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Can Phil truly redeem himself?Let's try to be more #DSPAHSITIVE

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by This+, Nov 7, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. Let's assume that Phil does a complete 360 and moonwalks away from his personality. He realizes once and for all that he isn't really all that special as he claimed himself to be. He becomes more down-to-earth, actually friendly with the chat, acknowledges his mistakes, try to mend bridges with people who got burned by him in the past.

    He is still bad at games, but he makes his commentary fresh and interesting somehow. He starts collaborating with other streamers and slowly but surely becomes not only a better streamer, but a better person.

    Will people still watch him? Will people still continue to troll him? Can he recover from his current state, or would it still not be enough and he'll end up with a wasted 10 years of life?

    Now this is KF and the default answer is "lolno" but is that really all there is to this shell of a man in a dusty room?
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  2. He was always an moronic anti-social douchebag before he blew up on YouTube (ex.School stories and the Wolverine Toy). He won't never change unless something really big happens that will truly effect his lifestyle and behavior.
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  3. It would be great if somebody could unfuck their fucked-up life, but I doubt many people can. It takes a strong person to do that, and while I'm not a big Phil-watcher, DSP certain does NOT strike me as that kind of person.
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    #3 Glad I couldn't help, Nov 7, 2018
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    Glad I couldn't help

    Glad I couldn't help I would rather watch

  4. Anyone can turn a bad life around if they're serious. There's thousands of stories of people making themselves better off after hitting rock-bottom, escaping a shit family/circle of friends, or just simply having a string of bad luck if you go looking for them. So the question here isn't, "Can Phil turn his life around," because the obvious answer is yes he can given that he's already got a dedicated fandom and the potential for growth with a few simple fixes to his behavior. The real question here is, "Will Phil turn his life around," and my answer to that is probably not. If he loses his enabling fandom and streaming privileges, then he'd probably decide to just eat a bullet rather than be forced to face the reality that he's a nobody outside of twitch/youtube. He's a defeatist to the end. Something something nothing he could do.
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  5. No.
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  6. Job 19:25-27

    For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

    And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

    Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me.
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  7. Phil should start by returning to EVO once a year. Its not an expensive flight from Seattle. He doesn't have to compete, but he could help setup stations and ref the pools. Phil's greatest achievement is placing top 8 at EVO 2005. His 10 year legacy on YT is a joke compared to his resume at fighting game majors and regional championships and I don't think he realizes that. Returning to EVO would generate heat and views for his channel. He'd make some $$$ and get re-acquinted with some of his peers.

    There was a Zangief mirror on stream months ago where you could hear a glimpse of THE DSP before pig roach. He commentated that match like it was his first day on YT when the pre-streams weren't a rant fest. I think the old DSP is still there, but he is being held hostage by his delusions and the pig pen. (stream chat)
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  8. This is the hardest part, one of the main things that brings people to the pigroach show is the PAST, his "10 year old legacy", for instance, our friend Terving, only exists because Dave have a frikkin' ton of contradictions.

    imho, yes he can redeem himself, Dave would have to do some Critical Changes to have a chance to be viewed as a better person.

    1. Start from the bottom (the most important)
    Learn a legit skill, be good at something, this being, Editing, Comedy, Gameplay, anything to help him with the streams/videos, something to be REALLY entertaining, he wants to live off internet khantent, but dont have the skills to do this, if he wants to continue with that, a true good skill will be absolutely necessary.

    2.Build a REAL community and Listen to them
    Currently Dave only have two types of viwers (in my opinion), Detractors, and Zombies. neither will help him to grow. He needs true people to watch his khantent, and give good feedback, and the hardest part: He needs to listen, and adapt and adjust his khantent to his viewer base, also Collaborations, LEAVE THE BUBBLE.

    3.Exercise, have a healthy body and mind
    For me, this will help a lot... he needs to be on a good diet and be more fit, to have the energy and drive to continue improving his skills, and of course a good mental health to help him to be more stable.

    4.Embrace his past and just be better.
    His past exists, it cant be erased, neither he can do anything to change it, he just needs to admit his mistakes, and stop making them over and over again.

    Bonus. Find someone to be with that isnt a goldigger/closet-demon
    No matter how much people you talk with online, you need someone to be with in person, and in Dave's case, he needs a sincere person, to share common things with, to have a chance to develop meaningful conversations and most important, have someone to be trully supportive on hard times.

    That being said, for me is almost impossible for this 360º... ALMOST being the key word, is doable, but i don't think he have the desire to do so.
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    #8 DoubleBored, Nov 7, 2018
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    DoubleBored I'm bored

  9. 180, dude. 360 puts him right back where he was, which more aptly describes all his past "PAHSITIVE" changes.

    If he legitimately made efforts to improve himself, he would absolutely do better. New people who stopped into the stream would actually stick around. If he learned to deal with trolls without being a total prick (self-deprecation, genuinely being able to laugh at himself, and so on), they would either be "converted" or go find more appealing targets. He would probably be able to entice people to help him make decent highlight videos, and if he learned how to be entertaining, there would be things worth highlighting.

