Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP) / The Armed Toast / The Exceptional Detective / BoomerPhil - Severely paranoid thin-skinned attention whore with hate/real boner for Ralph, Null, Jim, BSV, etc. "Right kind of gay" and "verified female". Legally banned from KF, 14 socks and counting, LOST A FIGHT TO THE GUNT OF ALL PEOPLE

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Aug 7, 2017
"Sure. Your history on the internet and open interaction with your diagnosed mental issues and you choosing the internet life over real life reflect heavily. Youre paranoid Youre reactionary Youre vindictive Youre legitimately on the spectrum You have a history of backstabbing behavior online from 2012 to now Youre Youre hypocritical You weaponize your site and audience thar use it i.e trollshield You are afraid to ger your mail ffs. You. Have. Issues." - Bryan Dunn gives best characteristic of Bryan Dunn.​

DISCLAIMER: This OP and 50% of the thread are factually incorrect and were written by a-logs! You've been warned!

Bryan Matthew Dunn is like your typical Florida man - always up to some outrageously stupid shit. He is great at digging holes, but terrible at climbing out of them. He is incredibly thin-skinned, spergy and paranoid, yet attention hungry and has fragile ego. This combination of flaws allowed him to insert himself into internet drama and communities, act like he is hot shit there, only to make a complete fool of himself, then get booted/leave it after a meltdown and eventually try to insert himself back, pretending that nothing happened, optionally using socks to escape reprobation. This's taken place so many times, that he burned bridges with almost every person/community he associated himself with, by this completely destroying his reputation and image. And yet The Bryan Dunn Cycle continues.

Bryan's history of cow behavior began long before he visited Farms. Born on June 13, 1989 he was just a regular teenager, who wanted to become a Twitch streamer and have his own DOTA2 team. He had no success, but luckily for him, there was a golden opportunity for grifters on the horizon - Gamergate. Bryan under cringy alias King of Pol tried his best to insert himself there and was present on one of the early streams covering the Five Guys scandal before even GG happened. By September 22 2014 already had a stream with a fellow GG cow Sargon of Akkah, only to accidentally dox himself in a very retarded way some time later. However, Bryan claimed it was done by 4chan mods. Fellow GG sperg Ethan Ralph claimed, that it was done by SJWs.

The other thing of note was this stream, where on 1:22:40 he went full /pol/ack and questioned Holocaust, just to go full (((zionist))) truther on 1:52:56.

On November 3, 2014 Bryan somehow got this message from Nick Denton's personal Facebook page. He was running Gawker at the time.

He tried to sell it to Milo and Frederick "Hotwheels" Brennan. He claimed, that the source was Stephen Totilo, editor and chief at Kotaku at the time, and that he was "speaking to him for weeks". Frederick ultimately decided, that lying about something that big is PR suicide, so he went with it. Since Bryan had a green light now, he rushed to announce this right there.


Ralph writes two articles about this. Too bad all of this turned out to be a fraud.

Dissatisfied Frederick asks Bryan where did he get those. Turns out, that he never talked to Stephen Totilo, and his source was just some email, presumably of Gawker employee. Said email was returning SMTP error, which meant it didn't exist, thus confirming, that even that part of the story was a lie. Butthurt Bryan posts a twitlonger, where he calls himself "a prominent "Face" of this Consumer Revolt", cries about three months of harassment (he even claimed, that someone sent him cheap kitchen knife) and says, that he is done with GG. Next day Frederick posts his article about this, Ralph posts one too. Bryan then visits two streams, on one he unsuccessfully accuses Matt of gay ops, on the other tries to reason with Frederick. Nobody goes hard on him, just state, that he can't be reliable anymore.

A week after that Bryan has an interview with David Tait with #GamerGate hashtag and some time later announces that he is back, even though no one wants him there.

Shortly after Bryan says, that he is about to have an interview with FOX. It gets canceled and he goes apeshit.


Then in January of 2015 Bryan tries to get back into Gamergate by interviewing Jace Connors.

It was a waste of time, if not for one little shitpost by @CatParty, that will become the OP of Bryan's thread.

On September 17, 2015 Ralph gets drunk and spergs at Bryan on air.

Next day asks forgiveness in his article and on Twitter. This doesn't stop Bryan from making it worse by announcing "charity boxing match" between them week later.

Next day Bryan tags Metokur to say, that Mundane Matt was the culprit behind Denton fraud. He also accuses Ralph and Seattle4truth.


