Bruno Mars Cultural Appropriation - He's not black so it doesn't count! Notice me!!

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Whether you're a fan who has been following him for years or got the Uptown Funk song stuck in your head, we all know who Bruno Mars is. He's been making catchy music for years and is celebrating his newest (and pretty successful) album release complete with a tour. Unfortunately, Bruno's career as an R&B artist is being challenged by the sour grapes of black twitter.

Starts at 5:00.

You can watch what the others said leading up to her, but no one says anything with as much anger as she does. While the rest try to make a point while being calm and making a few jokes here and there, she goes straight into saying that she'd bake a cake on the day the singer dies. She then says that Michael Jackson would not have been as well loved as Mars by this generation if he had started his career today.

Never mind that most fans didn't care what race he was (or didn't even know he wasn't black :left:), this is a serious issue that needs to be talked about! And what better site to have this conversation than on twitter.


What's a racist comment without a bit of colorism?


Yeah fuck the music industry! Who cares if R&B/Hip hop was tue most successl genre of 2017 with Kendrik Lamar scoring high on most played artist?




Yes. Because your opinion is the only one that matters.


This whole shitfest should be a warning to anyone making any form of entertainment tbh. You'll always get people who don't like your work and dig for reasons to hate you. Sometimes those reasons are nothing more than being good at what you do while being the wrong race.


But I'm not complaining. My favorite part is when they eat their own. Come watch twitter say stupid shit with me, I brought popcorn

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Seren Sensei is very obnoxious.
She was relatively obscure and only known on some parts of the internet for her SJW crap until she hit at a major pop star which ended up making her video go internationally viral.


I can't believe how people like her are able to book jobs and are deemed legitimate critiques of current culture by millennials when she's a self-admitted racist and a hate-speech provocateur. Do these people like to be talked down on or something? What the fuck.


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Isn't The Grapevine a subordinate branch of The Root (aka KANGZ Magazine)? It would not surprise me because in the context of black middle class progressivism, "cultural appropriation" essentially means "the mingling of cultures is bad because we just straight up want a black ethnostate now"

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re: that last image... I don't know about that. You go to Tumblr, and you'd be surprised to see to just how many people that "POC = black". Did you see how some of these people turned on Guillermo Del Toro after his Oscar win, despite the fact he's Hispanic? They all go on about how great Pacific Rim and Shape of Water are, but the moment he won over Jordan Peele, they threw him to the wolves without a second thought.

This goes to show that Latinos -and even Asians, as Bruno is biracial by way of being half-Fillipino- are only considered "POC" until it's convenient to throw them under the bus.

Isn't The Grapevine a subordinate branch of The Root (aka KANGZ Magazine)? It would not surprise me because in the context of black middle class progressivism, "cultural appropriation" essentially means "the mingling of cultures is bad because we just straight up want a black ethnostate now"
It's like they didn't pay attention to the real message of 'Black Panther' at all.


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Has anyone ever considered that certain parts of culture are appropriated... because everyone LIKES them when done well?

Cultural appropriation is this strange kind of reverse-affirmative-action for unpopular ideals - i.e. we have enough fans for this genre already, find something ELSE to like.

Getting paid for work is white culture appropriation. The people of color should respect white culture and quit trying to get equal rights. Reading and writing? Whites did it first. Being president of the United States of America? Whites did it first. Quit being so uppity and check your black privilege. Sitting in the front of the bus is reserved for colorless people!



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I think it's because he's black, successful and non-partisan, thereby ruining the approved minority/social justice narrative of "Forever oppressed with no personal agency", and it means that to all the SJW POCs, yes, your shitty station in life is not going to solve itself by finding someone who can be guilted into lifting you out of it and cutting you a check for your suffering.

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Animeanda Jones.
The perpetually offended really go after the most innocuous targets, don't they? The worst thing Bruno Mars has done is that "Grenade" song, which is a little overwrought, but not the worst thing I've ever heard. The number of people that give a fuck about the race of the person entertaining them is...pretty damned small.
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