Butch Hartman / Elmer Earl "Butch" Hartman IV / @realhartman / OAXIS Entertainment - "I created your childhood and scammed people into funding my Christian Netflix"


Butch Hartman is a well-known producer for Nickelodeon, who has some questionable at best online history and has most recently pulled off a scam to the tune of a little more than a quarter million dollars.


The face of a TRUE & HONEST Christian who dindu nuffin'.

If you've watched Nickelodeon within the last twenty years, you've probably seen Butch Hartman's work. He's most closely associated with The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom, both of which most strongly display his art style. Similar to beloved cow Andrew Dobson, Butch's style has unique eyebrows; instead of floating eyebrows, Butch's trademark is huge fucking rectangles. But Hartman definitely is not the same libtard Dobson is; the opposite, rather. Let's begin.

Brief History
Hartman was born and raised in Michigan as the eldest of four boys. During an interview, Butch describes himself as a big fan of anime in his youth (archive), citing Speed Racer, Kimba the Lion, and Astro Boy as some of his favorites. Cartoons like The Flinstones and other Hanna-Barbera productions were among his inspirations as a child. He was always interested in being a cartoonist from a young age, and eventually moved to California to attend California Institute of the Arts, also known as CalArts.

As a self-professed Christian, moving to California from humble Michigan was a huge culture shock for Butch. Describing the animation/entertainment industry as mostly secular, he felt out of place talking about his religion and being openly Christian around the Hollywood crowd. He discusses this in a video he put on YouTube with his wife. (archive)

  • 01:53 - "The secular media has done a really good job of painting Christians as sort of nutcases and things like that."
  • 03:15 - "When you say you're a Christian, uh, people look at you differently."
  • 03:32 - "It [being openly Christian] is almost like what the Bible said like uh, 'If the world hates you,' as Jesus said, 'if the world hates you, uh, fear not because before the hated Jews, they hated [Jesus].'"
  • 04:10 - "Y'know, back in the 60's when the Bible, Bibles were taken out of school, uh, the American society started to go into decline; teenage pregnancies went up, crime went up, and things like that, because when God was taken out of the classroom, people were starting to get taught evolution and then everything just kind of made itself."
  • 07:05 - "I got saved in the year 2000. [...] I needed a lot more help [in reference to being the head of a TV show]; I couldn't find any help with other people, because I was the one in charge [of Fairly OddParents]. So my wife here, Julieann, [dragged] me to this church in Los Angeles called [fumbles over words] Crenshaw Christian Center."
  • 13:30 - "And by the way, when you start fleeing from things that are immoral, [...] your life will change."
The video ends with him quoting Mark 11:24: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Being a Christian alone does not a lolcow make, of course. What makes Hartman so interesting have been his online antics and very recently, his Kickstarter to fund a project called OAXIS, but more on that later.

On the Internet
Butch Hartman created and ran a forum for fans of his cartoons, (archive) located at butchhartman.com (now defunct). The story goes that Butch and his moderation team were extremely against gay pairings. If you posted about shipping any gay couples from his shows, you would be banned from Butch's forums, even if you weren't even posting on the forums themselves. (archive) He says himself that, "I’m not a big fan of people who use children’s entertainment to push a political agenda. Can’t things just stay fun?" (archive) I can't find concrete archives, but you can see many people talk about this around places like deviantART. This old JournalFen post does a thorough job of covering Butch's antics related to shipping, though many links are dead. Here's a screenshot (archive) of a supposed announcement posted on his forums.

The LGBTQLMAOP+ community and Butch have seemed to always be at odds; when Tumblr began to push the headcanon that Danny Fenton, titular character of Danny Phantom, was transgender, Butch was not a fan. People are very (couldn't archive) into (archive) this idea, but Butch? Not so much. When he answered someone asking if Danny Fenton was trans, he outright denied it (archive), causing a lot of butthurt (archive) to ripple out of from Tumblr.