Ralph ruins his triumph with this article, which states that it was a bait from him and Seattle4Truth. He also laughs, that Bryan still can't let GG go, despite leaving it multiple times. Soon after Bryan's then girlfriend Sarah contacts Ralph and asks him to take that article down in exchange for interviewing her about her relationship with her ex Weev. Ralph agrees, but only on terms that Bryan stops shittalking him, which Bryan of course wasn't able to do for long, so the article goes live on March 2, 2016.

On January 9, 2017 new user named FedoraManManMan joins the Farms in a poor late attempt to make a thread on Ethan Ralph. After this he spends months sperging about Ralph and shilling KoP's videos and streams in DSP's thread. This changes on May 9, 2017., when @BoingBoingBoi necroes dead-for-two-years KoP's thread with Bryan's sperging about Tekken7 and this happens.

People grow suspicious, but Bryan keeps defending himself in 3rd person and then jumps to Phil's thread to cry about DSP fans, who create threads on his detractors. Next day he continues this in Ralph's thread, so people notice that FMMM's date of birth is similar to Bryan's. The final nail comes from @theralph of all people.

It also was the first instance of two Bryan's distinctive features - revenge rating pettiness and paranoia.

Meanwhile, Bryan was rubbing shoulders with DSP detractor group Sons of Kojima and their de-facto leader Fred Fuchs. On one particular stream he calls himself home inspector and spews some bullshit about Phil's broken faucet costing him "thousands of dollars". This catches attention of @BSV - Phil's top donor and mod of his Twitch chat at the time.

He emails him about inconsistencies in his story, but Bryan just replies with "I'm a home inspector, I know better". They have online debate about DSP, but week later BSV questions Bryan's story about Ralph trying to ruin him. This makes Bryan to flip the fuck out and promise to expose him, so he reads their exchange on stream and twists it as he wishes. He then puts out a video, filmed at his job and with uniform with company's logo on, where he is flexing at DSP and screams about Phil fans threatening "to rape his wife".

Puzzled by this, BSV emails his job without any mention of Bryan and asks if they do home inspections. Turns out, Bryan was WDO inspector, who's just checking homes for mold and thermites.



Then in a video Bryan takes BSV's words out of context to make it look like he is trying to ruin him IRL because of the lost debate.

It all quickly spirals out of control. Here are some highlights:

Notice how BSV just jokes about the idea of the boxing match and Bryan jumps on it with all sorts of colorful insults right there, while Fred is just laughing on the background.

Bryan decides to go with the idea of beating BSV to the end and tweets this, while showing screenshots of the flight schedule to Norway in DMs.

BSV emails his job again, just to clarify things. Bryan posts his email on his Twitter, while tagging Twitch, so they could deal with BSV. According to Bryan's LinkedIN, he wasn't fired after BSV's emails and worked at Haskell at least till the mid-2018.


Meanwhile, Fred has a feud with some DSP hater named TXT, so Bryan, informed by Fred about this, decides to prove himself. He attacks him on Twitter, but three days later TXT and his friend Sir James D Tech wreck his shit here and there. Bryan loses it and posts twitlonger, where he cries about harassment and people egging him on to do stupid shit. In conversation with Fred he backpedals.

Scared of consequences, Bryan creates his first sock Invisible Nigger, that he pushes on Invisible Crane. Five days after this he jumps into SoK thread, awkwardly asks about TXT and says. that "this KoP guy was clearly egged on" and that "KoP is too retarded to go after TXT without incite". He gets caught, when he tries defending himself in his own thread again. Mods merge this account with FMMM and right there Bryan posts about that on Twitter, calling his only account "old" for some reason.

Bryan contacts SJDT in an effort to escape shame, so he records a video where he talks how he was used by Fred. SJDT uploads this to his channel, but only few hours later sets it to private. In his own words "there really wasn’t a lot of hard evidence included in the screenshots or what he was saying regarding being egged on by Fred". However, wave of shit for all the accumulated grievances was already big enough to lead to the collapse of SoK and creation of a thread on Fred Fuchs. Bryan gladly tried to leech off this by shilling his shitty podcast. To this day he sees Fred and TXT in everyone critical of him. It also seems, that on one of his streams he had the audacity to claim, that he took down SoK.

Then Bryan creates very misleading and full of unverified information thread on BSV, where he tries his best to smear him as pedo. He immediately asks BSV to check it and then spends his days in it.

