Canadian Media falls for Viral Hoax -


Never amount to anything! And they were right.
I'm waiting for the book: My journey from the extreme left to the extreme right and back and then I found Jesus and meth. Should be a great netflix series.... or may be the next series of Cardinal.


Thoroughly Unimpressed
Paraphrasing because I'm too lazy to look for the original and this isn't Wikipedia, so fuck citations : "Any place that sets out to mock an idea by "supporting" it with satire and hyperbole will eventually be overrun with fools who believe, at long last, they are now in good company"

In other words, setting up a website that mocks Flat-Earthers by declaring the world isn't flat, it's actually a giant cube, like a crouton, will inevitably attract at least some people who will agree or at least reward you for "not falling for the big lie" that' it's round.
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