Brony Analysis Fandom - Who knew overthinking a children's show could be this dramatic?

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:autism:"Warning: The following is a discussion and analysis about the Diablo series and My Little Pony: FIM. It contains some mature content and footage related to the Diablo series.":autism:

Did you hear that? That's the sound of the entire Moon Guard server collectively realizing (and sighing in relief) that they are no longer the worst part of Blizzard's fandoms.


ahh i missed this thread
needed more tags imo

anyways, could i mention ToonKriticY2K? You may know him for his cuckery with FNGR but did you also know he's really edgy?

Part of his ever expanding storyline that doesn't even fucking need to be here.
Highlights include Kingdom Hearts music and Good Charolette levels of bitching.

Also, he got dumbasses like Lightning Bliss, who had previously appeared on his little fuckfest to come around and make shitty stories as well.



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I've seen a few of Digibro's vids and the dude is spergy as hell when it comes to anime. Doesn't surprise me that he used to do the same with Ponies.

One time, he had this large and gross looking beard and threatened to block anyone who cracked jokes about it at the beginning of a Q/A vid. He eventually got rid of it though.


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The funny thing is I'm pretty sure that when they had to write essays in high school English, they whined and complained about having to look for basic themes in, say, Shakespeare...then write 15 page research papers on how the main characters of MLP correlate to Timothy Leary's eight-circuit model of consciousness and how that one episode with the Christmas play was a metaphor for the breakup of Yugoslavia and the ensuing civil war and ethnic cleansing.

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This thread got left for dead, heres some shit:
Guy analyses MLP and how it changed his life both in regards to personality and spiritually. "I believe god put my little pony into my life to make me a better person" (actual quote)

A 50 minute long live analysis of a trailer for the upcoming movie, nearly 3 of those are spent doing nothing.

Analysis lolcow ForNoGoodReason attempts to analyse MLP to convince people he's actually worth keeping in the fandom. The typical Anthony hallmarks of terrible production and butchered autistic monotone are still aplenty!



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It's a crime against this board that we haven't included these yet.

This guy made a bunch of rants about pony analysts, felt guilty, and then did a hilariously edgy apology series. It's pure unfiltered cringe at its finest.

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