Trainwreck Britney Girl Dale / Madonna Girl Dale / Dale Crites - Celebrity Impersonator and Roadside Dancer

Britney Girl Dale is fond of dressing up like Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga and other similar female celebrities and dancing on the side of the road. She posts a literal TON of content on the internet; it's a veritable treasure trove of crazy things. There is a documentary that gives a pretty solid introduction:

There are at least two older defunct YouTube channels:

There's a new channel under the name Madonna Girl Dale:

Britney Girl Dale is frequently seen in the Baltimore area and has been banned from a few shopping centers in the area. Some people feel that she is a bad influence on children, though she does seem to have some fans:

She has attracted the attention of Perez Hilton:
Perez Hilton.png

She has been on Maury:

And has commented on her haters:

Her Facebook account is here:

She's auditioned for America's Got Talent:

Several news outlets have done reports on her, and she's been interviewed by Baltimore radio stations and such:


"Britney Girl Dale, who also called Dale Crites, was apparently told by a Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn Park, Maryland that he could buy, but not consume, donuts at the establishment.

He produced a series of long, rambling videos with his complaints that all feature a dance routine."

DaleDunkin Donuts.png


Here's a video response to the incident:
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Crazy, bad drag queens give me life.

Seems he's gotten some more celebrities following him. This video is also hilarious once he gets into the chair and starts flopping around.


Traumatizing people at nursing homes considered one of his best live performances. How did he even end up there?

EDIT 2: Twitter

possible legal trouble. reply suggests it involves Dale.
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Looks like Maryland has an open online case search.

This was the most recent thing I found, but it's still old.
Does that mean the warrant is still active? It's almost two years old, so not the oldest warrant I've seen if he's somehow managed to go under the radar despite dancing on poles half naked outside convenience stores. Maybe they haven't filed anything yet? From the sound of the tweet it looked like they haven't gotten far with the proceedings. I have a feeling it has more to do with the amount of stores he's banned from though. Possibly civil discriminatory? @AnOminous


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So when's it gonna be announced that he's a pedo?
Idk he really seems to like the idea of taking it up the ass by big strong police officers so I don't think he's interested. Listening to him talk and reading his online posts, it's pretty obvious he's either heavily on drugs or exceptional in the head. I don't think he even realizes/cares how inappropriate it is, which is par the course for this level of drag queen.


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BGD claims to be a professional impersonator, I'm just wondering how much that pays... She's always out on the street corner based on what I've read and that makes it unlikely that she has a real job.

Also, what's with exceptional folks and Random Capital Letters:
I'm Professional Female Madonna Impersonator . There is some jealous females in Brooklyn Park Worry About Me Should Be Worry About Crimes In Baltimore Maryland and Anne Arundel Country. I Have Been on Maury Show Performing Madonna . I have Fans Of All Ages. I'm Harmless and I Don't Bother Nobody But Spreading Love In Gay Community and World. Madonna Is My Biggest Supporter and Perez Hilton Post My Pictures On All His Social Media . People Needs Teach There Children About Gay Community Not Bash Or Bullying Someone Who Dress Like Madonna and Who is Deferent. I Been Raped As Child and Madonna Child My Life. I Was Not Out Hurting People Like Haters Are Saying . Bitch I'm Madonna Girl Dale and I'm Living For Love . You can See Love On My Video On Maury Show On YouTube Type Madonna Maury Show. She is Very Proud of Me Like All My Fans Haters Gonna Hate. Live Your Life Too Fullest. God Don't Like Ugly . Hugs Legend Madonna Girl Dale

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