Brittany Venti / Brittany Dier - Stinky.

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She's a Twitch gamer who's currently gaining a reputation as one of the worst streamers online. Her streams are known for getting raided, and she basically acts like an airheaded bimbo. Hilariously, she pronounces "Legends" in "League of Legends" with a hard "G" (as in "girl"). Here are some videos of people trolling her streams:

Her Twitch

Her Twitter: (archive)
Her Instagram: (archive)
Her Youtube: (archive)
Her BuyMeACoffee: (archive)
Her Tiktok: (archive)

She could be a troll, though it's hard to tell with some of these people.

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Wow this girl is absolutely grating to listen to. "Stop following me!" "Why are you spelling girl wrong staaahp!" "I'm gonna turn off the notifications if you keep following!"

And what's with this "donger" thing she was doing where people would tell her their dong size? That's just weird.


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The weening going on there right now isn't even good but she's taking it like a baby anyway. :lol:

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