Cancel the person above you - Kiwi edition

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Ara Ara, @FluffyTehFennekin, It's amazing how unashsamed you are to show your face around here.

To start off my case I'd like to point out how increadibly lazy you were coming out of the gate;
Surprised she doesn’t have a thread yet. She is kinda crazy when comes to this stuff.
You knew who this person was, and instead of doing your part and working hard on making a thread- you were lazy and were basically saying...
Boy when is someone going to make a thread on this faggot lol.
How VERY shameful of you @FluffyTehFennekin!

Not to mention this isn't he first time you were lazy and wanted to reap the reward of others work;
Link me please (the post, not the playlist)
Holy cow! This is worthy of it’s own thread! :o

Look, You lable people slanderous terms;
You are a flat-earther!
And for some reason you think in $currentyear! It's okay to say inhumane things like this
Troons are weird
Trans rights are human rights and you should lose your job over this thing alone!

and aren't afraid to lie about @albertbrown26's avatar's smell being a "field of flowers" when it's a singular clover. Nobody likes a liar @FluffyTehFennekin.
A field of flowers
Oh but I guess we can look past all this. You did revolt against the mods that one time...

I'd continue quoting your history, but I'm starting to get lazy.


Y’all are attracted to me, lez be real here
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What are your thoughts on Transcendental Meditation? It's a weird celeb cult based off Hinduism and sort of led by David Lynch. dude here has about to say about it, whether you believe him is up to you.
You know about cults, which means you’re part of a cult to know about this stuff. You are highly problematic and you are probably brainwashing people this very moment.

Token Weeaboo

Honest people don't need to remember anything
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You’re a black Klansman. You’re a race traitor. Sorry bucko, your black card has been revoked.
You tried to cancel our jannies.

Need I say more?
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