Bug Fables vs Paper Mario: Origami King -


So I just heard the other day about Bug Tales (an indie game inspired by Paper Mario RPGs) - it was on sale on Steam so I picked it up and it looks good.

Curious to hear how it compares to Paper Mario: Origami King. (I heard some say that it suffers the problems that Sticker Star and Color Splash due, such as an overly-complicated and tedious combat system, but I'm not entirely sure).

Dark Edea

When the zombie franchise known as Paper Mario announced Origami King, Bug Fables came up as something to check out. I never got around to it, but everything I saw indicated that Bug Fables was the game I wanted.

I think I remember someone saying it was short. But that's okay.


Dark Falz can go fuck itself
I 100%'d Bug Fables and bought the physical edition from Limited Run Games as soon as preorders opened. I can say that game is the perfect Paper Mario fix. It manages to capture most of the magic of Paper Mario, while being worthy of standing apart from the series. The combat is spot-on, the story remains engaging throughout, and the three protagonists are likable even though they heavily contrast each other.

The biggest complaint I have, which is a common one, is the 3D platforming. It can be pretty sloppy at times, but the game almost seems aware of this and doesn't punish you too hard if you mess up.

Also, the devs went so far as to add a button layout that replicates the Gamecube controller, which is perfect because I used one when I played through it. The game was made by people who loved Paper Mario and wanted to re-capture that magic.

It took me around 40 hours to complete the story, and an additional 10 to complete everything, but your mileage may vary. For fans of the original Paper Mario games, I can't recommend this highly enough.

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