Artcow Bryce Cherry / dev-catscratch - [CONFEDENTIAL] Human PSA with many strange autistic obsessions, failed extortionist

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this is the most threatening image ive ever seen

I guess but there are so many


The mouth says bumpbows but the eyes say 'you gonna get raped'

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was he waiting on it?? like the second it hit midnight he was ready??

I honestly don't know anymore. All I know is that this fucker is into incest and bestiality now. He wanted a teenage boy to fuck a fictional pony, for fuck's sake. Someone on /cow/ said it best: Every time you think he can't get any creepier you're immediately proven wrong.

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The more I look at this gallery of his, the more disgusted I get. I've dealt with all sorts of weirdos on the net, especially on DA, but no one is ever going to top this guy. No one. I'll probably never encounter anyone like this again. I mean, there's having fetishes and then there's taking it to a level where even people who have fetishes are confused by him. He has dumb ideas or either can't communicate them properly and obviously doesn't understand boundaries or why things are the way the are. I cannot possibly imagine living with what he has, let alone acting this way. He's basically going to be remembered as some kind of demented weirdo fighting for causes he won't really win and having borderline child porn. I really regret not having done something about this earlier. Actually, no. I regret that his parents haven't done something about him earlier. What the hell were they even doing this whole time to make him end up this way? How did they not see how fucked up this guy was? Bumpbow parties, using toilet duck bottles as sexual aids, wanting child sex dolls of cartoon characters, his bombing attempts from a year ago and this other crap he's done... I really, really want to pick this guy's brain so badly and just ask him why, but I feel it's not worth the fucking effort. If anything, he actually deserves this. I'm amazed people back on DA didn't even do this sooner. And then he wonders why people don't understand him, why everyone picks on him. He brought this all on himself.

Do I feel bad for him? To some degree, yes. Could I have done more to help him? Maybe if he was more willing to help himself, maybe, but I can't make any promises. Do I regret cutting off all ties to him? Absolutely not. He's clearly beyond help and my empathy for him can only go so far. I knew the minute that he made that journal on DA complaining about trolls picking on him he was basically asking to be ridiculed. I got the popcorn and proceeded to watch as people were calling him out for how demented and sick he was. What's tragic is that autism or not, he could've easily dropped this and moved on. He could've easily did some soul searching and realized this isn't normal or creative. That maybe he does have blatant fetishes for bumpbows, belly buttons, pregnancy, fat people, diapers, and all of this other shit. All he had to do was stop drawing all this weird nonsense, but lo and behold, he's still doing this. But in fairness, I don't think that'll be enough. He's past the point of no return. There's no real hope for him. It's actually a good thing I found out about all of this. I really do. I might not get all of the answers, but maybe that's for the best.

But because I know Bryce is peeking at the thread from time to time, I want to leave one last message for him.


There is no reason for you to be on here. Period. Look at what's happened to you in 2 years. First we made a thread on you discussing you about your bizarre fetishes, then you take down the site and doxed yourself while doing so. Then /cow/ makes a thread on you, then you get a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Most importantly. more and more people are exposing you for who you really are. Either you can actually try to better yourself or continue to go down the path you're on and be branded as a sick monster. Do you really want to be that kind of person, Bryce? Or will you finally wake up and do something worthwhile instead of staying in your disgusting fantasyland?

I'm done with his ass for good. I want to preserve as much of my will to live as possible.
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I really regret not having done something about this earlier.


Could I have done more to help him?
Bryce was already broken beyond repair long before you encountered him. The problem, as we have discussed over and over, is that his parental units are either hopelessly clueless and have no idea what he is getting up to in his room/on the internet or are degrees of magnitude more inept than Borb.

Either way, there's absolutely nothing you could have done to change or fix him and, as you yourself said, there's no real hope for him. He truly is a lost soul adrift in a world he can never understand and the best thing that could happen to him would be if he were put under professional care.

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Bryce doesn't have the self-awareness to change on his own. He simply does not have any skills necessary to self-reflect on his actions and see them as incorrect. It is the duty of his parents and the support workers he needs to drill into his head what is and is not appropriate and enforce it! And that doesn't mean any of it is internalized, it just stops him being an embarrassment on the internet. Without being more privy to his life, it's impossible to know to what degree he can actually learn and self-regulate his behaviour, but due to all the enabling happening, it must be pretty low.

I have no doubt that he is genuinely autistic. There's a few dead giveaways for me. One is the odd gait that he shows in photos and videos. The other is the odd speech patterns. What causes him to sound like a broken PSA is scripting. It's really obvious in lower functioning autists cause every sentence they say is stolen right out of some form of media or is something they use regularly. Everything they say is a script. For those who are less severely impacted, these scripts evolve into more complete sentences, but remain as a sort of backbone, often flavoring what is said. This sometimes results in odd word choices or inappropriate tone of voice.

I have no true hope for Bryce because despite his command of language, he seems fairly low functioning.