He keeps sucking off mods to add new stuff, like "nazi", "stolen valor" and "skitzcow" tags. Three days later BSV asks Null to take it down, at least the "pedo" part", unless he wants legal problems, because at the time he volunteered for CPS and that can affect his life. Null declines and that leads to months of autistic slapfights between BSV and Bryan, including the creation of The Internet Police. At some point their mutual sperging becomes so intensive, that it is moved to containment thread.

Meanwhile, Ross' saga begins. Bryan shills on /cow/ his appearance on stream with Jim and then asks people to report Ross. When Null tells him to do it himself, he quickly backpedals. Month later Bryan awkwardly asks Ross' friend Ruby to send him nudes on Discord and their conversation gets posted here. Some time later, Bryan gets laughed at because of this on another server, so he begins banning people left and right. It ends with him being thrown away by other mods, joining another server and plotting to nuke the old one.

Furthermore, Bryan has a slapfight with user @John Smith, who gets so deep under his skin, that he threatens to post his "IP author". This causes a wave of hackerposting and Null tearing him a new one in DMs for the very thought of tampering with his website.

Some time later turns out, that DSP's fans couldn't rape Bryan's wife, because he's never had one.

People in his thread ask him for explanations, instead he deletes his Twitter and YT channel and then comes to his thread to cry like a bitch. Also, he promises to sock, sorry, "make anonymous account on a VPN and be done with it all". He can't wait till tomorrow. so the same day he returns as @LongJohn_loves_Silver to whiteknight for himself. He was shitting Farms on it for 10 days, until he got banned. That didn't stop him from creating new sock @Seattle4faggot two days later, that was banned almost instantly.

Meanwhile, Bryan creates thread on CRP, using dox that he got from Guardian, who was in Kraut's server. The funniest part is that it all was against Kraut's wishes.

Bryan just wanted some respect from the Farms, but the ensuing feud between CRP and Krautist shed a light on the actions of the latter and destroyed him. Bryan, trying to get something from it, goes on a stream with Braving Ruin and then joins his discord server. Couple of weeks later he promises a thread on said server, because it is full of crazy alt-right. What really happened is posted week after - Bryan tried to swing his mod privilege there too, which resulted in him getting bukkaked by an entirety of the server, Ruin included.

Bryan's compulsive lying, however, progresses, so in his slapfights with BSV he begins larping as behavioral therapist with 5 years of experience, despite having 3 years as male nurse in his LinkedIN and listing himself as one on his OKcupid. He is also incredibly fucking bad at psychiatry and reading people's reactions.

At this point BSV made a couple of questionable statements against Farms, because in his eyes he was smeared as a pedo by a bunch of trolls, so @Dynastia decided to fuck with him further - if he won't tell Phil about his thread, he will be doxing one member of Phil's forums each day until it's done. Bryan gets so happy, that he even creates a thread for it, which is gone now for obvious reasons.

A week later BSV gets banned from Twitch, which sends Bryan in a state of absolute glee to the point of laughing at the prospect of Vidar killing himself. Thinking that his ban on Twitch was KF's fault, BSV tries to contact Twitch staff and use his thread as proof. Null redacts OP to add notice to Twitch staff, but when Bryan sees the screenshots of this, he says that BSV doctored it. This sends Null on the verge of getting done with Bryan, so he informs him - either he learns to read shit or he eats a ban. Bryan chooses wisely.

On January 20th 2018 Bryan writes ban appeal, but Null doesn't care enough, so he starts a poll, that ends with 58.7% for keeping Bryan banned. On February 2nd he writes another one, but Null doesn't even read it this time. Doesn't matter though, because Bryan was already socking as Detective Exceptional and was found through his sperging in BSV's thread. The funniest part is that he sent his second appeal while already socking. even though he stated "I'm not socking or participating in anything". Null concludes, that ban evading is gay, because it's really hard to get banned here, so he merges all Bryan's socks and renames them into Bryan Dunn.

Bryan freaks out and begins LARPing as lawyer, threatening Null with lawsuit in his DMs. Remember, this guy laughed at Vidar when he wanted to sue Farms! This causes Null to share the fun in this sidekilling thread, where Bryan calls Null pedophile and brags about his mod friend, only for Null to own him by tagging every single staff member on his site with a task of saying something nice about Bryan, but nobody does, so Bryan runs away in the middle of it. This thread also prompts the discovery of a Bryan Dunn cycle.

Four days later Bryan socks as Your Friendly Neighbor and creates unfunny PA request on his recent foe Boon. Meanwhile, Ralph comes out of prison and Bryan goes back to shittalking him. This causes Ralph to write vicious article on Bryan, that ends up on top of Google results.

