California Sues Cisco for Alleged Discrimination Against Employee because of Caste - The Absolute State of Silicon Valley



This particular article is a month old but I've been seeing more and more pop ups in my news feed about caste discrimination between pajeets in Silicon Valley receiving spotlight. These are the same guys who fired a bunch of people for their "all lives matter" remarks earlier this month.

The lawsuit, filed by California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing on Tuesday, alleges that Cisco (CSCO) "engaged in unlawful employment practices on the basis of religion, ancestry, national origin/ethnicity and race/color" against the engineer, who was not named in the complaint.

The lawsuit identifies the engineer as a Dalit, the lowest caste in India's dominant Hindu religion and a community commonly referred to as "untouchables." India's caste system was officially abolished in 1950, but the 2,000-year-old social hierarchy imposed on people by birth still exists in many aspects of life. The caste system categorizes Hindus at birth, defining their place in society, what jobs they can do and who they can marry.

See link for full article.
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(Also, it's Silicon. Silicone is a different thing altogether)
I honestly didn't think the problem was this bad, though. California has only started investigating how rampant problems like this are becoming. too. (Thank too. I'll fix that.)

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Those personality quizzes you take when applying for a job now need to select for holding pre-Enlightenment worldviews, I guess.

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Why am I not surprised Ganishka-supporting Google is getting into ethnic conflict. Why can't the commies raid silicon valley for nigro causes for once?