Trainwreck Camille Rhea Garrison / Garrison Cammy / Sammy22222273114 / PRPinkRangerFan198037 - 250lb Febreze huffing, RP'ing fatass. Friend to Misty Henry. Hates KF and thinks Null is 10.

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Likes : Rooftops.
True & Honest Fan

Camille Rhea Garrison, otherwise known as "Cammy", is a 37 year old Febreze huffing hillbilly from Edmond, Oklahoma.
One of the main nucleui tied to the Hillbilly Ratking cell we are collecting here in the Beauty Parlour, - our own Hillbilly Hydra, Cammy is known for making videos on Misty Henry, Heather Renae Ray and anyone else that crosses her path.

Cammy would have you believe that she is the victim of a severe cyberbowling campaign by our Hillbilly Ratking core, Misty Henry and that Misty forced her to commit suicide several times over.
Cammy is also the subject of some of Misty Henry's many blogs - Cammyisms (Archive) and Cammyisms Part 2 (Archive)

Along with her "gal pal" "Anna Miller", whom she saved from a murder attempt by a jealous ex boyfriend when she heroically sat at her bedside whilst she recovered, Cammy is fond of sock puppets and RPing as K-Pop idols, such a SNSD Members, f(x) members and Blackpink's Rose.
Cammy's Kpop Roleplaying, according to Misty. (Archive, Archive)

Now having "made up" with Misty, after speaking to Hillbilly Hydra fringer Melissa Zayas, Cammy supposedly extended the olive branch to Misty, to form a united front against Misty's sister - Heather Renae Ray. Aka "Demon Heather". What timing. How awfully convenient etc.

In Cammy's past, she has assumed a variety of aliases (Archive), but her idiotic MO has never changed ;
Pester the living fuck out of people, bombard them with childish insults and if that doesn't work - claim they are impersonating you whilst you sock puppet them :stupid:.

Not content with her mere sock collection, Cammy has in the past been involved in fandoms as far reaching as ;
Sammy22222273114: hey you stupid b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Good evening ^__^
CandlelightZebra: Having fun, yet?
Sammy22222273114: Oh yeah your mom is such a good ****
Sammy22222273114: I wanted to do you
CandlelightZebra: Mmmmhmmm That's nice
Sammy22222273114: but I can't with that pig **** up your fat ****
CandlelightZebra: That's true. I suppose it would make it difficult, hm?
Sammy22222273114: so tell me what's it like to be a stupid little **** that will soon be wiped from the earth?
CandlelightZebra: It's fun

Sammy22222273114: Ireally want to know what it's like to be you
CandlelightZebra: It's much better to be me, than you ^_^
CandlelightZebra: I don't spend my life being annoying ^_^
Sammy22222273114: Oh but you do!
Sammy22222273114: see no one on earth likes to share the planet with a sack of horse **** like you!
CandlelightZebra: Well, then, maybe you should dig a hole for yourself?

Sammy22222273114: you're too fat to bury
Sammy22222273114: you stupid little ****
CandlelightZebra: Yeah, I'm SO totally overweight. You might want to dig it 10 or 11 feet deep, just in case.
Sammy22222273114: Yeah well
Sammy22222273114: you suck you dumb cow
CandlelightZebra: Cows are cute <3
Sammy22222273114: Not you
CandlelightZebra: Then that would make me another animal, right?
Sammy22222273114: what would?
CandlelightZebra: If cows are cute, and I'm not cute, then I'm not a cow. What animal am I?

