BronyCon 2019 megathread - July 14 - Chris gets donation to cover trip costs

Will Chris make it to BronyCon?

  • Yes, someone will fully fund his trip in a doomed attempt to buy influence over him

    Votes: 276 64.8%
  • Yes, he scrapes by with tugboat money and sleeps in his car

    Votes: 85 20.0%
  • No, he sits at home and tries to astral project there instead

    Votes: 65 15.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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The Cow Dullahan
Someone will 100% send him money. They always do. Chris literally somehow always finds a way.

That said, if he goes we may see some fun content out it.

If he doesn’t go, we will likely see some pissy tweets but that’ll be about it.

I’m sitting here wondering why, with all his super powers and super hubbies, he can’t just get teleported there and sleep at a friend’s in the other dimension. Seems like a cheap option.

break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
How many people are even going to attend in the first place? Is it just going to be Chris and three other dudes, two of whom are Kiwi Farms Elite Field Autists?
While bronies are dying off all too slowly, they did get 5.5k to show up last year. I'm sure many will put down whatever they're currently jerking off to for one last ride.


"I'm doing what I'm supposed to so please help me get to Bronycon!"

Chris clearly still thinks "if I do what I'm supposed to I'll rewarded for it that's how life works".
Goes along with his belief of "if I say sorry everything is okay".
Chris sees comics as his "job" or what he's "supposed to do" but what happened to "I don't need a job I'M A GOD"?

break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
They open the closet, dust off the old Rainbow Dash hoodie, and say "One more con. For old times sake."
More of a wake than anything really.
I really want some video of thousands of autists crying over this. Chris in full on hedgehog mode. I'm sure there will be some kind of autistic ceremony. This could be glorious.
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