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For one reason or another, not every game in development gets finished. Whether it's due to financial issues or time restraints, many games end up being cancelled, sometimes after a fair decent amount of development has been done. I'm sure at some point every one of us has seen screenshots or footage of a game that piqued our interest, only to learn that the game had been cancelled. Knowing that games like Gone Home and Mass Effect: Andromeda have been released, and games like Goodbye Volcano High are coming out at some point, it's a shame to know that games that could have had some real potential will never see the light of day.

So, kiwis, what are some cancelled games you would have liked to have been able to play? The ones i would have most like to be able to play are:

Donkey Kong Racing

Banjo-Karting/The Fast and the Furriest

Sabreman Stampede

The cancelled Rayman 4 that was being developed by Phoenix Studio

And of course, to end this list, the actual Banjo-Threeie that we would have gotten on the Gamecube, had Microsoft not bought Rare.

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First thing that always comes to my mind is Duality on the original Xbox, a really cool looking game that was basically a cyberpunk Metal Gear Solid, still blows my mind that it got canceled because it obviously had loads of potential and I've always wondered what went wrong.

Then there's Full Throttle II.

And The City of Metronome on the Xbox 360.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, was a Fable like game and was nearly done as well until Disney got cold feet due to the age rating it would have got and cancelled it, why they never try to change the game or greenlit it in the first place is beyond me.

City of Metronome, cancelled ps3/360 game by the team that went onto make the great Little Nightmares

Whore of the Orient, was meant to be the follow up to LA Noire

Ushiro, a Level 5 psp game, rpg where you play as a ghost and follow people around

Steambot Chronicles 2, 2011 after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami Irem canceled most of the game they were working on however ex staff went on to make Granzella which brought back Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories from the dead
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Command and Conquer: Generals 2.

Now that the remaster of Tiberian Dawn/Red Alert are seeing success I hope they go back and make a Generals 2. Or make an actual good Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.

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Mega Man Legends 3. Inafune might be notorious and may never be able to achieve another game in his life at this point, but damn it, it isn't just about getting Mega Man off of the moon, it's also about needing to know what is the future of Mega Man, and what it has in store for the new world. Way too much shit for me to spoil about the series. It just has to happen.

The "early version" builds of the 3D Trials of Mana that were said to play exactly like the SNES game. It's a gamble, but I want to see what kind of effort the devs put into "remaking the exact game", because there's plenty about their version of Trials of Mana 3D I'm kind of not digging. It's great and all, but the current remaster lacks the dark dissonant undertones the Mana games used to have at their heyday. Kinda expected some personality changes depending on choosing either the Light or Dark paths and even some facial expressions and details being more reflective of this but I digress.

I'm also probably going to get shit on this but I wanted to play Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I remember it hearing it be like an extremely bleak crime political drama as soon as it came out with job classes separated in nations and you'd get to travel around the world experiencing major culture shock and disparity of living conditions because the rest of the world was fucked without crystals accelerating their development. Instead we got XV..... which wasn't that bad, it was definitely the result of hasty development and an emphasis on story. Didn't mind the supporting cast getting shifted to XV. They looked more innocent than edgeworthy and even experienced in crime and wetwork. Also the magic system was horrendously underdeveloped by the time they released XV. I have more petty shit to gripe on about but that's for another day.