Then she shut up. She ran out of things to say!
Either that, or she's got a dictionary out, trying to think of an animal's name. XDXD

Edit!! More! It took her, like, 15 minutes to think of an animal

Sammy22222273114: a pig?
CandlelightZebra: Maybe... but they can be positively adorable
Sammy22222273114: no not like babe or wilber
CandlelightZebra: Real pigs are cute. <3 Haven't you ever seen a sow up close? Beautiful animals.
CandlelightZebra: Majestic even
Sammy22222273114: fat.
CandlelightZebra: And considered to be one of the most intelligent species alive.
Sammy22222273114: too fat.
CandlelightZebra: But still, very, very intelligent.
Sammy22222273114: my parents say you're all a bunch of dumb fat sows with no lives and nothing to do but hack then cry to cover it up
CandlelightZebra: Who cares what your parents think?
Sammy22222273114: my dad is actually wanting to sue every single person on the arena
Sammy22222273114: and their families
CandlelightZebra: That's nice. You can't sue someone unless they have a real reason, and real proof.
CandlelightZebra: Which...
CandlelightZebra: OH!
Sammy22222273114: he said he was tempted to wipe the hard drive out then say you did it
CandlelightZebra: You don't!
CandlelightZebra: That works. ^__^
Sammy22222273114: Oh we'll have proof you b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Go for it, buddy
CandlelightZebra: Seriously
Sammy22222273114: look you little slut
Sammy22222273114: you best watch your back
CandlelightZebra: ^__^ Hey, at least I can get something
Sammy22222273114: Yeah you'll get somthing
CandlelightZebra: I can't watch my back. I'm too fat, remember?
Sammy22222273114: you'll get a **** right up your fat @$$
CandlelightZebra: That's nice ^__^
Sammy22222273114: listen you stupid little whore
Sammy22222273114: you don't do what you're told you'll find yourself in a heep of ****
CandlelightZebra: I thought I -was- a heap of ****?
CandlelightZebra: So now I'm not?
Sammy22222273114: that too.
Sammy22222273114: listen you biatch
CandlelightZebra: But I can't be IN a heap of ****, if I myself am a piece of ****
Sammy22222273114: heres what you're going to do
CandlelightZebra: biatch? Whta kind of first grade term is that?
Sammy22222273114: you're going to give me everything i want when i want it the second i want it
CandlelightZebra: If that's what you say ^__^
CandlelightZebra: Friiiiiiiiend
Sammy22222273114: see
Sammy22222273114: you don't know **** about me my name where i live my phone number
Sammy22222273114: but i know tons about you
CandlelightZebra: Okay, Samantha.
CandlelightZebra: I don't want your phone number. What would I use it for?
CandlelightZebra: Hmmm
CandlelightZebra: If you know a lot about me, why don't you tell me where I live, my SS#, my phone number, and my street address?
Sammy22222273114: oh why ruin my fun makeing you squirm
CandlelightZebra: Actually, to tell you the truth, I was surprised that it took you this long to get to me. ^__^
CandlelightZebra: I even had my AIM name up there, waiting for you
CandlelightZebra: But DAMN, it took quite a long time!
Sammy22222273114: Yeah too bad I gotta sacrifies alot of people to teach you little sh*ts a lesson
Sammy22222273114: you don't **** with me
CandlelightZebra: But see, you don't understand. Ruining your fun-making is fun for me. It's a dog-eat-dog world, as they say.
Sammy22222273114: I'll rip your head off
CandlelightZebra: Rawr
Sammy22222273114: this is what you get for stealing all my ponies and hacking me
CandlelightZebra: If you rip my head off, be sure to hang it over the doorway of the White House
CandlelightZebra: Riiiight. Okay.
CandlelightZebra: Yeah
CandlelightZebra: I totally have millions of ponies.
CandlelightZebra: Especially G1s
Sammy22222273114: all of which you stole from me
CandlelightZebra: Mmmhmmm...
Sammy22222273114: I bet you don't have **** I bet your ponyless and retarded
Sammy22222273114: what do i mean bet i know you are
Sammy22222273114: I can see you
CandlelightZebra: *waves cheerfully* =D
CandlelightZebra: But if I stole all your ponies, how could I be pony-less?
CandlelightZebra: Gosh, you're so contradictory!
Sammy22222273114: better then what you are
CandlelightZebra: That may very well be true.

