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I don't know. I prefer to think, that people never change, because most of us don't know ourselves good enough. Like I had problems with anxiety and over the years I just learned to pretend to be calm, while my adrenaline is high, meaning that my anxiety is still there, I just learned not to succumb to it, but somewhere deep inside I'm still the same and I can't fix it.

I remember how I read Golden Knight's original thread. In the end he left the internet and people thought, that he'd changed for good, but turns out, that he just made new accounts and continued to be a sperg. So maybe even if cows delete all their shit from the web, they continue to channel their autism on people around them, without us knowing.

Yes, that's what makes them lolcows. If it's just something they can't help, like being retarded or autistic, that's not enough to make them a lolcow on its own. If Chris-chan had just been a socially awkward autistic man drawing a bad comic, who was apologetic about it and trying to get better at art and social skills, we wouldn't be here. From what I understand, he's reasonably intelligent. In a different world, he'd be a normal guy with a normal office job and family. When you watch old videos of him, he doesn't have that specifically autistic way of speaking.

To become a lolcow, you have to continually fuck things up and do crazy shit. At every step of the way, they have the opportunity to fix their lives, but refuse to do so. If they'd just have the self-preservation drive to take it easy it for a few months, people would lose interest.

Lolcows are defined not by their inherent flaws, but by their actions. Byuu was a lolcow, then realized what he was doing, and stopped doing it. He is not a lolcow anymore, his thread was even removed.

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Sigh, since I screwed up yesterday engaging, so against all sound judgment, I'll post here once. I've been wanting to thank the OP for a while anyway. You can verify me by my signup e-mail if you want.

Look, I'm the first to admit that I'm a joke of a person. I spent half my life reverse engineering video game systems. That's *weird*, but no one else was going to do it as thorougly, and I've helped improve all SNES emulators, not just mine. At least it's a little tiny bit useful to society, and lets people have a bit of fun reliving their childhoods. It could be much worse. But it doesn't give me a pass to act like a sperg online. You're most welcome to observe and laugh at me. I only interacted yesterday because not 30 minutes after making my new Twitter handle, my notifications started having your accounts popping up in them, and my referral logs were showing your thread link. (By the way, consider adding noreferrer to your outbound links to be less conspicuous. Or don't, I'm not your dad.)

So instead of playing it smart and just running a block chain, I tried to have a bit of fun with it instead. Yeah that was absolutely stupid. My bad. Hats off to farmcat. I thought I wasted your time more, but it was a draw. You tried to get my attention and you did, so you won. No need for another game, I concede defeat. I underestimated your ability when you didn't just link to the user ID directly. I apologize for that. I wasn't trying to hide the link (it's now, by the way.) My main Twitter handle's been the same since 2015.

All I want to do with Near is separate myself from my emulators, so that people don't have to put up with my hot takes just to get emulator news, and so people aren't stuck with my baggage when I retire. I let my projects start as a part of me, but they're way bigger than me now. There's literally a hundred contributors to higan and bsnes, and they don't deserve to get dragged down because of association with me. Just one person alone recently ... have you guys seen HD mode 7? ( That's legendary stuff. Let me fall on my own sword here. Whether it'll work or not remains to be seen, but so far I'm off to a pretty bad start.

The Handley article was written in 2010. Ten years ago. People change. It was a *monumentally* stupid article to write. I regret it and haven't stood by it at all for 8+ years now. Even then, I went out of my way a dozen times to express how absolutely sickening I find that content to be. Because it is. Excerpt: "There is no disputing that these were positively vile comics with sickening content" -- I meant that. FFS, I am not *that far gone* that I would touch this topic with a thousand-foot pole if it were secretly my thing. Give me *some* credit here ...


Here's what happened; this article came up on Slashdot:

It's the same article I wrote, down to the words "Thought Crimes" and all. I'm not very original. I read and linked the peer-reviewed research on it, which all leaned toward that it would reduce abuse by serving as a fictional outlet, and wouldn't cause anyone who wasn't already predisposed that way to become so. Banning drawings doesn't erase sick fucks from the world, unfortunately. In absence of that, I thought reducing harm would be better than making it worse in the name of moral outrage. People have since made me aware of grooming, which as the god's honest truth wasn't a term I knew at the time, and I changed my mind. We're human. We make mistakes. Sometimes incredibly massive ones. This was my biggest mistake in life so far.

If you want to judge me
for using cartoon avatars that I've literally used since I was 14 myself on the internet, I guess go ahead. I'm a guy that likes cute things. I fail the manliness test, my bad. I can't disprove unfalsifiable claims, but I suppose I have only myself to blame that people think this.


The politics stuff on Twitter was because I was stuck in a bubble, and my entire timeline was "Defcon 1 crisis mode" 24/7 since the election. It messed me up for a bit.

So what's up with the furry / non-binary stuff? Like everything else above: I'm very impressionable, and I act like people around me to fit in. That's why you can see several versions of me depending on where you look. It gets me far in real life, and I have no problems staying employed. But I'm also a fraud: I don't really have a personality of my own. I just write code. 500,000+ lines and counting now. I can't imagine why anyone would ever give a shit what I thought about politics, or whatever else outside of coding. I realize in hindsight that I should have just kept my damn mouth shut and stuck to the thing I was good at.

My friends knew this going in. I didn't even want a fursona but a close friend was really into the idea and commissioned a slot for me as a gift. No discredit to the artist, she's very talented, but that art is about the furthest thing from what I had in mind I could imagine. But with no prior refsheet, she had to wing it. And in hindsight I shouldn't have posted it, but I didn't want to be rude about a gift. [...]


