Can a lolcow be redeemed -

Depends on the Lolcow. If Ralph sobered up, made an effort to stop being an dumbass and put effort into his podcast, then yeah, he could redeem himself some.

Whereas if Jonathan Yaniv didn't shoot himself in the head, then no.

Some lolcows are just stupid, some are fucking monsters flaunting degeneracy and asteroid levels of autism.

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Good question. Has there ever been a lolcow that's got their life together and left lolcow status?
Usually ones who were just dumb kids like SammyClassicSonicFan rather than the typical shut in autistic manchild lolcow.

Lolcows like Chris, ADF and people like that just seem to get worse, although less interesting as they get older.
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I think it really depends on the cow, and outside forces/Changes. Sometimes something forces them to change. These somethings can be parents, medical help (in patient, therapy, medication), homelessness, etc. A good example would be Pad. Dropped off the face of the earth after he got help.

Then you have people like Philthy Phil, who will never change. So as others have said, some can be redeemed, and others are just too far gone. Best not to dwell too much on it and just enjoy the ride.


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I say yes, but change is antithetical to what makes a lolcow. And change is the only thing that can bring redemption. And redemption is not the same as forgiveness.
Say Maddox just quit everything, apologized to everyone, admitted he was wrong, and joined a monastery where he never spoke and just read the Good Book and made wine all day. That could redeem him, but he still harmed people in ways that can’t be fixed with repentance.
So yes, but it is extremely unlikely.


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Most people can change if they have the will and the support but many lolcows don’t want to change. Take Wings of Redemption. He had all the support in the world but had no will.

Others had a poor upbringing that doomed them to lolcowdom. Chris Chan is a good example of this. His parents were awful and refused to accept the reality of their son’s autism. They didn’t teach him the necessary life skills and enabled his worst behaviors. Unlike CWC there are autistic kids out there that can hold down a job because they had better parents. The issue is that they didn’t raise him right, which exacerbated his autism.

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It really depends though.

The lolcows that do get redeemed are usually the idiot of the month that everyone will forget about when said lolcow realizes how much that they have royally screwed up and then they apologize and we never hear from them again.

Sadly most lolcows will probably never get redeemed since they're so trapped in their own bubbles that they are just lost causes; take Chris-Chan as one example of that.

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Well they have stopped producing tard cum before.

I mean Terry Davis was called home to sit at the side of God.

I think Ali Rapp nuked her social media. Whether that means she moved home or is turning tricks somewhere, who knows? There's no further material to mock.

But her ex husband's face icon will last forever. :suffering:
Terry A Davis should not be counted as a lolcow like Ulillillia

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For a lolcow to "redeem" oneself would be to go back on every exceptional thing one has done, most of which was what gave him a sizable following in the first place. It would be betrayal to a lolcow's following and there'd be a massive exodus, meaning less money to be made. It would be financial suicide to deliberately lose that stream of revenue, which is why lolcows always double down on their exceptionalism and almost never redeem themselves.


In the eyes of Kiwi Farms? Probably no. Jean Valjean never found redemption from Javert.

(Of course, Les Miserables started the tradition in Western Literature of eff da man and eff da po-po that lead to proud, civilized, totally-not-lolcow-ish movements such as Antifa, so perhaps Javert isn't the most credible example.)