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This thread is dedicated to archiving links to all the threads useful for engaging in the study Phil, It will cover all aspects of Phil's rather pathetic existence.

This section is dedicated to understanding Phil's body, from health issues he's in denial about to threads dedicated to understanding his rather unique brand of mental health problems he's suffering from.
General Mental & Physical Health speculation thread by @TheProdigalStunna
Do you support Phil getting an orchiectomy? by @Pikonic
Reasons WHY Phil should get his Love Spuds removed by @Ravenor

Speculation on Phil having a Oedipus Complex by @Le Bateleur
Does Phil have BPD, by @Psycho

Phil's 5 Stages of Stress, by @Ravenor
A Brief History of Grime - Phil's Facebook from 2003-2015 by @Smutley
Speculation thread on why Phil is Homeless, by @autisticdragonkin
Phils Original 500 page mega thread before the CIS board was started, by @Jimrenyolds
Phil Argues With Himselfand, somehow, he loses... by @ChurchOfGodBear

This section is dedicated to understanding and optimistically trying to unravel his obsessions such as Bike Riding, Road Signs and Cartography that Phil is enamored with.
The Cartography of Australatina (A autistic retrospective). by @Ravenor

This section is dedicated to understanding Phil rather tenuous grasp of artistic skill's, from his infamous Anime depicting everything from anal rape fantasy to the death of presidential candidates.
Australatina's CIA world factbook entry according to Phil by @Ravenor
A Archive of his short lived Musical carrier, by @Ravenor

Phil has in the past had rather good luck in finding people to renforce his delusions, this
section will document them.
The Minor Asspatters, this thread chronicles some of the less prominent supporters of Phil, by @Smutley
Jin Isidore Wong by @Picklechu
Kelley Cyr aka Kinny Fear aka Kelly Winter (one of Phil's early and most odious asspatters) by @Flowers For Sonichu
Daphny Drucilla Delight David by @Le Bateleur
Jonathan Holiday aka Vikki Valimir by @Twrx

Former Friends and Acquaintances.
Phil has unsurprisingly made a Enemy out of some of his former Friends and allies.
Jordman, also known as Jordan Gwendolyn Davis (real name Thomas Jeffrey Davis) his most prominent on again off again friend, by @Smutley

Tweaker the Cat's AMA, Tweaker was for a period of time engaged to Phil he has progressed in understanding just how bad Phil is since this thread was started and is now a Welcome and respected member of the farms, by @tweaker the cat

It just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished, Skarrlett Krow took Phil in after one of his many suicide threats in Early September 2015 (scratch marks on his gut with a plastic knife) and then this poor soul took pity on him not having the full information on what a low life sponge Phil was leading to a short stay and uncomfortable situation for people who where trying to do the right thing for the wrong person.

Other sections will be added as needed, and if you have a thread you would like me to add to this list please post a link to it here.
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True & Honest Fan
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  • 15/01/16 Thread created.
  • 16/01/16 Updated with information on some of Phil's Friends and Former friends.
  • 22/01/16 Added his attempts at music to the creations section.
  • 21/03/16 Added a thread to the list from before the crash by myself and another thread about one of Phil's many other possible problems.
  • 08/05/16 Added a bit of info.
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