And, once again, bordering on...what? 16 minutes now since she's last replied. Just my luck, she's hacking into my computer or something. Oh well. ^^ She's totally at a loss for words. I'm such a sarcastic jerk. =D

And, 18 minutes later...more!!

Sammy22222273114: b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Yay! It's about time. You took nearly 18 minutes to think of one word?
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
Sammy22222273114: biatch
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Good job!
CandlelightZebra: Or rather
CandlelightZebra: Good show, Watson!
Sammy22222273114: biatch
CandlelightZebra: I know I am. =D
Sammy22222273114: biatch
CandlelightZebra: *nod nod*
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
Sammy22222273114: (Here, she copy/pasted B*tch about 1000 times, literally. Over and over and over. @_@)

CandlelightZebra: Damn, girl. is that the only word you know?
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Can you say any other words?
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
CandlelightZebra: Like, goo-goo, ga-ga?
Sammy22222273114: b*tch
CandlelightZebra: You sound like you need a hug....


CandlelightZebra: Congratulations on finding the copy and paste buttons! *claps enthusiastically*


CandlelightZebra: Yep, I'm a sexy b*tch, too.
Sammy22222273114: sexy?
CandlelightZebra: That would be me
Sammy22222273114: sexy?
CandlelightZebra: Awwww, did my new pet learn another word?
CandlelightZebra: How cute!!
Sammy22222273114: sexy?
Sammy22222273114: wats sexy?
CandlelightZebra: Being attractive to a potential/current lover. <3 Which is definitely me.
Sammy22222273114: oh me too
CandlelightZebra: That's good to know ^_^
Sammy22222273114: i love my mommy
CandlelightZebra: The world would be dead
Sammy22222273114: i love my mommy
Sammy22222273114: so i'm sexy cause i love my mommy and my daddy
CandlelightZebra: Awhhhhh!!!! You learned new words!!
CandlelightZebra: If that's what you want to be ^__^

10 minutes later...---

Sammy22222273114: ****head
Sammy22222273114: you're a ****head
CandlelightZebra: Awwwhhhhh another new word!
CandlelightZebra: <3<3<3
Sammy22222273114: ****** cat tickling me
CandlelightZebra: You're learning so fast!!
Sammy22222273114: i hate to be tickled you ******* kitty
CandlelightZebra: Poor kitty, ya know, I think you need to laugh once in awhile. Maybe clear the phleghm out of your throat. =D

(Insert about a thousand more copy/pastings of the b-word)

