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Disaster California is on Fire...AgainPotential Reptilian Plot?

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Dirt McGirt, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. "Then He will also say to those on His left, 'Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels filthy fuckin' commies"
    ~ Matthew 25:41
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  2. Cali Kiwi here

    The area where I live is fine, although I still got a Emergency warning.

    Also having lived in Socal for most of my life, I can say that a lot of people where I live are Trump supporters. Commies who want Florida to be destroyed by Hurricanes primarily live up north(The Bay Area). So yeah, there's that
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    Fuck you jewish cunt

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  3. Serves the dumbasses right for building houses in chaparral covered hills. Least it's not baking hot like it usually is during the regular fire season.
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  4. California: You either feeling like you are on fire, or you ARE on fire.
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  5. That's Texas. Not really that humid out in California.
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  6. I legit thought this was the same thread from last time someone had just bumped.
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  7. California, you either die in a fire, or live long enough to start one.
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  8. I have to say, seeing smug Hollywood cunts like Chelsea Handler get chased out of her home by a fire is something of an early Christmas present.

    I also don't feel bad or A-loggy over hoping [celebrity] houses burn down. They certainly have enough money to rebuild whatever mansion of theirs gets burned down three times over despite trying to pass themselves off as regular Americans like you and me. Also, like someone else said, "celebrities" like them were hoping "dumb Trump voters" in TX and FL got swept away earlier this year in the Hurricanes, so fuck em'.
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  9. Some hipster's blunt*


    More seriously, and to those criticizing people for homes' locations:

    A few years back, a family member of mine was looking at houses in California; one was in the mountains between the Los Angeles/Ventura counties. When he inquired to the relator if there was a problem with wildfires in that area, the agent claimed there wasn't. Anyone familiar with the area knows this to be a plain fucking lie. Wildfires in that area are quite routine and pose a near continual risk. Having known the truth, this was a clear sign to immediately walk away.

    Developers and relators lie to buyers and homeowners. You can still jeer at the latter over shitty choices if you wish, but know that many times they haven't exactly been given the full truth.
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  11. I just like to think of it as karma for those who either mocked Trump or wanted Texans to die.
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  12. This is a state that spontaniously combust at least once a year.

    Do people actually settle there volountarily or is it a "Escape from New York" kind of deal?
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  13. Yet is still lives despite nature's best efforts. Who do we have to sacrifice to get rid of California?
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  15. Since we know that this is going to happen again, I actually managed to get an accurate satellite picture of the next big Californian Wildfire.

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  16. Stop taking our water, you cunts.
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    Lackadaisy gas the commies, class war now


  17. Holy shit, if you look closely at the fire it kinda looks like a humanoid missing some legs. It has some arms. Maybe God has had enough of Cali's degenerateness.
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  18. So I managed to stumble upon the TRUE ORIGINS of the fires this year al around California. Was it dried out plants that created a tinder box along with other natural explanations? Of course not! That's just what they want you to think. The real culprit? ...
    The Government is starting them with laser beams! (For some reason)

    There's quite a few of these floating around YouTube right now. Granted I didn't find a video on this particular fire, but no doubt they're hard at work on those right now.

    EDIT: Lo and behold (this video is amazing)

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  19. It looks like the ass-end of cat with a long tail, that started the fire by farting.
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  20. I'm okay with this
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