Can a platform become popular without being ruined? - NORMIES GET OUT REEEEEEEEE


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No, you could possibly regulate the "normies" out of a small group, as they'll leave since they arent welcome in the area, but if there is even one other "normie" or a group of "normies", they'll stay and survive off as a group, and they might even eventually take over if their numbers grow big enough, outing the original people off the server/forum, easiest example is subreddits getting ruined by retards re-posting shit to get upvotes, literally made me leave reddit even though I was practically using one subreddit because it genuinely was good

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Also, prepare for an inevitable server purge once discord gets blamed for hosting extremists unsupervised.
This already happened last year. A number of right-wing servers (including one I was part of at the time), some of which were pretty large and well known, all got yeeted at once. IIRC it was at least partly the result of some Antifag wannabe-journo posting chat logs from """"extremist""""" servers that they had snuck into.
Discord is run by literal pedos and furries from the Bay Area. Did anyone really expect anything different? They are extremely hostile to the right.
>people using a forum dedicated to making fun of weird, exceptional people bitching about "normalfags"

Jokes aside, though.
I think aside from politics and superficial attention seeking faggots progressively ruining sites as people mention, the problem also boils down to the speed of communication that comes with a massive userbase. I still remember a time when a lot of sites actually had a minimum character limit for posting, at least before Twitter autism appeared and basically gave everyone using the internet ADHD.

To not be a doomer, i must say that i like how the personal internet seems to be be having a small, niche comeback. Old communication software like Windows Live Messenger has been "revived" by fans, Blog platforms like Blogger or Livejournal haven't gone anywhere, and people are now making their own sites with things such as Neocities or Github Pages. The only real problem is exposing them with most big social media platforms being around, and seeing how many people are jumping ship from these sites to smaller freeze speech alternatives like Bitchute or Parler, it might not be that big of a problem. And much as mentioned by others ITT, maybe it's a good thing that these alternatives aren't that popular.
Speaking of old communication software, I saw some stories who mentionned then ICQ is still popular in Russia

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No it can't and people shouldn't make websites that can support more than a few thousand concurrent users. Websites should never have user counts that are in excess of hundreds of time larger than Dunbar's number, people cannot mentally form connections with that many people and it just makes people feel more isolated any you end up in everybody being at each other's throats 24/7.
You hit the nail on the head.

The right is fighting the battle, as usual, the wrong way. I had hoped that with Trump's election in 2016 that they were finally starting to understand culture since Trump was the first candidate since Reagan that understood anything about how culture worked. But the response to Trump's defeat have shown that they have ignored Andrew Breitbart's message that culture is downstream from politics. The response is,
  • Run away to centralized servers like Gab, Minds, and Parler that will get struck down when Biden's administration strikes down Section 230
  • "We'll take back the House and the Senate in 2022 and win with a Trump-lite candidate in 2024 in Ron DeSantis guys!"
  • Supporting fucking Section 230 repeal because they're too stupid to realize that it will only kill the alternatives and smaller websites they want to promote
There's no serious movement to decentralized platforms like Pleroma and Matrix occurring, there's no discussions on how they are going to deal with the banks that enable the cancel culture they hate, there's no plans on how they are going to infiltrate modern culture. It's all politics but no culture. When Section 230 gets repealed, it will totally crush the right and any serious counterculture movement will have to start literally from scratch with zero advantages on its side. It's disappointing to see Richard Baris - who otherwise is right on a lot of cultural issues - shill for Parler.

No counterculture against wokeism can succeed until it becomes more than a right-wing political movement. Leftists are successful because they know how to appeal to people that are not only left-leaning, but also the moderates and apoliticals that believe in the decency argument, equality for all, and conveniences. It's why wokeism is mainstream even though that anyone can look at SJWs and realize that any actual "equality" they work towards is a race towards the bottom. The average left-leaning moderate or liberals are not SJWs but they can be manipulated to supporting heinous abominations like minor sex reassignment surgery, the assumption that non-binary or genderfluid identities exist, that anyone can wake up and be a tranny, and eventually pedophilia.

Any successful conservative counterculture will take a lifetime to work to achieve. The right has to remember that culture is a marble cake, not neatly divided into the "left" and the "right". That means making extremely subtle movements into institutions dominated by the left and sneaking in conservative themes in popular culture that won't immediately be seen as political but at the same time gets people thinking about alternative thoughts they otherwise will not get exposed to. They have to appeal to people's desire for a stable family structure, hope, belonging, and localism.

Until the right learns how to fight correctly, everyone should focus on their family and friends and figure out how to help them out in the dark times we live in. That's all we can do in light of the monster that is wokeism.

The problem with your argument is that the right tried to play nice with the big platforms only to get cancelled and burned in the process. So retreating to friendlier platforms and building parallel institutions is the only way for right wing ideals to even survive. No use penetrating a culture or making a counterculture when the existing mainstream culture is so built in and hostile.

At this point how can the right go about doing anything? There's a lot of abstract but nothing concrete. Should we engage the mainstream a different way? If so, how? Should a rightist reconquista by the answer to the left's march of the institutions? And what of the mass media? Right now the right is in shambles and there no good news on the horizon anytime soon,