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I don't wanna hear about these annoying spirit animals at all tbh, feels like useless boomer-speak.

Maybe whales can stay: I like Star Trek IV.

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Nice breakout yesterday and today, as we cross $52,500. Some of this is El Salvador buying coins; they bought 200 today.

As I noted when we crossed $50K for the first time last week: there is very little resistance above $51.5K. If El Salvador buys more today (they say they plan to), and tomorrow's $30 purchases on social media in solidarity is big enough, $60K will be here before October. As we stand now, we are about 32% up from my first alert in this thread seven weeks ago.

As for "bulls" and "bears", whales can be bulls or bears too. It is a shorthand way of saying "more buying than selling" or vice-versa. It does matter, of course. And the old model of nerd whale 18-year-olds controlling the Bitcoin supply is fast becoming obsolete as institutional investors take on bigger pieces of the pie. There isn't a stock on the NYSE that isn't similarly dominated by "whales". You just have to understand whale psychology and read the news to know which way the wind is blowing.

For those on the sidelines, I would pray for a pullback before jumping in unless you have a longterm view and are willing to buy, hold, and wait for six digits. I wouldn't try any flipping games in this environment.

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