Trainwreck Caledonia Renee Packard / TheLyfeofaFreeSpirit - And you thought the Minneapolis riots were the random chimp event.


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She probably saw on here that we were making fun of her for having less subs and views than Eric, so she decided to hide it. No doubt in my mind that’s what happened. Pure hilarity.

EDIT: Just for shits and giggles, earlier today when I saw posts about her deleting comments about her singing, I decided to give it a go and left a very nice and encouraging comment about her vocal talents as well. It’s gone now lol. So she’s definitely still lurking all over. I bet she’s reading this right now.
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So what are your bets for Callie now that Charlene video was released (and the outcome was not very good for her) ?

I think Callie will come back with some sob story about her mental health and getting 'canceled' and she will remove herself from this particular drama (until she goes and inserts herself in another one)
You're right, Callie put all her chips down on this "exposing racist klansmen youtube channels and grand dragon Chantal with receipts" video she wouldn't stop talking about.

But then Charlie's comeback also turned out to be an attempted exposé against giga-rayciss GG, and a shitty backfire of a video that people didn't want. Charlie fucked up any chance Callie might have had at such a video being well-received. Since Callie's little more than an extension of Charlie, releasing it would just look like doubling down from Haydur Nation.