Bryan bitches out from going on The Retort and cries about Ralph targeting him everywhere, because he once sperged at him on stream. He also claims that he mailed him C&D, but Ralph knows nothing about it.
Ralph king of pol statement.png

Ralph reminds about his apology and they make peace.

Meanwhile, Ross comes back and goes on a stream with Metokur, where he denies hurting children. During that Bryan tweets this.

When called out for the lack of proof, Bryan just spergs in Ross' thread. Null interrupts him with this post.

Bryan spergs some more and gets banned again. Then starts calling Null pedo apologist, even though he just said "report him privately, we are not a lynch mob".

Next day he shits the chat of Afternoon Kumite and when gets on air(22:16) changes his story from "you told me" to "you told people". He also mentions that it happened 7 months ago, even though Ross didn't have internet access at the time. At one point he even says "I don't know if you touched a kid or not, but considering what you're sating all the time, I'm gonna believe those people".

Two days later Bryan socks as Debt Collector in Ross' thread, which pushes Null to do yet unseen thing - he files C&D against him using Farms. Bryan though is so inept, that he calls it DMCA request for using KF's content and also starts calling Null a full-blown pedo.

Less than a week after this, he goes on Kumite and reads this post from his thread on Dead Pylons on air.

Metokur, who was in chat, tweets about this.


On April 29th, 2018 Jim announces his stream with Bryan, but gets denied. This leads to the heated exchange, where Jim promises something big and very embarrassing on him. Bryan thinks nothing of it and goes to stream some Battletech and bitch about KF. Jim on the other hand, finally delivers next day.
First things first, Jim clarifies that Bryan is a sperg, they were never friends, he barely knows him and he is tired of being used as a shield from trolling. Then he plays recording from 6 months ago, sent to him by Invisible Crane - visibly drunk Bryan talks to Gerpy a.k.a. @TombaHat, who mentions, that previously Bryan told their mutual friend Danny, that he wanted to suck him off! Turns out Bryan did it again that night and Danny is married! Cringe continues for the next half an hour, where Bryan wants to tie Danny up to make him his subboy, begs Gerpy for Danny's picture, asks Gerpy for his dickpic, tells that he sexted Naked Ape and admits to love traps and femboys. He also states, that he likes to be treated rough, which shows his interactions with Farms in a new nasty perspective. Other selected quotes. Stream had 14 500 viewers at it's peak, which made him second best on YT at the moment. Farms had 3000 visitors, which was a new record since the Great Keurig Fire.

Bryan tries to play it off as old news, even though in the recording he was afraid that people would find out.

Same day Ralph has his stream about the matter too with BlackFaceKermit, TombaHat and Sarah as guests. Danny through TombaHat gives his comment on the situation - he knew about Bryan, wanted to beat the shit out of him for that, but in the end forgives him. Sarah spills the beans about other girls contacting her about Bryan begging them for nudes and that he would refuse to spend time with her in favor of watching Metokur. Also, his dick is smaller, than he claims. Meanwhile. Bryan melts down, calls her psycho, who robbed him and aimed gun at him and threatens her with legal actions. Sarah has her version of events though and says, that she never pointed a gun at him, even though she bought one, because he was harrassing her. Near the end Naked Ape shows up and tells "he just once said "I am bi and like your voice" and I responded with "ok, whatever", we were never close". BTFO Bryan sets his Twitter to private for 5 days. In two days he was seen threatening Crane with violence in the comment section of his YT channel. It also seems, that he sent his dick to Danny after all.

Three weeks after his biggest humiliation Bryan socks as SagatAlwaysWins, but quickly gets outed when he tries to defend himself in his thread. Account gets merged, but less than a week later Bryan socks as BoomerPhil.

He spends his time begging for a thread on Tonka and sperging at BSV again. It ends with him jumping into his thread and getting threadbanned, but then mods decide to fuck with him. They unban him and say "It's not Bryan, it's ok, girl", which in Bryan's autistic brain means, that he was "verified as a female", which he uses as a defense. He keeps sperging that BSV got him fired and deserves to be smeared as pedo and whiteknightes himself to the point of saying "guy wanted to suck a dick, but who doesn't when he is drunk?". This time he gets something more interesting, than just a merge.

Then on May 5th, 2019 Discount Metokur pushes Null into unbanning Bryan.

No need for that though, because nine days after the last ban he was already socking as Mall Xplorer.


