BronyCon 2019 megathread - July 14 - Chris gets donation to cover trip costs

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Will Chris make it to BronyCon?

  • Yes, someone will fully fund his trip in a doomed attempt to buy influence over him

    Votes: 276 64.8%
  • Yes, he scrapes by with tugboat money and sleeps in his car

    Votes: 85 20.0%
  • No, he sits at home and tries to astral project there instead

    Votes: 65 15.3%

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BronyCon begins next month, running from August 1st to the 4th.

July 8 - Chris begs for BronyCon trip funds. Wants $600 for room accommodations after his previous plan for attending fell apart (crashing with two friends at the con - probably Sarah and Steve, who bailed on him months ago because they got mad he wasn't paying attention to them).

July 14 - Someone donates the hotel room money to Chris.



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If that is Sarah and Steve he's talking about, that's pretty telling. He complains that they just "fell off the Communications Map" on him, notwithstanding the fact that he was apparently ignoring their messages for days at a time and leaking stuff that they told him to keep private. And yet, from Chris's perspective, it's their fault for cutting contact. He may claim to have gotten better, but he's still the same self-centered manchild he always was.
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