Careercow Cameron Joseph Miller / Candice Eve Miller / Sabrina / @SabrinaMorgens - 👋Hi, Cameron!👋 Florida man high on hallucinogens adopts "female prostitute" persona and teaches children at local high school, report claims.

Who is most at fault for putting Cameron's job in jeopardy?

  • Drug dealers for supplying him marijuana

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Rainbow Frog Army

Please reconsider your phrasing.
I hate to say this, but...if they're considering firing him? There's a pretty short list of things that they could outright fire the token troon for without risking it looking ugly, even if the idiot's probably fucked any chance the union is likely to be that enthusiastic about keeping him around.

Admittedly, this might also just be rehiring season for his school district, and they're merely electing to not rehire him.

You'd think somebody who presumably graduated from college would grasp that it's not a good idea to admit anywhere public that you want to be intoxicated while legally responsible for others' kids, but a lot of states want to ensure the truth to "Those who don't know how, teach" 'joke.'

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Tweet Dump:

Instead of dealing with his weed addiction, Cam is considering picking up another addictive substance:

Some vague political sperging about usual leftie Twitter shit:

So, close to self-awarness...

The only thing outside of weed and tobacco that makes Cameroon relax, talking to another Twitter troon:

Spooky Bones

terf card revoked?
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No. In fact Cam himself doesn't even know what's really going with his job security:
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That's gotta be rough but given what he was posting online I don't know how much sympathy I can muster. I wonder if the school was given a link to this thread or just some kind of dossier. Either way must be a wild ride for the administrators reading all that lunatic and perverted shit. It's a pretty liberal enclave he's in but it's not Portland or Seattle, that's for sure, and who knows what bureaucrat or political types actually make the decision. I assume that happens behind closed doors. But yeah if it is a union thing it can drag out a very long time.

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I wonder if he's thinking the Farms going down is supposed to be his saving grace. A lot of people featured on this site seem to think that way but in the end it's like a kid hoping that school is going to be cancelled due to a snowstorm right before a test that he didn't study for. Like a kid thinking, "it's not fair the weatherman lied to me. He said there was supposed to be a meter of snow today."

It's funny to see Cameron confused at what a "donation registrar" actually does and act surprised that the farms is still running. Thankfully we depend on guys like Cameron being so technologically illiterate that they can't take down the site properly.


The mongrel
Cameron, my darling, here's some ways to make us quit judging you:
- quit your whore larping and be a man already.
-stay the fuck away from kids.
-quit social media.
-find a hobby that isn't Vidya or getting stoned. A sport would be excellent, but stay away from female league, please. You are not a woman.

I know my disappointment is imminent but still have faith in this faggot for some reason.

Spooky Bones

terf card revoked?
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If I catch myself feeling a whiff of sympathy or guilt for this one then I just think about the students tbh.

The administration is probably glad to get rid of him, honestly. They may have felt under pressure to hire him due to "diversity" concerns and fears of a lawsuit or just drama. He looks and, I'm sure, acts quite openly like a lunatic. Even if nobody complained about him doing weird shit in the classrooms we all went to high school and know how rumors circulate and metastasize and float upwards to the powers that be.

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Ah. I see.


I'm sure explaining the proper context of this will change everything.


Posting multiple videos of you sodomizing yourself linked to your career page as a high school teacher is an interesting direction to take a joke, but do go on.


Reevaluated. My stance is unchanged.


Given the current situation, I strongly doubt you've corrected your impulse control issues.



Rainbow Frog Army

It sounds like Cammy is reading the thread.

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Given the current situation, I strongly doubt you've corrected your impulse control issues.
Some advice: QUIT DOING WEED.

If you're in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. Somebody with impulse control problems that they're aware of has no business doing recreational mind-altering substances.

Also: Don't do shit like say "I was only joking, bro!" when people call you out for posting shit that is just as funny as a student posting about shooting up the school--it's worse if it is a joke, because it's as funny as a student saying they're wanting to shoot the school up. That's not 'impulse control problems.' That is being the poster child for the toxic masculinity dudebros have on wild display.

Hormones and surgery don't make you just start acting like a woman. Acting your gender is learned shit...for everybody, so no excuses.


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You know what Cameron, you're insightful words have broken me. Please direct me to the nearest law enforcement office in which I will be able to turn myself in. I shall accept and serve whatever sentence is placed upon me for committing the crime of laughing!

oh and for doxing your model of guitar sorry about that I guess.
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