Can someone give me some great internet stories? -


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So I have a podcast, and I enjoy talking about mainly gross stories from the internet. just put some stories that you know of like Blowfly_Girl's maggot story, the Jolly Rancher story, or The Swamps of Dagobah.

I love talking about these kinds of things, and I need more than what Whang! makes videos on. Thank you.

EDIT: I want the gross stories. I don't want little sissy crybaby stories. I want, true or fake, stories that will make people feel sick.

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I mean, there's no shortage of that kind of thing to be found here with a bit of looking... but finding new and obscure things to talk about is more likely to pull serious interest.


All those stories are shit, this is the only one worth telling.

Child sex slavery, Australians, drug trafficking, and a single man who was such a sped he bankrupted a corrupt company who was running the whole show because the games they were making were shit.
The situation with Cleve and Sir-Tech (Canadian company) is so fucking bonkers it beggars belief really. He's straight-up nuts but Sir-Tech was something else.

(that said the Wizardry series is all pretty good IMO and Grimoire's not bad at all)


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I got a lot more responses than I thought I would ngl

All those stories are shit, this is the only one worth telling.

Child sex slavery, Australians, drug trafficking, and a single man who was such a sped he bankrupted a corrupt company who was running the whole show because the games they were making were shit.
yes YES this is what I'm looking for

no trouble, also i would've asked this in q&a but what do i know im new...
I'm pretty new too, and recently I've been getting really into old shit on the internet
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Oh yes, I have a particularly harrowing tale, @FuckNutTheImpaler . Late one rainy December night, I was on a furry discord server debating the sexiness of barry the bee, when suddenly user uwukillalltransphobes posted a link. I believed it was going to just be wholesome rule 34 insect hentai, just some light-hearted fun. How very wrong I was, and I would pay for that false assumption dearly. Clicking on the link, I unzipped my pants and licked my lips in anticipation, eagerly awaiting watching the six legged protagonist of my favorite film squirt out those tasty cummies. But no cummies were squirted that night, my friend, the only fluids that dripped out of me were tears, gushing out my eyes like a faucet of misery. The video took a few seconds to load, but it then became very crisp visually. 1800 hp, the problem was, the focus wasn't on the object of my lust. . . It was a pineapple, sitting on a birch wood table. Was this a joke? It was in a dim room, lit only by a single lamp, but I could clearly see a child of about six and what looked to be an adult, wearing a porcelain mask, guiding them to the fruit. The toddler had a face I will never forget, their large brown eyes had a mournful look to them, and their hair seemed like it hadn't been brushed in a month, let alone shampooed. Then, the man spoke, in a chilling, grumbly voice. "Put it in your poo-poo place." He then placed the boy on the table and spread his buttcheeks. Now, let me tell you, that child's anus wasn't pretty. It was the equivalent of a gay octogenarian's who had their sexual awakening as a prepubescent. As the sharp leaves entered the moist, feces encrusted cave, the youngster let out a piercing shriek, and then I heard footsteps pound up the stairs, and then my door opened.
"Is that the new Supergirl episode?" My (former) roommate asked. She is a huge nerd.
I had shut my laptop by then.
She must have noticed the guilt on my face because then she became curious.
"Is it porn? Is that why your pants are unzipped?"
"Get out of my business!" I yelled.
Lunging for the computer, she accidentally scratched my arm with her long nails.
But it was too late, she saw what I was watching, and assuming unjustly that I was masturbating to a child stuffing pineapples up their butthole and kicked me out of the apartment.
Please @FuckNutTheImpaler , help me survive in this cruel world and let me live in your house. I promise not to suck on your tampons.
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You can get lots of fucked up stories just by crawling wikipedia. Start with: (the only 2000's shock video I vividly remember)

And do your own research. Don't just regurgitate info from a single source. Your gay podcast will be much better if you actually investigate and bring lots of different bits of information together. Good luck

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It's not my story but I remember it well so:

Someone recalled how they opened up a Neopets account when they were young. They adopted an acara from the pound named "cumguzzling" and thought nothing of the name, being a wide-eyed and innocent 13-year-old. (this is when the internet was still relatively new)

They eventually gave this neopet to someone they befriended on the site, still oblivious to the smutty nature of their creature's name.

One day, this person got a PM in their inbox from a very infuriated mother screeching in caps something along the lines of: "HOW DARE YOU TALK TO MY CHILD AND EXPOSE THEM TO SUCH FILTH; YOU ARE BLOCKED!"

The young receipient of this message was very confused and a bit distressed, and only learned much later why they had received such a vicious scolding.

This anecdote was shared years ago but I still remember it. I laughed my arse off.