Cancel the person above you - Kiwi edition


Y’all are attracted to me, lez be real here
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Your avatar has an eye patch, and you probably don’t. You’re mocking those with vision problems. You are ableist and need to repent of this grave misdemeanor (you still won’t be forgiven though because there is no salvation).
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I canceled you before, but you didn't stay canceled, making a mockery of all of cancel culture, which means you are making a mockery of social justice, which means you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and a literal NAZI, and you are making it so kiwifarms is no longer a safe space for me me me me me ME ME ME ME, free from triggers. I may need to go watch videos of puppies and cute ducks so I can stop feeling triggered. I'm literally crying right now. I may be too triggered tomorrow to even attend my gender studies class. And I'm the teacher. So you are literally killing me and my students.
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