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fat bird
Britain does a dogshit job at integration and its no surprise as the even the white people basically view eachother as different species due to class differences.

There are Jews in London that don't speak English that have lived in that city for 5 centuries. They are horribly inbred, view Israel as an abomination that will usher in the apocalypse (as was the traditional view of a Jewish state) and practice oral circumcisions.
Stamford Hill. Also has an issue with unlicensed yeshivas providing an entirely of some kids' education aka not exactly a well rounded one.
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I love old, Victorian London pubs though this one says it was established in 1787.
Oh yes, the older pubs are usually the best. Best pub I've ever been in was a place near Oxford Road Station in Manchester called The Lass O'Gowrie. Need to go back at some point, it's been a while.
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Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy
Man gets 12-inch leg tattoo of 'legend' disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes
The inked man sat through 12 hours of needle work to get the black and white image of Alan Barnes transferred onto his upper leg



A man got a 12 inch leg tattoo of disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes' after describing him as a "legend".
The inked man, who does not wish to be named, sat through 12 hours of needle work to get the black and white image transferred onto his upper leg.

After being accused of mocking Alan with the tattoo, he claimed the tat is a tribute to Alan, who was badly injured after being brutally attacked outside his house in Gateshead, Newcastle, in 2015.
He told Chronicle Live : "I haven't done this to take the mick.
"I think some people would go into their shell after being attacked like that, but Alan took it in his stride.
"I think, considering his disability, he is an inspiration.

"The way he stood up to bullies, he is a legend."
Alan - who is just 4ft 6in and weighs six stone - was violently mugged by drug addict Richard Gatiss and more than £300,000 was later raised for his rehousing.
The man got the tattoo on Monday, in Gosforth, from an artist who has only been inking people full-time for a month.
Emerging talent 'Birdyy' was the tattooist responsible, after issuing an appeal to find someone who would be willing to have Alan's face etched onto their skin - because the 71-year-old was the catalyst for his career.
"When I first started, the first thing I drew was Alan," said 'Birdyy', known to his family and friends as Joe Bird.
"For some reason Alan Barnes had been on the TV, so I was asked to draw his picture.

More info & horrifying pictures in link.

" The inked man, who does not wish to be named... " Because he can't remember his name after a week long binge on White Lightning & Smack ???

Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy
Here's yet another reason to stop foreign aid to Pakistan, particularly when parents are being begged to pay for school equipment here themselves.

Classrooms in 800 Pakistani schools paid for with UK taxpayers’ cash are closed after builders bodged them despite millions in foreign aid
  • The closure of classrooms mean 115,00 kids in overcrowded rooms or outside
  • MPs call for inquiry into how UK's £14 billion aid budget is spent overseas
  • Alok Sharma said classrooms need to be built to better standards going forward
Classrooms in nearly 800 schools in Pakistan – paid for with British taxpayers’ foreign aid money – have been closed because they are badly built and unsafe, it was revealed yesterday.
The closure of the buildings, erected as part of a £107 million aid project, has left 115,000 children taking lessons outdoors or in overcrowded rooms.
The foreign aid fiasco prompted MPs to call for an inquiry amid continued questions about how well the annual foreign aid budget – around £14 billion – is spent.

It comes only a few weeks after the Department for International Development (DfID), which administers the aid budget, published figures showing how its civil servants received bonuses worth £1.75 million last year. The school buildings’ construction faults were first flagged in engineering reports carried out for the DfID three years ago.
Reports said DfID contractor IMC Worldwide’s buildings did not meet local building standards, failed earthquake safety tests, and were of generally poor quality. After a third safety report, commissioned by DfID, exposed flaws in June, the Government ordered buildings at 793 schools to be closed while inspectors decide to correct the faults.
International Development Secretary Alok Sharma said yesterday: ‘It is completely unacceptable that the schools and classrooms UK aid commissioned IMC to construct have not been built to the quality and standard we expect.’ He said the company are retrofitting all buildings to ensure they are fit for purpose ‘at no extra cost to the British taxpayer.'

Officials said Mr Sharma ‘has spoken to the senior management of IMC to highlight the urgency of the situation and the expectation that IMC will provide all necessary facilities without further delay.'
The company was contracted in 2014 to build more than 30,000 classrooms and other school facilities in Pakistan, in a deal originally worth £184 million. However, the order was cut back to just over a fifth of the original number of classrooms, and the price reduced to £107 million.
Sources said the downsizing happened as the firm had wrongly estimated the costs. IMC said: ‘We did not underestimate costs. Rather, the number of classrooms in the programme was reduced and the budget was adjusted accordingly.'

The company told the Financial Times its designs used ‘innovative approaches to improve comfort and cost effectiveness’ and said buildings had been signed off by an approved consultant registered by the Pakistan Engineering Council. IMC said: ‘We believe the buildings in question are safe under normal loading but there may be an issue under extreme seismic loads. We will never take any risks with the safety of children, so if there is any question about it, we will put it right.’
In January, the then international development secretary Penny Mordaunt admitted Britain’s foreign aid spending target was unsustainable. She suggested profits from UK investments abroad should count towards the target.
And in June, her successor Rory Stewart said more British experts should be sent around the world to audit aid projects, and called for a stronger focus on quality of aid rather than quantity.
There has been criticism of schemes which previously received funding. And in 2017, the department came under fire for an £11.8 million plan to fund a girl band dubbed ‘Ethiopia’s Spice Girls.' However, the plan was later halted.

