Disaster BuzzFeed Laying 15% of Its Staff, While Huff Post Is Laying Off 7% - Day 8: Vice News Joins in on the Action, 1,250+ Shoahed


lmao bottom text
As work environment becomes comparable to Stalinist Russia during the great purges due to layoffs being handed out seemingly without any rhyme or reason and owners not communicating with employees.
>a bunch of clowns lose their clown jobs
>"omg this is just like when the commie secret police massacred millions of dissenters!"

the fucking nerve on these people

2 litre soda

For what we do, we have to grovel?
Imagine being so privileged that the media and academia teach you every day that your dark skin color is an actual accomplishment and a moral achievement and that you deserve to have a posh writing job just because of it, regardless of what work you actually contribute. And then you call yourself a victim and that same monolithic media institution agrees with you.
And then, an old rich white guy in a suit comes down from his mansion, says "Nah," takes his money and goes home. It turns out that you aren't special. You were never special. You are indistinguishable from a million others just like you, with the exact same opinions, style, speech patterns, and quirks. You have made no impact on the world. You existed at the whim of some old white dude, the same man you railed against and whose time you claimed was over, and now, without him, you have nothing. He doesn't know you exist. He will never know, nor will he ever care. He may have his secretary write up a brief statement about how sorry he is about the situation, and how much he feels for those who will now be seeking new opportunities elsewhere. He will not read it. You are a written off investment. You didn't make his bank account larger, and now he will put his money elsewhere. In flying cars, perhaps, or robots. Somewhere where you will never get to touch it.

The only way to get by now is to beg. You're too proud to call it begging, but it's what it is. Begging. You have created nothing of value, and no one will miss your contributions to the world when you stop. You refuse to let yourself think about the different choices you could have made, years ago, that could have prevented you from being in this position now. You are right. You are always right. How could you be wrong? It is the world that is unfair. It is everyone else that is the problem, not you. It has to be everyone else. It couldn't be you. The old man's money should be yours. You won't cry, damn it. You won't.


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This is what happens when your entire operation spends years blowing through whatever runway you hoodwinked VCs into giving you with no plan on how to monetize "19 ways the patriarchy is why you can't afford that 4-bed condo with a river view (#13 will trigger you)". Rest in piss, you limousine leftist matchstick men. :drink:


do you see what happens
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"With the restructuring, Dubuc is de-emphasizing focus on Vice’s web properties and is looking to bulk up efforts in film, TV production and branded content centered on its millennial-skewing audience and counter-cultural ethos."

No, you fuckers are not counter-cultural any more than Rolling Stone has been for 20+ years at this point. You ARE the culture the counter-culture is rebelling against.

So when the company hits hard times, they get fired because they're unnecessary and all they can do is kick and scream and blame everyone else.
Just like the blue collar workers they've been shitting all over as their inferiors.

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