Sammy22222273114: that ain't phleghm you fucking @$$
Sammy22222273114: thats your mommas ***!
Sammy22222273114: and i can't take being tickled
CandlelightZebra: Ya know, I'm disappointed. I would have expected more than 'b*tch' from someone like you. *sighs sadly*
Sammy22222273114: my body is too sensitive!
Sammy22222273114: You didn't come from me
CandlelightZebra: Then maybe typing hurts your fingers too much
Sammy22222273114: you cane from your stupid **** mom
CandlelightZebra: Yes, i know that ^__^
Sammy22222273114: nah you ******* ****
Sammy22222273114: typing is fine
Sammy22222273114: you being a stupid little b*tch isn't
CandlelightZebra: That's good to hear, then.
Sammy22222273114: you ******* ******
CandlelightZebra: That you can still type, I mean
CandlelightZebra: *gasp* A racist term? That's awful. Considering I'm mostly German.
Sammy22222273114: I thought you were candlelightzebra
CandlelightZebra: Uhmmm, yes, that is a ...*gasp*
CandlelightZebra: SCREEN NAME!!
CandlelightZebra: Oh my gosh!
CandlelightZebra: Who ever would have thought of that?!
Sammy22222273114: no it's yours
Sammy22222273114: CandlelightZebra (6:05:35 PM): Who ever would have thought of that?!
CandlelightZebra: That's right, hun, it's my screen name.
Sammy22222273114: see?
Sammy22222273114: screens can't type ******* ****
CandlelightZebra: Mmmmmm that's a slightly-valid point.
CandlelightZebra: However
CandlelightZebra: You can type on a touch screen
Sammy22222273114: ?
Sammy22222273114: you ******* ****
CandlelightZebra: That's lovely.
CandlelightZebra: You know, at least I'm useful for something then, hmmm?
Sammy22222273114: Nah you ain't useful
Sammy22222273114: unless somone wants a fat ******* **** to **** on
Sammy22222273114: I'm way better then you
Sammy22222273114: and i have more of a life
Sammy22222273114: I'm rich
Sammy22222273114: If I want Ican scam somone then say I'm you!
CandlelightZebra: Mmmmhmmmm you're oh-so-totally rich, that you're not out driving a sports car, or shopping. Instead, you're sitting on your ass in front of a computer.
Sammy22222273114: I'm not sitting on you
Sammy22222273114: and what's a computer
CandlelightZebra: I'm a ass, now, huh?
CandlelightZebra: Thank you!
Sammy22222273114: what's a computer?
CandlelightZebra: Your life
Sammy22222273114: ?
Sammy22222273114: I'm a computer?
CandlelightZebra: your existance
Sammy22222273114: funny
CandlelightZebra: All that you (obviously) care about
CandlelightZebra: I know
CandlelightZebra: Ain't it hilarious?
Sammy22222273114: I don't only care about me
Sammy22222273114: i care about my mommy and daddy and family and friends
CandlelightZebra: Awwwwwwhhhhh how sweet <3
Sammy22222273114: all you care about is licking the **** off your ass then spitting it out and blaming somone else
Sammy22222273114: thats all you do all day
CandlelightZebra: Perhaps it is.
Sammy22222273114: unless it's your day to work down at the corner
Sammy22222273114: you're just a ******* useless b*tch
CandlelightZebra: I work at the corner every day!
Sammy22222273114: I have a better job
Sammy22222273114: I'msorry
Sammy22222273114: but I'm wanted you're not
CandlelightZebra: Someone as sexy as I am gets paid pretty well, you know
Sammy22222273114: I get payed 700 bucks a hour
Sammy22222273114: all I gotta do is keep trash like you from getting too near human beings
CandlelightZebra: Mmmmhmmmm
CandlelightZebra: Then you must be pretty damn rich!
CandlelightZebra: So
CandlelightZebra: Tell me
CandlelightZebra: Why are you talking to me if you have 700 dollars to throw away?
CandlelightZebra: Go buy yourself a man for the night.
Sammy22222273114: You don't throw away money you stupid ****
Sammy22222273114: You throw trash away
CandlelightZebra: Right
Sammy22222273114: which is what you are . you're trash
CandlelightZebra: So jump in that dumpster over there
CandlelightZebra: Go on
CandlelightZebra: Don't be shy
Sammy22222273114: why would i jump into your home?
CandlelightZebra: Because you obviously love me, or you wouldn't talk to me so much!
Sammy22222273114: excuse your ****** ass
Sammy22222273114: but why would I buy what i can have for free
CandlelightZebra: Money doesn't buy you everything, that's for sure. <3
Sammy22222273114: true
Sammy22222273114: if it did you wouldn't be on you'd be in a cage with the other fat apes
CandlelightZebra: Aww, but apes are still superior in intelligence than you. I'd love to have their company
Sammy22222273114: Nah i think i'm smarter then everyone in the world
CandlelightZebra: If that's so, then why aren't you the head of Windows, Inc?
Sammy22222273114: Onewindows are just glass
Sammy22222273114: two I don't think ink would go on them well
Sammy22222273114: and ink is i-n-k not i-n-c moron
CandlelightZebra: Incorporated, dearie. Windows, Incorporated. As in a C-O-M-P-A-N-Y
CandlelightZebra: Cause you're certainly no Bill Gates.
Sammy22222273114: ofcorse not
Sammy22222273114: whywould i be my own daddy?
Sammy22222273114: I'm no shemale like you are
CandlelightZebra: You're dreamin' hunny
Sammy22222273114: No I know i'm not
CandlelightZebra: But, being a shemale, I have a lot more capabilities than you.
Sammy22222273114: Nah I'm way better then you
Sammy22222273114: you can't even take your head out of your ass
CandlelightZebra: Yep
CandlelightZebra: Cause I'm too fat to move
Sammy22222273114: I'm way better then you
CandlelightZebra: And if you're better, why don't something with your life.
Sammy22222273114: I do
Sammy22222273114: I can;'t save the world though
Sammy22222273114: Your time to be kicked into the gutter where you belong will come
CandlelightZebra: Oh...well, using your superior intelligence, you should find a cure for cancer.
CandlelightZebra: Yep, that's right
CandlelightZebra: I'll die eventually
Sammy22222273114: Oh that's easy
Sammy22222273114: a cure for cancer is you killing yourself
Sammy22222273114: no you no cancer
CandlelightZebra: Unfortunately, I'm not on a one-way trip to hell just yet.
CandlelightZebra: So, no suicide

