news here is that people buy things at Greggs other than corned beef pasties.
They tend to do pretty brisk business selling bacon sandwiches at motorway service areas. With the truckers coming through, it's a goldmine.


In Thanksgiving casseroles everywhere. Add salt.
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I know it's rhetorical, but this is really where we're at, huh?
I had a "trying to be vegan" friend once who lived in New York for a while. This was over a decade ago. She told me about a restaurant she had been to that served only vegan recreations of meat-based foods formed from soy. Literally "chicken drumsticks" and shit like that made from soy. Expensive, too. Actual adults were playing far too much for this elaborate gastronomic kabuki theater and loving it. It was one of the strangest things I had ever heard.

So yeah, this is Clown World. We've been living here for a while.

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