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The Vicar

Why yes, I will have some more tea.
To everyone's surprise, this dude turned out to be white.

His instagram is here: (Sorry, can't get an archive to save it.)
It only contains one photo...

...and other people have noticed it, going by the sudden surge in comments on it.

Some news sites (eg [archive:]) have shared this image of Mr Bravery as a child, dressed as Jack from "Jack and the Beanstalk":

Although the image is now removed, its source appears to have been this collection on flickr: . The collection shows a book-themed costume day in March 2009, at Queen's Manor Primary School in London. Jonty Bravery can still be seen in costumed group in image #3 ( :
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Nothing good ever came from someone called "Jonty." Only parents with something wrong with them would name a kid that and he obviously inherited whatever it was.

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Rape Face #3


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The Liberal Democrats are profiling every voter in the country by rating their political preferences, Sky News can reveal.

This includes which party they will vote for in the next election and whether they are a Remainer or Leaver.

The percentage ratings - there are at least 42 in total, although the identity of only 37 are known - estimate whether someone voted Leave or Remain in the 2016 EU referendum and predict how they would vote if there was a second poll in 2019.

Other scored characteristics include "Likelihood of being a Labour voter in 2019", "Likelihood of being a core Lib Dem" and "Net difference in likelihood of voting for the Conservative or Brexit Party in 2019".

The system, which uses a sophisticated computer model to generate the scores, also assesses personal outlooks, giving a percentage to "Likelihood of being a pragmatic liberal".

The Liberal Democrats also use software which estimates the age and first language of voters by analysing their names.
The name Rowland Manthorpe, for instance, is categorised as "older: probably older".

The name Rowland Manthorpe is categorised as older: probably older

The name Rowland Manthorpe is categorised as 'older: probably older'

This kind of scoring system is commonly used by political parties in the UK and the US, but new data transparency laws which allow anyone to ask for their data give an unprecedented glimpse into how a major party operates.

Matthew Rice, Scotland director of digital campaign organisation Open Rights Group, was assigned nine scores by the Liberal Democrats. In a possible 2019 election, it gave him a 15% chance of voting Liberal Democrat, a 22% chance of voting Brexit Party and a 20% chance of voting Conservative.

In a second EU referendum, Mr Rice was deemed 77% likely to vote Remain.
The scores assigned to Matthew Rice, Scotland director of digital campaign organisation Open Rights Group

The scores assigned to Matthew Rice, Scotland director of digital campaign organisation Open Rights Group

"The scores don't necessarily represent my values, but for all intents and purposes, for the Liberal Democrats, this is me," he told Sky News.
"They've decided where I sit on a political spectrum and in a general election they will define me based on these scores. That does feel quite intrusive. It doesn't feel reflective of what you would want from a democratic culture."

The data used to create the scores comes from a range of sources, including the UK electoral register, phone and doorstep canvassing, anonymous online surveys, and publicly available data such as census area classifications, which categorise different regions according to their populations.

The Liberal Democrats also employed "consumer/market research data", which it bought from a third party. This information on lifestyle and financial behaviour is frequently used by political parties to target voters in specific areas.

The Liberal Democrats are profiling every voter in the country by rating their political preferences.

Asked about the purpose of the scores, the Liberal Democrats told Sky News they were used to decide which people would receive campaign leaflets.

The party denied that the scoring system was used to target ads on social media, although Rob Blackie, a digital strategist who is standing as a Lib Dem candidate for the London Assembly, said that was technically possible.

"The voter scores will tell you that certain types of people are more likely to vote for a party. People who are younger who've been to university are much more likely to care about Brexit and to be anti-Brexit, and people who are older are much more likely to be pro-Brexit," said Mr Blackie.

"You could use the Facebook targeting tools to target people you've identified through your voter scoring, although it is much harder to target individuals since the changes in the law, and the Lib Dems tend to be very cautious about that."

Data protection law prohibits processing of "special categories of personal data", including data on political affiliation, but grants political parties an exemption as long as there is "substantial public interest".

However, data protection experts warned that the Liberal Democrats' automated profiling fell into a legal grey area and could be challenged by the data watchdog, which is currently investigating political parties' use of data.
 Pat Walshe: 'I'm at a loss to understand the lawful basis'

"I'm at a loss to understand the lawful basis the Lib Dems have relied on for this," said Pat Walshe, managing director of privacy matters.
"The information commissioner's office should look at this and investigate again the use of personal data by political parties, because that profiling is deeper and more intense than the average person would expect and understand."

In a statement, the Lib Dems told Sky News: "The party complies with all relevant UK and European data protection legislation. We take the GDPR principle of transparency very seriously and state the ways we may use personal data clearly within the privacy policy on our website."
Mr Blackie also defended the scoring system, saying it helped save weary voters from unwelcome canvassing.