CandlelightZebra: i hate to disappoint you though, ya know? Being my new pet and all. I can't die and leave you all homeless and helpless and such
Sammy22222273114: i'm far from helpless
Sammy22222273114: with a simple order i could have your name dragged through the mud and ruin you
CandlelightZebra: That's good to hear ^__^ I wouldn't want you to get hit with a bus or anything
Sammy22222273114: Nah with you around i've learned to watch out for fat objects
CandlelightZebra: But see, a bus is metal... no flesh involved. Thus rendering the word 'fat' incorrect terminology.
CandlelightZebra: However, in the common language "Stupid", it's used consistently.
Sammy22222273114: yes you are stupid
Sammy22222273114: i agree
CandlelightZebra: Yesh, I ish a baka
CandlelightZebra: Thank You! <3<3<3
CandlelightZebra: You're such a sweetpea
in which she was a memorable troll version of herself "Sammy", throwing around "classic insults" and generally making herself fodder for other's fun. (Archive)
Power Rangers - where she was involved with Misty, Melissa Zayas and Heather.
K-Pop Idol Role Playing - Our second sock visitor was awfully fond of BlackPink's Rose.

The Joanna Sock Incident - @JoannaBaileyMeeki

After having "Anna Miller" turn up, curiously "someone" decided to show up in the Misty thread to Ian Brandon Anderson us into believing Kiwifarms is all Misty or all Heather, with an obvious "Find me" username of @JoannaBaileyMeeki and a avatar of BlackPink's Rose.
The real Joanna @Meeki, was not hard to find and obviously not a nutcase, nor vaguely associated and clearly of a better class than the Hillbilly Hydra, but instead was an innocent victim of this idiotic rusecruise "someone" has going on. As it turned out, "Someone" has been holding onto an innocent accquitance's name and online ID for nearly 20 years. Cammy however, claims she has only been on the internet since 2009. But Cammy is not the most reliable of narrators.

As is common with the other characters in this mess, Cammy is fond of accusing everyone and sundry with being a hacker, a member of Anonymous or both. Usually under the control of the "demonic" Heather Ray.
According to Cammy, Heather has been responsible for hacking her facebook and that of her friends on numerous occasions. So much hacking.
Not only that, but Heather is also responsible for such mundane things as ;
Computer pop ups from Windows that alert Cammy to her computer running slow - HAXXORED
Phone turns off - HAXXORED
An earthquake in real life that Cammy felt in her apartment - Genuinely, this bitch believes that.

But wait - that sounds insane right? Don't worry, the entire cast of characters also believe such insane things about one another. Witchcraft, Hacking, Common Cold, CPS being called, someone else in the building getting a cold, Curses - you name it.