Other than that, he's not done anything extremely noteworthy, but I'll run down a list of current events related to him.
* Not recent, but interesting: Butch provided some early designs for when Crash Bandicoot was being planned, (archive) but never were used. Andy Gavin, co-creator of Crash Bandicoot, vaguely mentions this (archive) in his blog series about making the game with how they hired "real 'Hollywood' cartoon designers," as Butch was working for Hanna-Barbera at the time, though not by name.

Hartman debuted his Kickstarter to create the basis for a "kid-friendly" entertainment streaming service on June 18, 2018 called "OAXIS Entertainment." (archive) He presented OAXIS as a network meant to "re-connect families and bring them back together" via "high quality entertainment" for the entire family. The name itself is a portmanteau of "oasis" and "axis." Butch mentions in the video that he wants OAXIS to impact popular culture in a world he sees as too dark and violent. Nowhere in the Kickstarter description or video does her mention his Christian faith or that it will have any sort of Christian undertones. It was was fully funded on July 18, 2018, with its total funds raised amounting to $268,134.

However, in mid-July, cracks began to show in Butch's facade. A video emerged of Butch preaching to a church where he reveals (archive) that OAXIS is meant to be specifically Christian oriented sometime during March 2018. This was not entirely to the pleasure of the Kickstarter backers who had no clue about this.

  • 02:40 - "My point is my work has touched peoples' hearts. Because it has the gospel inside of it; it's like a Trojan horse. I have Christ inside of me and Christ is inside my shows, but you never hear about Christ in my shows, but you feel him."
  • 03:12 - "My point is all of these shows are, um, they have Christ inside of them. Because I speak in parables, that's the way I speak. You feel the Kingdom in my shows."
  • 10:29 -"...kids these days, they have no purpose. There's depression, there's suicide. Constant exposure to corrupt social media and entertainment is a primary contributor to this crisis."
  • 13:35 - "We're going to change culture for today's families. We're going to speak to them in parables."
  • 13:50 - Butch praises Golden Eagle Broadcasting and Daystar, very conservative Christian broadcasting
  • 14:01 - "It [OAXIS] has to reach the secular people, who we're trying to reach."
  • 16:18 - "These kids have figured out how to make [?] softcore pornography with people in Spiderman suits." (This is presumably in reference to Elsagate content.)
  • 17:42 - "We are going to win freaking awards for our programming!"
  • 18:30 - "We must win back our future and like [Lance?] says, we are the stone that will slay the giants."
  • 19:25 - Butch compares OAXIS to Facebook's beginning.
  • 20:05 - "The giant that I have to slay, that we have to slay, is so huge, it is not going to want to be slayed. [...] "....when we cut the head off the dragon, it's going to be really exciting. When David cut the head off of the dragon, it was exciting, people were stunned. But then [Soloman ?] got jealous; there's going to be a backlash against this..."
  • 20:50 - "This [OAXIS] is my assignment, this is my life's work as of this point."

People who were duped into funding this covertly Christian network, understandably want their money back after being played a fool. (archive) Too bad Butch seems to have taken the money and run, deleting any negative comments on his campaign page.

It has been claimed (archive) that OAXIS is collaborating with Daystar, who openly support the Bethel church, where the author of the tweet goes into their supposed beliefs and calls them a cult. The only evidence I can find of Hartman's "collaboration" with Daystar is an interview (archive) he and his family gave them on July 16, 2018, where they don't say anything they haven't already said. (Their part starts around 07:25)

Social Media
tl;dr: Another big-name cartoonist in children's entertainment turns out to be a complete freak. Discuss. (Also this is my first thread, pwease no bully)

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This doesn't have enough content to justify a thread.

On the Internet
This section shows he's hypocritical and can be a dick, but that's not threadworthy on its own.
Other than that, he's not done anything extremely noteworthy, but I'll run down a list of current events related to him.
Only the last two things are noteworthy when it comes to this thread, and they're not much.

There's some content with the crowdfunding stuff but not enough for a thread. Also, this would probably just turn into a thread discussing his prior works which is not what these threads are for.

