Trainwreck Caledonia Renee Packard / TheLyfeofaFreeSpirit - And you thought the Minneapolis riots were the random chimp event.


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Ohhhhh, I see the pattern now. This ghetto rat cries for superchats and wigs! Got it. She makes no money on her retarded reacts so she chimps on manufactured drama for super chats and patreon pity. Gets a few hundy and goes and gets har and nells immeejiately. Typical and stereotypical, CryingCauli. She could have totally flexed a large BLM donation but it's great ot see her looking so happycrazy.
Edit: just jumping through the first portion and this bitch seriously sounds like a different person, I haven't seen this Callie before. Maybe, she popped an extra Xannie.
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So do we think Callie went to work dressed like a DuShawn's Funk World side-alley chickenhead, or did she dress like this just to sit on stream hyucking and pretending not to see comments about Charlie Gold on a Monday afternoon? Her new setup is cringe, she's a thirty year old woman mired in the style and budget of a prepubescent girl. Slogans like "Boss Lady" on a piece of A4 paper she printed up at her job while the grownups weren't looking, no doubt.

I managed to screen-grab the first half of the stream before it was struck by Youtube;

Part 1

Part 2


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The racist chimpout queen herself. For someone so proud of her race she puts in a lot of effort and money to have hair not her race. You see closeups and the damn thing is peeling up at the forehead. C'mon Callie. We know that's not yo hair. Take that shit off girl


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In case she blocked you here is her twitter comeback.
She's really feeling herself with this schizoïd straight blonde wig
Trying so hard to be edgy; melanie martinez wants her hair back
Also, you're too old to me mimicking tween music artists lol

Someone in chat made fun of her squinting and you could see her want to rage at the end. She was pissed, there wasn't many people she had not shit to talk about and she was so desperate to chimp I think she had to shut it down.

Her mods/chat is full of the most awkward needy people

Zachary Michael makjng a quick appearance to get his "I'm totes not a racist" points. This was all he said lmao

Edit: faye i see you, you farmer


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In Callie's last live, she was saying she never claimed the Haydur Nation, that she's only ever been about her Free Spirits. However you can skim to any given minute of this video and she'll be referring to the Haydur Nation as "us" and "we," she is effectively white-knighting the Nation to people who call them "haters" or otherwise call them cruel.

Fine. Who cares? I'm not going to nitpick about her changing her mind. But what's interesting is that in this video she defends the Nation, saying that they are not the ones responsible for the more visceral hate the prime cows get, that the Nation actually cares about them, etc. At the time, yeah. Shit was more lighthearted and there was less drama.

Then along came Charlie motherfucking Gold and all her animal emojis, shooting past Callie and every other Haydur in popularity. Callie probably bonded with Charlie on the premise that they're both strong independent black women who don't need no man, good for them. But the point I've been meaning to get to is that Charlie brought the visceral hate and the drama to the Haydur Nation, the same hate and drama Callie claimed the Nation didn't contain. And despite Callie having been in the community for much longer, Charlie treats her like a minion. lol she even admitted in her most recent video that she straight up forgot about Callie's feelings.

I think that distancing herself from Haydur Nation might be a step towards disengaging from Charlie, which she should probably do. But whether she does or not, there'll be drama. Can't float in that "maybe" space ignoring comments forever.


LOL. So Callie is only about her Free Spirits?

Are these the same "Free Spirits" that Callie has accused of trying to cancel her several times? Are these the same "Free Spirits" that Callie says betrayed her? Are these the same "Free Spirits" that Callie says that she lost faith in?

Whatever. She is just another failed lazy "drama" channel.