International Development Secretary Alok Sharma

What, who ? This bloke wasn't even born in Britain, so should have no say in how British taxpayers money is spent internationally.

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Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on this, everyone loves lesbian PDA.

"... while picking up a kebab." They pulled a Muslim for a threesome ?

"... hate incident." Someone got their snowflake melted.

Oh well, makes a change from this kind of shit.

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The anti-relationship lesson movement is firing up again.

He showed the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme an example that claimed RSE would promote "transgenderism and homosexual lifestyles" and "pervert the course of natural child development".

It added that "children in infant school will be encouraged to masturbate.
First sexual experiences will be encouraged by the age of 12.
It's only OK for Aisha!

Rancid Flid

Straight outta empathy
Slightly sensationalist headline from the Mail here but this is a serious problem that nobody seems to be doing anything about. And these illegals turning up on our shores are people that we know absolutely nothing about either.

Migrants storm Kent beaches: Border Force intercepts army of more than 50 men, women and even a baby landing at Dover after flotilla of boats makes a dash across the Channel at dawn
  • At least 54 migrants were discovered at dawn and taken in by Border Force
  • They arrived on precariously small vessels under cover of darkness
  • More than 1,000 migrants have crossed the Dover Strait already this year
  • Most of the migrants have claimed they are either Iraqi or Iranian

As of today more than 270 migrants, including at least 40 children, have been intercepted by UK and French authorities since Thursday last week.


Nurse pretended woman's vagina was ventriloquist dummy in front of colleagues
The female patient was undergoing an intimate medical exam when William Kennedy made it appear like her genitals were talking

William Kennedy was examining the woman – referred to only as Patient A – for abnormal discharge in front of three colleagues when he “pulled her labia apart and said ‘Hello my name is [Patient A]’, treating her labia like a puppet”, a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel heard.

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Chocolate Elvis

Whole lotta shakin', whole lotta shakin'

Bristol teenager loses sight and hearing due to processed food diet
Doctors highlight plight of 19 year old to warn of hidden dangers of poor nutrition

The teenager suffers from an eating disorder and eats only chips, crisps, sausages, processed ham and white bread.

The family of a teenager, from Bristol, who suffered irreversible eyesight loss after surviving on a diet of chips, white bread and processed snacks and meat have spoken of their heartache. The teenager, now 19, has been a fussy eater from an early age and cannot tolerate the texture of fruit and vegetables.
His poor diet caused him to suffer from nutritional optic neuropathy, which is treatable if diagnosed early. In his case, fibres in his optic nerve have been so badly damaged that the harm to his sight has been judged to be permanent.

Speaking anonymously, the teenager’s mother said he could not find work and had had to abandon a college course in IT.
She said her son became a fussy eater when he was about seven and would only eat chips, crisps, sausages, processed ham and white bread.
“The first we knew about it was when he began coming home from primary school with his packed lunch untouched,” she said.
“I would make him nice sandwiches – and put an apple or other fruit in – and he wouldn’t eat any of it. His teachers became concerned, too.
“His brother and sister have never stopped eating. They love everything. He has always been skinny, so we had no weight concerns. You hear about junk food and obesity all the time – but he was as thin as a rake.”

The family only realised something was seriously wrong when his hearing began going at the age of 14 – and his vision soon after.
The woman said: “His sight went downhill very fast – to the point where he is now legally blind.
“He has no social life to speak of now. After leaving school he got into college to do a course in IT. But he had to give it up because he could not see or hear anything.
“He would love a job, but he has not been able to find anything he can do. I had to quit my job in a pub. I now look after him full-time. He is taking vitamin supplements, but his diet is still pretty much the same. “When he was having counselling we managed to start him on fruit smoothies. But he’s gone off those now.”
The boy suffers from an eating disorder called Arfid (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder). Sufferers become sensitive to the taste, texture, smell and appearance of certain types of food.

His mother, in her 40s, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we were told what had happened. We are told the damage is irreversible. It’s been a nightmare.
“My son would love a job where he can sit at a desk and be useful. His siblings are doing well. It’s heartbreaking.”
The 19-year-old agreed for his case to be reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine to raise awareness.
At the age of 14, he was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency and put on supplements, but he did not stick with the treatment or improve his poor diet.
Dr Denize Atan, who treated the teenager at Bristol Eye Hospital, said: “He had a daily portion of fries from the local fish and chip shop and snacked on Pringles, white bread, processed ham slices and sausage. “He explained this as an aversion to certain textures of food that he really could not tolerate, and so chips and crisps were really the only types of food that he wanted and felt that he could eat.” Atan and her colleagues re-checked the young man’s vitamin levels and found he was low in B12 as well as some other important vitamins and minerals. He was not over or underweight, but was severely malnourished. The paper said it was well-known junk food increased the risk of poor cardiovascular health, obesity and cancer. But it warned not everyone realised that poor nutrition could also permanently damage the nervous system, particularly vision.


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The boy suffers from an eating disorder called Arfid (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder). Sufferers become sensitive to the taste, texture, smell and appearance of certain types of food.
So the autistic little cocksucker just didn't feel like eating certain food. But because we're in Clown World, the parents just have to treat this as brave and beautiful special snowflake behavior and not even bother trying to change it. What shit parents.

It used to be you'd shape up and if you actually weren't capable of it, they'd put you in a home where your tard vegetable behavior could at least be contained. Now you can't possibly do that, it's ableist or some made up -ist word.

Now their tard child isn't just a tard, but blind and deaf as well. Great parenting.

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