However, in recent days, our favorite Febreze huffer has decided that infact all those things are now officially the fault of everyone to have EVER signed up for a Kiwifarms account. You are all Heather now.

So, Cammy is nuts. Her videos are pretty long so I decided to make a summary for you guys.

First Video:

-Cammy claims to have started using the internet in 2009 or 2010. She says she met Misty and Heather on Facebook.

-She names a few members of her old Facebook group: Mike B., Frodo, Tim, Ally, Marsha and Jen.

-Misty and Heather developed a grudge against her because she didn't log in to Facebook when Heather demanded that she does. They harassed her for six years.

-Heather once blamed Cammy for her cat getting sick, lol. She was also blamed for getting someone in Heather's building sick.

-Cammy blames Heather and Misty for getting evicted from three apartments. She also claims they broke into her bank account and stole all her money.

-The cops supposedly started showing up at Cammy's second apartment for no reason. They accused her of harassing them, harassing Misty and harassing god.

-The landlord at her third apartment supposedly received phone calls from a ton of people (including god) telling them to evict her. They also blamed her for giving her girlfriend Ana Crohn's disease.

-Cammy now believes that Heather was the main person responsible for her cyberbullying, despite all the public videos of Misty talking shit about her. She says she reconnected with Misty recently when a friend told her that she needed help.

Second Video:

-She claims her Facebook and messenger accounts were hacked this week. When she managed to get back into her Facebook, she had a message from a Kiwifarmer named Yiff or Yuff or Yoof linking her to this thread.

-She thinks we're a large group of cyberterrorists led by Heather who are furious with Misty. She thinks we called CPS on Misty and got her kids taken away, despite the fact that her kids had been taken long before this thread existed. She claims we have taken responsibility for robbing Misty and sending pizzas to her house.

-She says we've been cyberbullying chris-chan since 1998 because he's autistic and transgender.

-She thinks we're bullying Brianna Wu because she likes videogames.

-She thinks we're bullying Darkside Phil because he makes let's plays.

-She thinks we're bullying the Schofields because we think the mentally ill should be euthanized.

-She calls us the reincarnation of Hitler.

-She says we're blaming one of our bullying victims for causing the holocaust?? What the actual fuck.

-On her way back from school this Friday, she says she received a shady phone call from Virginia or Georgia. It was a man on the other end. She asked why he called her, he said she called him. She hung up and made a post to Facebook.

-Then Yiffy linked her to a Kiwifarms post in which @Meeki claimed that they were siblings, that they used to date when she lived in Oklahoma city and that Cammy got a 16 year old girl pregnant. Meeki is supposedly a man named Dillon who calls himself Joanna because he wishes he was Anna, Cammy's girlfriend. She's just retelling the story she told on Facebook.

-She says Meeki refused to prove that they're not a male.

Third Video:

-More crap about Dillon. She says that Meeki says that men are smarter than women and has made a post on KF claiming to be a gay guy who's “all about penis.” Meeki has also made some posts about how the homeless should be killed and anyone who helps the homeless should have pills shoved down their throat in front of their kids.

-She says we laugh at starving children in New Guinea.

-Immediately after Cammy posted a movie review of three men and a baby, Yiffy started harassing her on Facebook again. She supposedly got death threats.

-She says Meeki accuses her of stealing his Febreeze.
FB : Garrison Cammy (Gone Dark)
Alt FB : Garrison Cammy (Archive)
YT : PRPinkRangerFan198037
Alt YT : TheSilverCammy (Dead)
Current Blog : PRPinkrangerfan's anti Cyberbullying blog (Archive)
Email :
FanFic Account : SentaiKittyMeowMeow (Archive)
Gaia : SuperSentaiFanPink

Will update more later.
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Lol wtf. From her blog:
I want to talk about kiwifarms. A lot of their victims are silent or don't even know what's happening.

Notable victims of kiwi farms are

A family with mentally ill children. The Cyberbullying members of kiwi farms has made it clear that people who have mental illness or are sick should be killed and their parents and families sterilized and shot.

