BUYING A HOUSE? -7/23/19 - In which amber doesn’t realize she is the house

BUYING A HOUSE?! - Recapping so you don't have to watch!

- She will be seeing her "psychiatrist" "soon".

- Gorl is not feeleen good, lots of anxiety.

- Hamber and Necky date today? WHO KNOWS?

- TREE UPDATE. STILL DEAD. Chainsaw left on tree means work is "being done".

- "Serious dandruff issues today. Not havin' it." (Well, you apparently ARE havin' it.)

- Hamber passive-aggressively bitches about the door-open beeping because Necky is physically capable of exiting the vehicle to pump gas. The bitching is clearly loud enough that Necky gets the hint and closes the door. "She did not have to do that" (Clearly she did, or the bitching would have continued! Necky, PLEASE tell us that you took that chainsaw with you, gorl!!)

- IMPENDING SUSHI MOOKBONG? Weight Watcher points mentioned, so this is clearly part of the "New 100 Days" timeline.

- Necky question time! Necky likes seafoam green! (It's her favorite Crayola crayon for colorin' time, obvi!)

- There's a nice house! Hamber wants to buy it! Is THAT what the title of the video refers to? (Can't be, we're only at 2:45!) Necky tells a rambling story about previous owners of the house and evil presences in the house! Don't buy that house!!

(Fun Fact: You do NOT have to disclose "hauntings" nonsense when selling a house.)

- Water! Spring rolls! (It's okay, because if you wrap veggies in carbs and deep-fry them, they're still healthy veggies!)

- Sushi! Pointing at rolls with beetus-knuckles and a random ring, like that will distract our attention from the beetus-knuckles?

- 5:00 mark - mini SUSHI MOOKBONG for an entire solid minute with bored chit-chat! Gotta hit that 10:00 mark!

- Back home already and Twinkie Storr is seen.

- "This angle is really bad." (All angles are bad if they are angles where you are visible, Hamber!)

- MINI TORRID JEWELRY HAUL! It's one fucking collection of more shitty earrings. "Straight into mah vanity." (Never to be seen again!)

- "Psychiatrist" wants her to up the mood stabilizer dosage to 2x for two weeks, and then to 3x after that. (In case pill-related MathLynn makes an appearance in future 6-weeks-old videos.)

- "We also did more testing, regarding like, you know, maybe I'm bipolar and such." (MAYBE? FUCKING MAYBE? So you were NOT FUCKING DIAGNOSED and MAYBE you're bipolar?) *walks away for 2 minutes to calm the fuck down*

- Reminder that Hamber is NOT normal.

- Hamber "toots her own horn" about compliments she's received regarding her earrings. *cue the alpine horn from the Ricola commercials*

- TREE IS STILL DEAD. MUCH DANDRUFF. Poor Necky has to take Twinkie Storr for her walk. (Not seen: Necky takes Hamber for a walk.) Neighbor's dog is seen. Necky doing more chores. (because Hamber is incapable of moving anything but her fucking mouth.)

- Recap that Hamber had a good day.

TL;DR - ZERO actual discussion about "BUYING A HOUSE?!". 100% clickbait title.

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Necky's haunted house story almost put me to sleep. But maybe they should buy that house. They could get it for a good price, and I'm sure the ghosts would exorcize themselves after living with Hamber for a week. They would probably be able to smell her even in the afterlife.


When I was down 89 pounds...
Do you guys think Hamber’s ever heard of Head n shoulders? Or showering? Or cutting all that fucking hair off so there’s less to deal with in the shower?

I don’t know how much Twinkie lays around on the floor or how clean that shack is, but dogs can accidentally swallow their owner’s hair and other things. I doubt our gorl has the wherewithal to bend down and pick up her hair or vacuum, so im assume that pillow mountain and the surrounding regions are coated with a fine layer of dandruff and hair. Especially after seeing this video...🤢

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More clickbait ~ here's the house Becky wants to buy, despite the fact it's in a 'not able to be sold situation' because 'something real bad' happened there 😨

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Neckster regaling us with the super spooky tale!

it looks like it would of been a nice old house but looks like it might be beyond repair. even if it could be repaired AL and Becky aren't the ones to restore it. Imagine not one but BOLTH of them walking on those old, rotted floors? they'd fall right through.

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Becky is literally mentally re.tarded. I don’t understand the fascination some people have with her. She’s a barnacle permastuck to her whale mommy. Without a cash cow like Amber she’d be unable to support herself and live independently. To make matters worse, most tards at least try to function in society, educate themselves to the best of their abilities, and ultimately seek some form of employment. Thumb just sits on her fat ass and draws crap no one would pay $1 for.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Water! Spring rolls! (It's okay, because if you wrap veggies in carbs and deep-fry them, they're still healthy veggies!)
I'm thinking these mini spring-rolls are going to be a chicken-nuggets-zero-points Mk2-type situation...

I like how Hamber complains about the beeping sound the open car door makes but can't be bothered to take the key out of the ignition. That's because it's not her problem to fix boo boo.
Not only not her problem, but her huge gunt means she'd never reach them anyway...


Hmmm...seems she's forgotten 'chronocological order' again...


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
AL ww points shes allowed is around 61 i think and that plate of sushi she ate was close to 20 points plus she most likely ate most that plate egg rolls. On the WW website they class the tempura roll as the worst option to pick if out getting sushi 😂 shes off to a good start.

All the dates they go on are food related they cant do anything else. They dont even see movies anymore which is somthing becky is interested in, they do What hamber wants and that's eat.