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He also forgot to include door to door knife salesman in Greenside. He was trying to sell expensive knife sets and got $15 for every demo. This would have been about 8-10 years ago. He was a total loser at that too, and daddy would get mad at people if they didn't let his son in their house to make a pitch.

Yaniv worked for Vector/Cutco , only idiots and desperate people fall for MLMs


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The life of a Cutco knife seller:
I’d have customers grab their go-to kitchen knife and ask them to struggle through pieces of thick rope and leather. Then I’d watch their eyes go wide as a brand new Cutco blade slid through these things effortlessly. “This is what cutting should feel like,” I cooed.

I scolded their wood-handled knives with their disgusting, bacteria-laden cracks. I talked about the dangers of dull cutlery. I commiserated over bad knives that tore up loaves of bread and squished tender tomatoes, and marveled at the time you could save by just having a knife that works.

“Do you eat bagels?” I’d ask, pulling out the spatula spreader, an ovular combination of blade and spatula meant to slice and shmear in one easy piece. (I already knew the answer. Everyone in Boston eats bagels.)

Finally, I’d reach into my vinyl bag of tricks and retrieve the kitchen shears (which come apart for easy cleaning!). I’d dig a penny from my purse and trim the coin into a tiny corkscrew. Why? Just for show. I’ve never known any home cook to cut coils out of spare change, but the idea that you could was key to creating the desire for something more.

Everyone who works for Cutco gives essentially this same spiel, touting the same features and extolling the same perks. But while my peers were earning the base $16 per presentation, I was hitting sales benchmarks and watching my commissions tick steadily upward. At first, every sale felt like a surprise. But somewhere along the way I had a sickening realization: I was good at this.
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Yaniv's so uncoordinated I'm surprised he has a full set of fingers left.

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