"The key thing for all political parties is, we don't want to knock on the doors of people who hate us, so one of the things it helps us to do is only talk to the people who want to hear from us," he said.

"Generally speaking it does help people by improving the targeting."

- End of Article -​

Scum who deserve to get yelled at are doing all they can to avoid facing any punishment.

Racist Trash

Fucking Lidl doesn't have any Custard Creams.
"The key thing for all political parties is, we don't want to knock on the doors of people who hate us, so one of the things it helps us to do is only talk to the people who want to hear from us," he said.

"We really don't want to leave our political safe space or have our values challenged, only certified Lib Dems may talk to me."

Slimy Time

Rape Face #3
"The key thing for all political parties is, we don't want to knock on the doors of people who hate us, so one of the things it helps us to do is only talk to the people who want to hear from us," he said.

"We really don't want to leave our political safe space or have our values challenged, only certified Lib Dems may talk to me."
They are Lib Dems. They get nothing compared to Tory door knocking. I did some a couple years ago when I still lived in the UK, you have to get used to all sorts of fucking insane people (hardcore Labour supporters) screaming like lunatics for daring to knock or push a slip of paper through their pigeon hole, even had some try to get physical with some of the canvassers. The Lib Dem guys when I was there would half-heartedly push a slip through the door, usually not putting it all the way through, then move on without bothering to talk to them, so of course we pulled the slips out before we knocked.

These are the guys who bring that EU official Guy Versuckacock to canvas for them. Of course they take him around the safe areas because God forbid there be an incident where a likely lad decks him across the face. I think this may actually be the first time the Lib Dems get some real hate for the BS they push, so it's no wonder the like to stay in their safe space.


정말로? Yes! Okey dokey yo.
Why not add in a social credit system too? Alot food tokens by how loyal you are to the Juche?
Maybe do away with pesky naysayers, you know, tidy up those demographics a bit? I'm sure you could rustle up some feudal lords to run the peasants into the correct gates and off with their heads if they don't move quick enough, right?
Really find out who's on your team!


We also got cake
Sounds like a simple logarithmic regression model using dummy variables to forecast someone's political leanings. This is hardly a new concept.


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Sadiq Khan's £1.7million Twitter 'Hate Crime Hub' has prosecuted just six trolls in two years

Kahn't strikes again

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Sounds like there’s another Rotherham pedophile rape gang situation in Telford:
Telford abuse victim was raped by 500 men from 11 - but cops chose to prosecute her
For four years, until she was 19, she fell under the control of a man who hawked her around like a piece of meat.

Jennifer claims police refused to intervene and repeatedly arrested her for prostitution from the age of 16 to 19, despite her plea she was being exploited.

Yet not one of her abusers has been brought to justice despite multiple reports to police. Jennifer says: “I must have been raped by more than 500 men.

"When I told the police, they told me I’d chosen my lifestyle. I asked to make a statement because I’d been raped and beaten by so many men and I wanted it to stop.

"An officer said, ‘You’re a common prostitute. Don’t you think that comes with the job?’ He said a jury would never believe I was a victim of abuse.


Many Telford victims say most of their abusers were from the Pakistani community but Jennifer says she was sold to anyone willing to pay.

There’s a lot of similarities such as the police blaming the victims (From the Rotherham case):
They said you must never refer to that again, you must never refer to Asian men," she said.

"And [the] other response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues."

A chapter of her draft report contained severe criticisms of agencies working to tackle the abuse including "alleged indifference towards, and ignorance of, child sexual exploitation on the part of senior managers".

It also stated: "Responsibility was continuously placed on young people's shoulders rather than with the suspected abusers."

And to get all tin foil hat, regarding the police department who originally ignored her claims and blamed her:
The available information shows that between 1989 and 2008, thirty-three officers and one member of police staff attended training courses organised by Common Purpose at a cost of around £93,000.

From Wikipedia (Since the original article was deleted):
On 25 November, The Daily Telegraph too published a comment piece on CPUK, noting that the Rotherham Director of Children's Services, Joyce Thacker, heavily criticised in the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, was a member of CPUK, and noting that Common Purpose had been described as "[a] secretive Fabian organisation [… that] has been described as a Left-wing version of the Freemasons.

Oh it seems it's an old story, just one places like the BBC are refusing to take seriously:
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I don't understand what the big deal is.

Lib Dems are scum, which is why Ashton dogfucker Challenor run away there.
"Consumer/market research companies" already exist and sell you data to everyone.

These are the problems. Someone seeing you're named "Gaylord", cross-referencing it with the baby name data which says there were 300 baby Gaylords in the 1970s but only 15 in the 1980s, and concluding you're 20 times more likely to have been born in the 70s, is not a problem.

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