Highlights of that sock include Bryan posting outline of his dick, getting caught socking on Twitter again, where he still retweeted Jim and sperging in Metokur's thread, that he doesn't attack Ralph. On April 7th 2019 visibly fatter and unkept Bryan, who was done with e-fame for a week now, appears on Warski's IRL stream. They talk about some cringy internet shit and Bryan flashes the logo of his employer again.

Week later he streams about Andy's AIM AIM AIM fiasco with Dispatch, who he berated for a-logging Andy. The questions in his thread send Bryan into 1.5 days long meltdown/AMA, where he desperately whiteknights himself and promises to leave for good. In the end he gets banned.

Three months later he socks as 1234567890abc, which was his 10th fucking sock by the way. He was mostly sperging in Ralph's thread with one notable post, where he accused Ralph of "kicking Zoe Quinn, when she was down", 'cause only Bryan is allowed to do that! One day mods changed his handle to "Bryan of Akkad · From WHATS UP GAMERGATE" and he dropped that sock.

This pushes Bryan to sock as Kcidkcussdom ("Mods suck dick" backwards) next day. He posts some stale article from 2015 in his thread in an attempt to clear his name from GG of all things. Article itself isn't good, because it uses easily editable text messages as proofs and outright downplays Bryan's autism. He sticks to same places, uses same mannerisms and goes dark on November 13. The next day Bryan's main account coincidentally returns from the 7 months long hiatus.

Bryan begins acting extremely smug and on November 30th @zedkissed60 reveals why - Bryan finally married the mother of his daughter, almost an entire year after she gave birth, and posted 14 fucking times during that day!

Three weeks later he follows that with a real nuke - he reveals, that Bryan was born 6 months after his parents were married, that his mother was arrested for grand theft in the third degree in 2008, but the case was not pursued (listed as 67 inches and 360 pounds, by the way) and that on September 20, 2018 Bryan's father Robert E. Dunn was arrested on three counts of possession of child pornography, but signed a plea deal and got it changed to two lesser counts of third degree child abuse with five years of probation. Bryan responds with "the girl was 19, pics were softcore, they counted one pic three times and it was a sting by DA to get re-elected", which nobody believes. He also adds, that he "doesn't wish that on anyone, even on you, Josh" and that it won't make him leave, only to beg Null to delete it afterwards.

After this he tries to insert himself into ongoing slapfight between New Gunt and Original Gunt. He gets so high of what he considers recognition, that he begins posting videos in Ralph's thread, like it's his blog or something, with pubes glued to his face for greater comedic effect.

Just to prove, that Bryan will do anything for internet good boy points, on September 3rd, 2020 he leaves this post, where he says "I have no control over what my fucked up father has done" and "my father’s disgusting faults", even though before he claimed, that it was a set up and his father just watched porn at his job.

Ten days later he goes on some obscure sped podcast, where on 53:05 he calls BSV "an actual pedophile", proving that he indeed "wishes that on someone".

Special thanks to @Adamska, @An Avenging Bird, @AnOminous, @BoingBoingBoi, @BrunoMattei, @BSV, @copypaste, @instythot, @Jaimas, @Orc Girls Make Due, @Perspicacity, @Spectre_06 and @TombaHat for their invaluable help in creating this.

Special mention goes to @CatParty, who's little shitpost made it all possible.

Semper Fi to @Done, who's post about Bryan's shenanigans was a good start for the draft. Gone, but not forgotten.

Kind regards, Fred Fuchs.



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HG 400

Of gamergate fame for drunkenly questioning the Holocaust's bodycount live on stream while his co-hosts fingerbanged. Threw a fit and quit gamergate forever (for one day). He then leaked the supervillainous Nick Denton leaks to regain his lost credibility, which were quickly proved to be laughably fake. Threw a fit after that and quit gamergate forever (for a week). He chimps out and quits gamergate (and sometimes the whole internet) on a semi-regular basis now.



Also of minor note for being one of the first people swatted in the entire gamergate shitstorm.


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Dec 28, 2014
Wait. There are people on plebbit actually surprised by this? That guy has always been an retard. Some Gators only now realize embracing this guy maybe wasn't the most brilliant of ideas?

HG 400

I think a lot of his credibility came from being friends with reputable GG figureheads like Sargon and InternetAristocrat and appearing on their streams, hosting them on his, etc.

There was one incident when he went pants-on-head-retarded and gibbered tinfoil crazytalk on stream while showing some random chatlogs he'd decided were proof that GamerGate was trying to assassinate him, it was pretty fun. I'll try to dig that up.