[...] I would never use those words against my friends to try and spare myself negative attention. On the contrary, I'd rather you keep your focus on me than go after others. I'm used to it. I can and do laugh at myself. I fuck up all the time, and I'm always getting into drama. Less so these days, but it still happens. And here I am responding, so I guess I really do fit the definition of a lolcow too. So be it. The way I was acting in 2017 was absolutely peak cringe. It's funny shit; I get it. I'm not mad that you targeted me for it, just disappointed in myself for not being genuine.

I'm not going to condone anything here, but honestly ... I appreciate that this thread was made. I really do. It put all my bullshit in one place and it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. I'm not perfect, but I've been trying to get my shit together as much as I could these past two years now. I'm not going to dismiss my friends, or those who happen to be trans, or furry, or on the spectrum, or whatever it is you guys dislike to fit in here. So I'm sure it's never going to be good enough. I *do* dismiss anyone who hurts another child or animal, though. Putting those people in jail is the one thing I support from here.

I took the valid criticisms to heart and I've been making changes. I took down my old articles, I stay out of politics and online arguments, and I'm keeping my head down and staying productive instead. I'm working on making software now that people don't hate, and that aren't filled with my own bizarre hangups. I'm trying to pass on my knowledge so that someone can take the torch when I'm gone.

So sincerely, and only in my case and no one else's, thank you for the wake-up call here OP. No hard feelings. I'm not asking you to take it down, and I know you never would anyway. Keep it. Mirror it. Put it on a titanium disk and ship it into space. I'll own all of my mistakes. If you ever get a DMCA or GDPR request or some bullshit on this, it's not me. Send me an e-mail and I'll counter-claim it myself. People do impersonate me (eg on Stormfront), so keep your guard up against any false flagging or white knighting, please. I support free speech absolutely, even when it's speech I don't like, because silencing it only makes things worse. I even defended Tom in the recent Goemon translation controversy, knowing that'd lose me support among my friends. And I'll lose a lot of support by simply posting here at all. So be it.


I don't want to shit up your thread, so I'll bow out now and stop engaging. [...][/B]
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Yes, but only those who are super young cows. If someone is being a lolcow at 18 or 19, there is a high potential for change as they mature. Kids that age are trying on different independent identities still.

There might be an exception also for those who are religion based cows. Leah Remeni comes to mind, as do a ton of young, fundie bloggers who escaped and got better


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No. Once a cow, always a cow.

Any cow that says they are redeemed, tends to only be lying to get people's attention off them.

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@Rat Speaker did nothing wrong. Lang Gang
The ones that anhero, maybe.
Also, PPP's lolcow status was always a bit dubious imo


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@Drain Todger went from nearly getting a full halal to being a pretty good poster. I especially enjoyed his dunking on @BoxerShorts47.

As for 'normal' lolcows, none really come to mind.

Most lolcows aren't smart enough to know when to stop, DFE, and start over. Or just apologize, move on and act better.
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I think, only ones that left the internet entirely may be considered that, but then again, for a very long time people thought that Golden Knight managed to do this, when in reality he was just hiding under new alias.
Does @BSV count? I don't follow his every step, but he went from being DSP's top donor and a massive sperg (albeit for a good reason) to more or less accepted member of this forum. In the meantime Bryan Dunn, who was the reason all this stuff around BSV started, destroyed his reputation in so many ways, that I don't even know where to start. Let's just say half of this stuff wouldn't have happened, if he could just suck it up and leave this forum for good.


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I remember there was one cow that had been inactive for like 2 years, who wrote a very polite letter to Null asking to take her thread down to help with her job chances, and then we voted to hide it. So it's happened once.

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I really truly believe Matt is on his way up, he's not out of the water yet but he is definitely trying to get out of the hole that he dug himself. Im trying to remember what podcast he was on where he said what happened to Ralph is good because when you are someone like him or Matt you have to be dragged out kicking and screaming into the light.
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Alison Rapp (Nintendo prostitute) comes to mind as someone who left behind lolcow status and probably quietly started a new life somewhere. Though to be fair her shenanigans were pretty bog-standard and not much different from those of your garden-variety twentysomething woman and quite easy to come back from.
Is she cute?


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Yes. Anyone can turn their life around after they admit their faults to themselves, learn introspection, and begin to change their behavior without going back to their old habits.

There should be a 12 step LOLCOW program to help these folks that want to change. They need a group to manage their entire lives as their lives have become unmanageable.

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@Drain Todger went from nearly getting a full halal to being a pretty good poster. I especially enjoyed his dunking on @BoxerShorts47.

As for 'normal' lolcows, none really come to mind.

Most lolcows aren't smart enough to know when to stop, DFE, and start over. Or just apologize, move on and act better.
I think a few lolcows have genuinely moved on but it's kinda rare. The ones that I think everyone can agree on are Sammy Classic Sonic Fan and Alison Rapp.

Anthony LoGatto seems to have more or less genuinely moved on with his life, he went dark for a while, and is now just doing his own thing managing a car wash in Florida somewhere.

He's obviously still a dorky sperg but I don't think he's a full-on lolcow anymore. If it weren't for his namesake becoming a slang verb on the Farms and /cow/, I think he'd be totally forgotten by now.

A-Log even did a long overdue apology video about his trollshielding of Chris. While the whole thing is cringe inducing and seems a little insincere, I do think he genuinely intended it as his last word on the matter. Really, the more mean-spirited/insincere stuff came across as more of a case of him being completely out of the loop and still thinking Chris was still the same person he was back in 2013 as opposed to the obsessive trollshielding he's infamous for.