Butthurt over Clinton loss, Uberkike George Soros Declares WAR on Trump - Funds anti-Trump Groups; Wants Electoral College Abolished; REEEEing against Nationalism Intensifies

Broseph Stalin

Godnigger of Kiwi Farms



So as we all know, George Soros is a massive cuck who is the main backer of the Black Lives Matter movement, a globalist shill, "loveable grandpa" of all the SJWs, and now...a massive walking bag of salt after the Trump victory in the U.S. So, in a last ditch effort, he has decided to go guns blazing, going left and right, funding anyone who opposes Trump, even going so far as to fund a petition to abolish the Electoral College.

But little does Soros know, Russia still has his number for destabilizing the Motherland...


IV 445

Soros? He's still alive? He was sending his neighbors to camps in WW2 Germany as a Kapo or something, so he's gotta be ancient and decrepit these days.

Basically, Soros is like a far left version of the Koch brothers, funding various SJW groups. That's him on a good day. On worse days, he's like Emperor Palpatine meets Cobra Commander. Just a creepy, nasty dude.

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