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Really good OP, man.

Another thing you seemed to have missed (or I'm just autistic, idk) is that Butch thinks that if you're not an artist, you can't criticize artists, and as such, artists should waste any time addressing criticisms from non-artists. And the statements he makes in this video signal that he believes this stretches beyond the pond; non-chefs can't criticize food, non-movie producers can't criticize movies, etc.

Since he's a "veteran cartoonist" or whatever people fellate him as, I'm frankly shocked that he thinks this way. Especially since his entire fucking audience is filled with kids who don't know the first thing about animation.

He's also so fucking arrogant, as if that above tweet wasn't any indication. "I created your childhood!" Bitch, no. Stan Lee created my childhood. You created two good shows, one of which, Danny Phantom (if I wanna be completely honest and maybe ruffle a few feathers), was fairly derivative of Spider-Man. Jussayin.

Within a matter of a week, after all this info was presented to me, he went from this cool guy who made some nice cartoons to a completely arrogant hack.

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There's already a pretty long thread on the Oaxis kickstarter, which could be merged into this one.

The one problem I see is that Butch Hartman supposedly has a net worth of 50 million dollars. Even if he's really only active online now, he may be too famous to get around the "no celebrities" rule. I was thinking of starting one for Roseanne Barr, now that her tv career is over and she's running a youtube channel to try and stay relevant, but haven't done so for the same reason.


Explain, because nothing you wrote above describes him as a sexual deviant.
Freak wasn't the right word, @1911JD puts it better as "a completely arrogant hack."

Next time I'm on my computer, I'll try to trim the fat and focus more on his attitude, that being his potential draw as a cow other than the crowdfunding happenings. I'll edit this more to make this presentable in the case that the OAXIS stuff ends up becoming bigger. I appreciate the feedback, lol. Apologies for my :autism:


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Not to be THAT guy, but you forgot to add that his wife(JulieAnn Hartman) is/was a big time supporter of Andrew Womack. Andrew Womack believes that "faith" can cure all, and has a ministry where his teachings/jesus can cure physical ailments. http://www.awmi.net/video/healing/hartman-healing-testimony/

I wouldn't be surprised if Womack or Womack's subsidiaries are involved in the network.


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Butch giving a speech at a Charis event - Charis was started by Andrew Womack(the ministry head his wife has worked with).

He makes "Christian value" shows and has been doing it for 15 years. Now, personally I don't care one bit as I stopped watching Hartman's stuff 17 years ago, but I can see the tumblrista's, and fedora atheists mad at this.

The full speech.

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Since no one's said it here yet, it is really ironic that a guy whose work includes witchcraft, various magical races, pregnant males, crossdressing, gay jokes (most hardcore Chrisitans wouldn't feature shit like two males cuddling while asleep even as the butt of a joke), ghosts, pagan gods, pseudo-gods, and a ton of suspected fetish fuel turns out to be a religous nutjob that wants to impose a puritanical stranglehold on entertainment. There seems to be enough evidence of his religious leanings here to prove that this is somewhat genuine at the very least, but I wonder how much of this is just to scam gullible Christians who are desperate for any content that reaffirms their beliefs out of their money, knowing that they're a notoriously easy target.


04:10 - "Y'know, back in the 60's when the Bible, Bibles were taken out of school, uh, the American society started to go into decline; teenage pregnancies went up, crime went up, and things like that, because when God was taken out of the classroom, people were starting to get taught evolution and then everything just kind of made itself."

i just want to point out that teen pregnancies are at an all time low in the USA. When butch was a kid he probably didn't know how many of his peers were getting pregnant though because pregnant teen girls were often swept away by parents and sent to special boarding schools where they would have their babies adopted out (often without the biological father's permission) and the kids at the school the girl was from would never be the wiser. These days it's not something hidden, so butch thinks it's more common now.

CDC and Teen Pregnancy
Pew Research Center (graph from them attached)
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