Can A Statement Be Racist If It's True? -


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To be "not-racist", one must be completely impartial to any and all races. Such a person doesn't exist.

The game people play in the US is that they think that if they're suppressing white nationalism, that means that they're not racist. Actually, it usually means that they are. Racism is part of human nature. Someone claiming to not be racist is like someone claiming that they are never, ever selfish. Its a game people play to clear themselves of accusation. Self-examination is seemingly never a big part of a crusade. No one is more eager to point fingers than the guilty.

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Nah, you just need to be specific about it so it doesn't sound racist. Take this for example:

Racist-sounding: Blacks commit crimes more than whites or any other minority.
Factual: Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit 50% of the nation's crime in contrast to other small racial groups.

Do be warned complete retards will consider the factual statement racist even though it's true.


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Meanwhile Robin DiAngelo's book has been on the NYT Best Seller's list for 7 months
That book encapsulates everything that’s wrong with SJW ‘anti racism work.’ It does absolutely nothing to solve problems of prejudice or structural inequalities or to build bridges. Instead it starts from a point of totally demonising an entire tranche of society based on skin colour not actions (oh wait... that’s sort of prejudiced isn’t it..?) and refuses to accept any dialogue or criticism. I’ve seen some good critique of it but all batted back with ‘THIS IS WHITE FRAGILITY, REEEE!’
This ties into the idea that most black death are caused by other black people, that they have a youth culture that glorifies violence and snubs those trying to further themselves, cops kill more black people because they commit more crimes, etc etc. Yet it's never 'black people's fault'. It's easier to yell racist at a white person criticizing your lack of effort to change things than it is to actually put in the work to change shit. Taking responsibility is not their strong suit, as can be evidenced by the staggering amount of black single mothers.

They don't like being told the truth because they don't want to make the effort to change it. Because white people.
The truth is not racist, it is just something that hurts them, and their arguments. You can see this parallel run in a lot of minority groups, but since blacks are the biggest minority they seem to get the most attention when it comes to their societal problems.

At one point the attitude of the black societal intelligentsia switched from true civil rights and equality to what we've had since the mid 60's an increase in government dependency and a societal collapse of the black family unit and communities from within. It's not a case of a race or poverty issues in as much as it's a societal issue.

One parent families, and low community involvement are the biggest issues that face blacks as a community in America. They've had their political voices heard, they've had equal treatment under the law, and in cases of lots of communities in the states they've had local representation, state representation, and even a presidency, and yet whenever it comes down to any issues faced by the black community in America it's always the fault of the white patriarchy, and this is reflected in everyone from their poverty pimp politicians, down to the lowly SJW's and white allies.

Never mind that everything has been done to equalize outcome, there is not a societal drive to do the work and do better, and you can draw a line from this by looking at any other minority group that comes into the US. Indian and Asians, South Americans from the really under developed countries do better in terms of median income and societal participation. Even African immigrants, who do the legal process, are more likely to be successful over the long term than African Americans, and they're education as compared to whats available in American schools is mediocre at best.

What do all of these groups have in common? Work ethic, community cohesion, and a stable family life.

I think Thomas Sowell is really required reading on the subject, as he seems to be the most blackpilled philosophic voice on the issues standing in the way of the black community from progressing in America.

And it's not just a reflection on the black community either, the American Indian communities are also plagued by violence, drug use, low parental investment, sexual abuse, and other societal ills, which they too blame on the boogie man of white patriarchy and white privilege.

Meanwhile you hardly ever hear race advocacy for whites outside of far right circles, because whites reflectively don't give a damn about white trash. If they want to work their way out of the trailer parks, fine, but no one is going to just lay out the carpet for them to get there.

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If it's based in fact and you don't have a history of saying baseless racist shit you should never be called a racist for your statements.

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Hahaha, I gotcha. I usually do it at work, and there have been a couple times I caught myself doing it a bit too much, and I'm like "Holy shit if I heard me I'd think I was insane". But I don't do it in public, usually. Unless I'm badly sleep deprived, but in that case I actually am somewhat insane.

OMFG this. I don't see it as much anymore, but holy fucking shit, when nokia had that goddamn stupid push to talk walkie talkie feature everyone was loudly shouting conversations in the fucking grocery story. Holy shit, I don't need to hear both sides of the conversation you fucking dipshit, don't you have any goddamn shame?

It should be legal to slap the phone out of someone's hand if they're on speaker without a good reason. Although I guess one could also say weird shit to the person on the other end to try to embarrass the speakerphone idiot, although that does depend on them having shame, in which case they probably wouldn't be on the goddamn speakerphone in public in the first place...

I don't talk nearly as profanely as I type here. I don't know what (the fuck) it is about this (fucking) place...
You're not alone man. I'm even worse because I talk to myself in english even though I live in Germany. Everyone I've ever worked with thinks I'm a fucking lunatic.

A statement can be both true and racist at the same time. That doesn't necessarily make the statement good or bad.

For example: "Black people have higher melanin levels in their skin than white races."

Unfortunately, everyone's too caught up in strawmen fallacies and character attacks to hear anything as a simple statement and even innocent utterances are taken as dogwhistles.