Trainwreck Caledonia Renee Packard / TheLyfeofaFreeSpirit - And you thought the Minneapolis riots were the random chimp event.


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Meet TheLyfeofaFreeSpirit, aka Caledonia Renee Packard, clap emoji personified, haydur nation chihuahua, cancellation enthusiast, Dollar Store Sith, an ever-swinging pendulum between chimping because she's bothered, and chimping about how unbothered she is.

Callie is the smallest and least-liked channel of the "Haydur Nation", a cabal of Youtube channels that react to content created by prime lolcows such as Amberlynn, Chantal, Amy's Life Journey, and LifebyJen. Despite the lack of growth in her channel, she remains relevant mainly by inserting herself into all drama surrounding the nation, and white-knighting the most prolific of the haydurs, Charlie Gold, in particular.
Callie followed the most common trajectory of haydur nationals. She started posting about her life and stuff she likes, but when she realized nobody gives a rats ass about her hood rat ass, she started criticizing fat white bitches on the internet to garner the attention she so clearly desires. She was more widely introduced to haydur nation viewers by Zachary Michael in a collab. To this day, it is his most poorly received video;
@Oh Hamburgers get your fuckin ass in here and explain this fuckery;

Callie considers herself a creative spirit but as evidenced by her prior attempts at entrepreneurship, she just isn't. She tried her hand at being a makeup guru;
She also makes glamour video edits to showcase her "lewks" that are hilariously bad;

A short compilation of her cringey makeup video intros. This is by no means all of them;

Boy that music degree really paid off;

She also writes poetry. It's not Amberlynn-tier bad, just kind of boring and like it was ripped from the pages of a YA novel;

Despite her all-caps slacktivism against racism, Callie clickbaited taking dick from a member of the Aryan Brotherhood;
She also stans Louis Farrakhan, a black supremacist and leader of the Nation of Islam who is openly anti-semitic, homophobic, and sexist. According to her, he is an activist who dindu nuffin and was only defending himself against the haters;

If Callie comes under the same sort of scrutiny that she places upon others, she will do a combination of the following;
But remember, it's not okay when Amber does it;
Failing all of that, or perhaps in addition, she'll go live for a chimp-for-all spergathon at her enemies, at her audience, who the fuck knows? Callie's chimpouts are what has earned her the most attention, and are what make her an entertaining standalone cow.
Here's my personal favorite. Try to figure out who she's so MOTI at, I dare you;
Chimping about racism;
Chimping about Peanut Gallery (big ups Kate Winslet);
Chimping at a troll;

DOB: January 9th, 1990

Phone: 630 462 3815

email addresses;

1 Wheaton Center,
Apartment 1107
Wheaton IL, 60187
If you like reading negative reviews for fun like I do you'll love the apartment building's Yelp page. She lives in the spare bedroom of her unfortunate father's low-rent apartment (Dorian Packard (born 11/15/1965)), and has been on and off since 2016. On multiple occasions she had to talk him into letting her do so, even from a state of homelessness, because she's that fucking annoying and unlikeable.

Kimberley Renee Packard (maiden name Davenport) is Callie's mother (born 12/06/1965). As Callie has said in her videos she's a legit schizo and was successfully dumped at an assisted living facility named Albany Care.

- She got a music degree at Columbia College Chicago.
- Barista (source; her "Mod the Sims" account. archive)
- Retail salesperson (Tom James as indicated by her business email above).
- Suncorp bank clerk.
- Promoter/Talent Manager for "Free Spirited Inc" (merch, archive)
- Currently she works at Realty Executives Premiere, though not as an actual agent as you can see here at their website. Callie likes to mention in her streams that she is an "essential worker," but she's only a receptionist who mans the office alone to take phone calls and accept mail.

Social Media;
Youtube (second channel) (third channel) (merch, archive)
Poetry Blogspot (archive)
Professional Blogspot (archive)
Yahoo Answers (archive)

I'd like to thank @ThoughtsAndPrayers and @SAVE TWINKIE! for all of their help on gathering materials for this OP.
And for all the fun we had doing it.
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How old is she?? The loose jiggle of her ass and thighs will haunt me for the rest of my days.

eta I'm blind, her dox is spoilered. So she's turning thirty soon but her ass is grandma tier? Yikes, I'd be prime to chimp at everything at a moment's notice too.



Schizophrenia involves a combination of positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms. Positive and negative do not mean "good or bad" in this case, they mean symptoms that add or subtract to the person.
Symptoms can vary in type and severity over time, with periods of worsening and remission of symptoms. Some symptoms may always be present. In men, schizophrenia symptoms typically start in the early to mid-20s. In women, symptoms typically begin in the late 20s.

Having a family history of schizophrenia is a main risk factor.
Positive symptoms include:
  • hallucinations
  • delusions
  • uncontrollable movements
  • overall distorted view of the world
Negative symptoms include:
  • inability to show emotion
  • flat affect
  • apathy
  • difficulty speaking
  • withdrawing from social situations/relationships
Cognitive symptoms include:
  • disorganized thoughts
  • memory problems
  • difficulty with focus and attention
  • difficulty processing information regarding decision making
Risks if untreated
  • suicide
  • anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • substance abuse
  • inability to work
  • financial troubles/homelessness
  • aggressive behaviour (uncommon)
People with schizophrenia either lack awareness or refuse to believe they have a mental disorder. Treatment almost always requires intervention from loved ones. Please remember that they believe their hallucinations/delusions are real - arguing with them about it never helps and can exacerbate the problem.

I know this is coming across as a dickish or troll thing to post and if you got some lols out of it then ok. In the same vein, if you came here cause you googled Callie, I actually want this information here on the off chance someone intervenes.