Their hero/idol is Adolph Hitler who killed over 6million jews blacks gypsies mentally ill and others they decided were "unfit".

They often say they wish the concentration camps were still around and often BEG for the return of the Nazi's and for Hitler to be alive again.

Kiwifarms also is proud to cyberbully the following people/types of people that they have decided "don't deserve to live" and have deemed "pigs" "cows" "swines" "oinks" etc.

Girl gamers

Autistic people

Transgender people


Let's play publishers

Let's play viewers

People with mental illness

People who have kids

People who have a family

People who know people who fit any of the above.


Amber Alerts

Weather warnings

And many many others.

They have also planned discussed and carried out at least one school shooting.

They often talk about getting guns and "shooting everyone we cover on this website"

They have been known to send empty packages/pizza's/robbers to the homes of people they don't like.

They are known to make death threats.

In one topic they talk about burning this one lady and her kids alive because the lady won't "play with" the kids.

They have robbed at least one victim's house and claim responsibility for having her kids "snatched by CPS" by calling in false reports while pretending to be the lady's ex.

They bully this one lady Misty Henry because she has in their eyes committed the following crimes.

Being a woman

Having kids

Having two exes

Having a house

Mowing her lawn.

Repairing her house

Painting her house

Having a bathroom in her house
Having a kitchen in her house.
Having pets

Having furniture

Having pictures on her walls

Reading books.

Being a "cow"

Being a "swine" (hello she's so thin!)

Having facebook

Having YouTube.

And now I introduce their latest victim.....


My "crimes " are

Having a facebook (which they hacked and trashed)

Having a YouTube

Having depression

Having friends

Having kik

Having an email address

Posting on Facebook

Calling their various members out on their bullshit via Facebook

Posting nasty messages/texts one of their members sent me.

Standing up for myself against their bullying.

Apologizing to misty (long story)

Reporting their harassment of me via phone text fb etc to the police.

Vlogging about their bullshit.

Posted by PRPinkRangerfan198037 at 6:57 AM
I guess she thinks we're all neurotypical cis males with no kitchens, bathrooms or furniture in our homes.
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Not actually Merissa OR Heather
True & Honest Fan
Cammy said:
And now I introduce their latest victim..... Me. My "crimes " are:
- inciting online drama
- making a million sock accounts in concert with Mel and Misty to harass other hillbillies and hillbetties
- being unable to differentiate between role play, and real life
- huffing febreeze
- believing anything Misty Ray Henry says

These crimes, in Internet Court, carry a penalty of:
- being laughed at

Sentence carried out: Dec 18th 2017 - forever


Shoot y'gunès m'dudès.
- inciting online drama
- making a million sock accounts in concert with Mel and Misty to harass other hillbillies and hillbetties
- being unable to differentiate between role play, and real life
- huffing febreeze
- believing anything Misty Ray Henry says

These crimes, in Internet Court, carry a penalty of:
- being laughed at

Sentence carried out: Dec 18th 2017 - forever
Until she vanishes back to her incest role play..
Though rest assured, will return again just like Frosty...
under someone else she came across's name.