Jan 11, 2014
Highlights or rather lack of them from King of /pol/'s Livestream about Jace

  • KoP calls state police to ask about the car crash without knowing even a general area
  • KoP believed Jace actually was in a streetrace and recites this to police
  • He wastes more of the officer's time and eventually hangs up
  • Null gets on Skype call with them
  • Obtains Jace's number, calls, gets voicemail three different times
  • Dear leader educates KoP and cronies about Jace101 material including Tyce fight and Tupacalypse
  • Obsessively plugging Gamergate topics, tries to get Wu on call to save declining livestream
  • Someone names themselves 'spacegirlkat' in the stream and KoP seems to believe it's actually Wu
  • Glaive gets tired of listening and leaves
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Handsome Pete

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Oct 18, 2014
Highlights or rather lack of them from King of /pol/'s Livestream about Jace

  • KoP calls state police to ask about the car crash without knowing even a general area
  • KoP believed Jace actually was in a streetrace and recites this to police
  • He wastes more of the officer's time and eventually hangs up
  • Null gets on Skype call with them
  • Obtains Jace's number, calls, gets voicemail three different times
  • Dear leader educates KoP and cronies about Jace101 material including Tyce fight and Tupacalypse
  • Obsessively plugging Gamergate topics, tries to get Wu on call to save declining livestream
  • Someone names themselves 'spacegirlkat' in the stream and KoP seems to believe it's actually Wu
  • Glaive gets tired of listening and leaves
It ended right after that. He agreed he wasn't going to interview Jace, because it would be fucked up to interview someone who's obviously mentally ill and off his meds. That's good.

Then he played some kind of 3edgy text-to-speech white power rap as his outro music. That's bad.

Watching someone discover Jace for the first time is always fun, but no, I will not be tuning in for anything else this asshole does.

EDIT: Disregard that, apparently Ivan gave those knuckleheads the what-for. Shows what my expectations of /pol/ are, though.
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Nov 14, 2012
Then he played some kind of 3edgy text-to-speech white power rap as his outro music. That's bad.
No that was @Ivan Komarov who is based and awesome.

Right now he's posting Jace's dox in the skype chat I'm in and apparently going back on his word not to interview Jace because it's not fair.

Edit: I lied, context would implicate 1 caller is calling the police again.


Jan 11, 2014
Why are they so dead set on calling the police back?

My understanding is that the only reason they want to confirm the crash is so they can ask if any guns were found (which we know will be none)
I guess because their main focus is STILL on just Wu and Gamergate. They only care about Jace now because he's been obscurely added into their domain of all things GG.

They seemed more interested in either confirming or denying Wu's claims of a real threat from Jace. Hence the focus on the nonexistent gun.

HG 400

Jace is the first non-burner account openly identifying as a gamergater who's sent death threats. Considering the slapfight's been six months of "You send death threats", "Nuh uh, no we don't", Jace is gonna be seen as a massive vindication by the anti camp and a confusing and frightening liability for the pro camp. Jace is now a pawn being fought over by two camps of unsympathetic autists, and whoever wins, he'll lose.

Jesus, I can't keep up with these GG/Anti-GG sperglords. Are there any people even involved any more who aren't massive lolcows?

Most of them are just boring everyday autistics, but I could think of four or five more people off the top of my head who deserve lolcow threads on their own merit. I just don't want to flood the lolcow forum with gamergate personalities. It really is a massive spotlight on unbridled sperg and lolcow behaviour though. Every time a new figurehead pops up I check if they've already got an ED page, and quite often they have.

Jun 22, 2014
Jace is the first non-burner account openly identifying as a gamergater who's sent death threats. Considering the slapfight's been six months of "You send death threats", "Nuh uh, no we don't", Jace is gonna be seen as a massive vindication by the anti camp and a confusing and frightening liability for the pro camp. Jace is now a pawn being fought over by two camps of unsympathetic autists, and whoever wins, he'll lose.
Are people still pretending Jace has anything to do with gamergate?

HG 400

Like I said, he's the first non-anonymous person who identified as pro-gamergate to actually make a death threat. This slapfight has been going on for six months, and for six months the anti-camp has been painting the pro-camp as death threatening sociopaths without having any examples they can show that aren't obvious trolls or anonymous burner accounts that can't be tied to gamergate. That places massive value on him. He might only have a passing interest in gamergate, but both sides of gamergate are about to develop an extremely strong interest in him. And it saddens me. I actually like Jace.


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Feb 3, 2013
And now a GamerGate lol-cow that isn't Homer finally gets his own page.

It wouldn't be surprising if this guy was like A-Log in wanting fame and such.