    But I think we all know that he's never going to do this. It requires effort and honest introspection, neither of which he seems capable of doing and following through on.
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  10. Playing off your idea, another aspect of current Phil is that he's forced himself to only play the newest games for the day 1 views. Back when he played fighting games he still was salty and being a John, but at least you could tell he was having fun when he wasn't getting his shit pushed in. Other streamers can hide it well but it's painfully obvious when Phil fakes enjoyment or is burnt out.

    He should go back to playing games he enjoys playing (e.g. fighting games) and stick with them so that he can actually improve over time. What he's doing now is playing a game day 1 - day 7, something new came out so he has to abandon first game, plays second game for a few weeks, no new games come out and he hates the second game, goes back to the first game because that got him more views and takes 3 days to relearn how to play and catch up with where he left off via chat or just rushing through it until a third new game comes out. That's an easy recipe for getting burnt out of games.

    Moonwalking away means you are still walking away from it, it's a joke my man
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  11. No, I don't think he could ever redeem himself. He has said too much shit in the past that would come back in haunt him. People will bring up ever little thing he has said about other streamers or let's players and throw it back at him. Say he starts editing his videos, people will remind him about the raw unedited videos that he swears by. Say he gets a game early for promotion deal, people will bring up his comments about other streamers who got Sea of Thieves early. Past Phil has fucked future Phil way to much for current Phil to fix.
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  12. I'll play the game.

    The best way for him to turn things around is to dive head first into the detractors. Alot of detractors could be converted into fans if Dave had fun with it.

    Let detractors come in your lobby for fighting games. Hell I bet he could even convince Tevin to stream with him as they do a vendetta match in SF4.

    Imagine the tips if the highest tipper gets to pick his character against Tevin!

    He's literally got thousands of people watching him, all he has to do is have fun with it and he could flip the script.
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  13. Theoretically, yes. Someone under identical conditions to Phil could turn it around given enough motivation.

    Unfortunately Phil is not that person. It would require him to quite literally change every aspect of his personality and outlook, which is something that no 40-year-old man is capable of doing.
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  14. Look, you can't expect me to read every single word, ok? I mean, I had to turn the monitor on, move my mouse, click at least 3 or 5 times to make the page come up. Typed for probably 6 hours. Clicked 4.2 million times more to submit my comment perfectly, like a mature intelligent adult human, ok?
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  15. DSP could redeem himself if he was given enough money.
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  16. Look, there are some limitations of what the magic Dragonballs can do. Enlighten Phil isn't one of them.
    I can more easily imagine an universe with inverted physical laws than a DSP who just simply realized his REAL mistakes.

    I won't really want to participate in the possibility of a 180° (or 360° with moonwalk) turned Phil, as this is way too deep into philosophy. Then we would speak about a person who doesn't exist. His first step would be realizing what he has really done wrong (and not what he currently thinks he does) and based on that tries to change his behaviour. However, this doesn't mean he can overcome his own nature, it's a big limitation of his. The best case scenario would be a Phil who stops be more humble with his insults, stops be more humble when he behaves like the world ows him something and he's the best person ev0r. Won't mean he stops lying (intuitive protective system), being a boring streamer or talks about money. At best he would be a bit more humble and ACKnowledges his finances aren't his fan's problems, BUT -and here we go-.

    Edit: Interchanged "stops" with "be more humble" as I realized this is all part of his unchanging core personality.
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    #16 Wurstbrot, Nov 8, 2018
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  17. Even if he wanted to change it is simply impossible to do so right now. The people most loyal to him, the ones who give out the big money, like him for what he is. If he suddenly started behaving differently, be more kind and respectful, they'll get bored pretty quickly and move on. This will be a disaster because he needs regular donations to pay his debts. It'll ruin him, plain in simple.

    He should start by saving up money. Cut down on the costs for food, start leaving house more and buy cheaper ingredients, pay for cheaper internet and TV service, restrain from buying crap every time he gets a bunch of money. In short - save enough to be able to support himself for up to half an year without the constant need of big whales giving him money. Then maybe try to change.

    It'll be an interesting trial for sure, if he is truly an entertaining individual without being toxic he'll be able to attract new fans. Hell, I can even see some detractors converting and trying to help him out. But he needs an insurance first otherwise it'd be a huge risk.
  18. Agreed. If he would genuinely change and listen to the eeevil critics he wouldn't start from scratch, he would potentially gain many helpful hands (they are already helpful but he decided to close his eyes and ears). Just look at what amazing videos or sometimes artworks his detractors create. Sure, right now he thinks the sick psychos want to ruin his life and business, but hasn't considered some actually want to see him learn from his mistakes which then leads to success. If we would just be here to laugh at him we wouldn't give any advice at all and call him names. But right now we do both.
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  19. I don't think he can and even if he did "redeem" himself i think that would finally kill his carreer. Take away his antics and you take away the only reason why most people watch him.
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  20. At this point... considering how much cancer he threw all over the internet .. no!

    He could try to do “an hero” tho, there are people out there who would appreciate it
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