Skitzocow Bryan Tew / Targeted Individual / Skitzo Jason Bourne - NO TOUCH TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL TORTURE

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Feb 3, 2013
Where will he go next? The Czech Republic?

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May 25, 2019
Bryan Tew has his first run-in with legitimate refugees:


Assault is Deliberately placing another human being in the immediate fear for their personal safety.

Battery is the slightest touch in anger.

Tactic used repeatedly in other Refugee Camps where I have sought ASYLUM. Done in a manner which appears common ordinary and expected to the casual observer.

After I kept repeatedly ignoring them the Muslim Asylum Seekers (informant) began physically placing his hands on me.

Apprx 1725 hrs Traiskirchen Refugee Camp Austria

He’s out of the refugee camp. Posted a couple of videos. Looks ragged, probably will end up in a hospital soon pumped full of drugs and back to his usual self soon:

He’s posting sovereign citizen derp now. Claims TIs can convene their own grand juries and investigate government officials who are allegedly behind whatever delusion of the day is affecting them. As someone who spent a little bit of time in law school, he should know better than that – it doesn’t work that way.

He also posted a video claiming TIs can go to Cuba to get medical treatment free of “medical cointelpro”. Also made a post saying he’s trying to book another visit. This is hilarious given that the last time he tried to go to Cuba he was not allowed and told he was blacklisted and said the CIA “cut a deal” with Cuba to curtail his travel there.

Looks like Bryan is stuck in Madrid for the foreseeable future. Spain has implemented a lockdown and Bryan even posted a video of the cops rolling down the street ordering everyone to stay inside. If he hadn’t had thrown his dumbass tantrum with the wheelchair a couple of days ago he might have just made it to Ecuador.


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Jan 27, 2020
Well, if you are interested, you might want to catch up with Bryan Tew. He traveled to Spain, which shut both the hostel he was staying at (having been kicked out of two other hostels already) and the nation's borders, including their airport, where he was trying to camp out on their floor. He has tried to fly out a few times, finally got to Frankfurt on his way to Sweden to attempt his neverending search for asylum, but was stopped by the police and sent back to Spain, after the good people of. Germany tried to deport him "home" to the US, where his passport was issued. Kicked out the door, and unable to secure any affordable rooming, he is now in a room he admits he cannot afford, and has been (continuing) to call their emergency phone system, claiming he has an emergency, but really just wanting to whine about his supposed bad treatment and lack of interest in his asylum requests.
You cannot make this stuff up, folks. Truth is proving to be stranger than fiction.

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Mar 25, 2020
He's probably been there already. I'd love to see a map of every country he's been to.
I agree. Someone with access to the information should compile a list of countries. I'm impressed he's managed to make it to so many places given his mental state.

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Mar 18, 2019
I decided to see what our fren was up too. Bryan is still trying desperately to get out of Spain. I'm guessing his Iranian asylum fell through as he no longer posts videos of visiting the embassy, but is now posting videos of going to the Chinese and Russian embassies. Here is Bryan's "Dear Iran" paperwork he filed with the Iranian embassy:
Dear Iran.png

He doesn't post videos in a linear timeframe. These were posted recently, but are from 2018, when he was in California. They're the aftermath of getting his ass kicked, not once but twice.

Here he is at a Veteran's Medical facility. He knew his appointment was cancelled, but he still showed up. He argues with the RN, because she politely tells him he will need to go see a psychiatrist. Threats of lawsuits commence.


Nov 27, 2017
If any of you know Portuguese, check this Brazilian who has a thread here also, as he is very similar to the OP: