Can a lolcow be redeemed -

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Honestly, it depends on the person.

Lindsay Ellis could stop but only if she can lose her insecurity over not being a perfect social justice warrior. Let's say she gets a job on a Netflix series and gets too busy to tweet, or maybe gets inspiration for her next book, I reckon she can find redemption by realising there's more personal profit in working for herself than others. Marzgurl, before the Vic thing, wasn't even a blip on the radar so I think she might be similar, just get her some money that doesn't come from being a victim and she'd probably go away.

Moviebob on the other hand, if he found success, would probably be even worse. He'd lord it over everyone and probably neglect whatever made him successful until it disappeared. Allison Pregler is similar, she lives for drama and would never abandon it.
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Far worse than you.

Even if they learn or reform back into society they will always hold onto that way of thinking.

Once they feel like that's how the world works it only takes a small push to make them think that same way.

Like antisemitisics or SJWs; they will always be mentally damaged and find something to blame for their shitty lives.

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It depends on what sort of prize you are looking for. Cash prizes? No. Unless they have a bounty on their head, then yes. Most cows are redeemed for laughter and your viewing pleasure. Outside of that there isn't much redeeming to be had.

This is actually similar to something else I think about a lot. Redemption is impossible. You can strive for it, but you will never achieve it, because the past has happened, and good luck trying to do that. Rather than seeking redemption or forgiveness, how you live with your actions is far more important. You can't change those past actions and can't be forgiven for those, but you can learn from them and carry that knowledge with you for the rest of your life.

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some old-ass cows like werechu, snapesnogger, and firedarkdragon seem to have fixed themselves

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Others had a poor upbringing that doomed them to lolcowdom. Chris Chan is a good example of this. His parents were awful and refused to accept the reality of their son’s autism. They didn’t teach him the necessary life skills and enabled his worst behaviors. Unlike CWC there are autistic kids out there that can hold down a job because they had better parents. The issue is that they didn’t raise him right, which exacerbated his autism.
Sadly most lolcows will probably never get redeemed since they're so trapped in their own bubbles that they are just lost causes; take Chris-Chan as one example of that.
This begs the question, is it ethical to mock people like CWC since arguably he can't help what he is at this point, its like kicking the crutch out from under a blind man and laughing at his inability to get back up.

I had an interesting thought regarding this. And when I say redemption, I don't so much mean they cease being a lolcow (Really all you need for that is stop having a presence online) But rather, they continue to have a prominent presence online, but in your eyes, are no longer such a sperg/demented individual, Gaining a sense of dignity or restraint.

Does anyone believe your typical lolcow can redeem themselves?

Has it ever happened to anyones knowledge?

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If you'll allow me to pontificate here:
In order for your hypothetical situation to happen, the cow in question would need to develop a sense of self-awareness. They would need to realize that the cause of their problems is not the alt-right/Donald Trump/Gamergate/trolls/The Kiwi Farms/etc., but themselves and their lack of impulse control.
However, it's human nature to assign blame to others for one's own failings, and it takes more strength of character than most, if not all, lolcows have to take an honest look at themselves and say "Holy shit, look at me. Where did I go so wrong?" We happily point out a lolcow's flaws in their respective threads, but when the cows themselves read their threads, rather than reflect on what's being said they chimp out.
By their nature, lolcows do not accept advice beyond asspats. They do not listen to criticism. In their own minds, they are beyond reproach.
A typical lolcow would need to somehow break through the unwarranted pride to reach the point where they can admit they're lolcows and seek help; however, the Dionysian mindsets mean their fantasies are all but impervious to intrusions from reality.
Take, for example, the title character of Melville's Bartleby, The Scrivener. He refuses to work, to leave his place of employment, and to stop making a general nuisance of himself because he'd "rather not." Even when he encounters people and forces of nature who are not amused by his excuses, he insists on refusing to perform certain actions because he'd "rather not" perform (I'm not spoiling the story; you'll have to read it).
Lolcows are like Bartleby. They always have the option to change; it's just that they'd rather not.

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I don't care.
This is quite similar to that thread about lolcows ever winning, innit

With that said, the only real redemption is when we start to laugh with them, not at them.

Jenffer Jay might have the most odd yet wholesome relationship with the farms. EDP445 knows he's a meme and figured out how to profit off of it to the point he has 1 mil subscribers on YouTube.

Like the post above says, you need a degree of self awareness to either fix or laugh at your own flaws. And that's what makes people relatable and much more likable than, say... DSP.
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I was thinking about this a while back. Didn't lagoonablue untard, or was she forced to untard by her parents and handlers?

Famus cow Joy Sparkles finally managed to get off the internet, but no one seems to know if it was a choice, or maybe her simp boyfriend read her the riot act.

Cliffs: Newtons law of lolcows --
tards gunna tard unless acted upon by an external force like reality.

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I was thinking about this a while back. Didn't lagoonablue untard, or was she forced to untard by her parents and handlers?

Famus cow Joy Sparkles finally managed to get off the internet, but no one seems to know if it was a choice, or maybe her simp boyfriend read her the riot act.

Cliffs: Newtons law of lolcows --
tards gunna tard unless acted upon by an external force like reality.
I believe she was forced by her parents. When the thread started she did a fair bit of messaging other users about how she wasn't a lolcow and trying to cover things up. It's why her thread exploded in pages when it first started.
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What an absolute travesty.
Depends on the cow. Horrorcows cannot be redeemed but a 420 pound fatcow might have a sliver of hope.

Most lolcows, by definition lack the required human quality of self-awareness which is necessary to better themselves and escape cowdom. So, while extremely unlikely, maybe someone could develop self awareness if they go on medication or something and stop doing their thing,
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Some did, like Ulililia (or whatever) he kinda turned around relatively late in life in his 30s and got as well as he's ever going to get. (Got a job, a car and even overcame some of his bizarre fears and went on vacations) I haven't looked him up because I kinda like that ending and don't wanna see if he's back to his old shit. He's still weird as hell (which is no crime) but he's a productive member of society and I'm sure he's happier that way.

I deal with quasi-lolcows on a daily basis as my job and in my experience, important for that eventual redemption is if a person can be self-critical and admit that things aren't going well for them and that they themselves and not society/upbringing/shit-from-20-years-ago are to blame for it. (don't get me wrong, things like a shitty upbringing can be a reason why people are where they are, but if you're 45 it's probably time to let go of the fact that your dad was an alcoholic shithead and to try to do better yourself) This needs introspection, a trait that I learned in my long-ass life many even completely normal people lack. It also requires being able to being self-critical to the point where it gets incredibly painful and you have to admit that you're basically garbage, which even less people are capable of. Then it's also fucking often their personal environment they move in that makes them into what they are and a prerequisite to ever get better for most of them is to leave that environment (and the people in it) for good, which many many many aren't able or ultimately don't want to because they're afraid of uprooting their entire life, even if it's incredibly shitty.

So yeah it's certainly possible but it's really rare. People like CWC etc. are just too low-functioning and ill-equipped to ever break free. They'll only get worse.


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Nope. They are forever castigated out of the popular kiwifarms psychopathic group.


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Darksydephil might be redeemable if he
1. Gets a stable job
2. Stops gambling on his naked-men-game
3. Starts treating people with basic respect
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