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I just gave heather/Meeki/Joanna/whatever she comes up with next advice instead of a major tounge lashing for all she has done to me misty Melissa and who knows how many others
Listened to Meeki's video. Def not heather. So OK where does that leave me? I listened to their video and EVERYTHING turned to ice! I feel like I'm in a horror film here. Their voice is SCARY and they INSIST they "know me" but things don't add up. One minute they're saying one thing the next another. How does it fit? Who are they? Why do they think my name is theirs?
Ok this Meeki/Joanna person is scary and seems dangerous. It's like I'm not a real person but a character they created. They have this "life" all "written" for me with them as the main character. Who are they REALLY?! also my voice is nearly gone. Nice.
Meeki Joanna whatever the FUCK your name is stop your crazy psycho shit. You're dealing with a REAL person here NOT some fanfic character you can manipulate and control. Now you're saying I'm some guy named Sammy and I'm also a MLP?! mother fucking WHAT?!
Meeki/Joanna stop treating people as if they are characters in some stupid Mary sue fanfic of yours. The way you are trying to control my life is SICK! Look at you! You are sitting there deciding where I live when I lived there who I knew who I didn't know how I knew them when I knew them what relationship we had etc as if I were a character you created. But I'm not. I'm a REAL person. You don't get to control real people like this. Also cut the shit on kiwi farms. I GET IT you're mad I made up with Melissa and misty. But how is it your decision who I'm friends with? Also this thing earlier when you kept saying that my name was your name and I "stole it" who are you to decide what my name is and isn't? Also saying I'm a man and my name is "Sammy" is just childish and stupid. You say you're an adult but you act like a child.
I think the febreeze rotted her brain.


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Welp! That's why I'm here, dudette! (@Meeki ) Although you seem to be doing fine on your own without me as usual though. Haha.

Cammy really dug herself in a hole.... somehow. *Edit. Yes this is a clap pack to her CandlelightZebra thing.~

@Fangsofjeff ... I think that too. If I wasn't so darn disgusted with her obscure erotomania, I'd actually have a bit more sympathy for her.

Though, two out of three people that I warned of her behavior responded. One doesn't want to get involved cause it's all too confusing, which is fine obviously, and the other.. well... she thanked me for giving her a heads-up on Cammy's behavior, and doesn't even know how she added her.

Small victories- I really don't want people to get hit by the Cammy-bus if I can help it.

Though, thank you guys for letting us know about this.

*Edit: P.s. I think I'm as close as it gets to Meeki having romantic feelings towards girls, and the day we jokingly got virtual married she got us both killed in a video game. That counts as a divorce yes? :( RIP Well... it was fun while it lasted.


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New video.
Ew Meeki is into incest maybe THAT'S how she got "pregnant" (if she even is a actual girl and not trans and if she was telling the truth about being pregnant. Which I doubt because I HIGHLY doubt she even knows what the word means let alone how to GET pregnant! Plus who the hell would "do it" with THAT oh yeah her HER DADDY WHO'S REALLY HER GRANDPA!


Shoot y'gunès m'dudès.
New video.
Guess it's my turn to do a short summary?

-Still using her chin as a tripod so we can see her two pointy boogers on the right side of her nose the whole time.
- Mistakes, 'being unable to differentiate between role play, and real life' for us saying that talking about her is roleplay. So we are right in assuming she stalks these threads still.
-Chest hurts.
-Thinks she's famous.
-Projects her incest fetish onto Meeki.
-Thinks Meeki sounds like a serial killer I suppose!


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I need a fucking flowchart of these people, trying to keep it straight is making me go cross eyed.
I can try to make things a bit clearer.

Misty Ray Henry: Crazy lady with three kids who lives in Indiana. Spent about six years harassing Cammy but now harasses Heather instead. Her kids were taken away by CPS and now she lives alone with her hoard of junk and her many pets.

Heather Ray: Misty's sister. She used to help her sibling harass people, but now she lives in a group home and seems to cause little to no mischief.

Cammy Garrison: Misty's friend from Oklahoma. She has forgiven Misty for her harassment and now helps her attack Heather. We think she's the person who kept creating new accounts here to spam the Schofield thread with nonsense and the person who spent years harassing Meeki.

Anna Miller: supposedly Cammy's girlfriend. Not much is known about her beyond the fact that she has Crohn's disease. I actually doubt she exists.

Melissa Zayas: A member of the power rangers Facebook group who took part in some old drama between Cammy and Misty. Not much is known about her, but she seems mentally ill or handicapped. She hasn't played a big role in the recent drama as far as we know.

I may have gotten some things wrong. I gotta admit this whole mess is pretty confusing.