Cancelled Games You Wish Had Been Released - I Can't Think of a Good Subtitle


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Would have loved to see a Bulletstorm 2. The first one was by far the funniest game I've played. And the gunplay was a blast. A little on the short side, and the "multiplayer" was dumb as fuck, but it definitely had the potential for a sequel. I figured the "remaster" might have brought some life back into it but it seems that wasn't the case.

Additionally, I wish Turok (2008 one) got its sequel. Far less popular and played like shit at times but it was a guilty pleasure of mine.

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Not exactly cancelled but - I really wish I bought Devotion on steam before the Chinese government "banned" it - apparently world wide.

Maybe I'll pirate it somewhere. I don't know if it's even possible to legally obtain it anywhere at this point.
They did pre-orders for a physical version of the game a few weeks ago, but it was limited only to people living in Taiwan. It's possible they could re-release it internationally (well, besides China, obviously), but they haven't said if they will yet.

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Looking at the trailer of Werewolf game, I just recalled how there was supposed to be a Werewolf game back in 1998. But it was canned after I think Redemption didn't do as well as they wanted.
There was also Hunter: The Reckoning on OG Xbox, I even think it was a launch title or close to it.

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Neat. They can't have made that big of a splash because I had no clue that there were three of them.
The sequels both came out right after the 1st Hunter game. So around in 2003, you had Wayward which was just for the PS2, while Redeemer was again on the Xbox and yet neither of these games made a huge splash.

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The 64DD. I remember reading about it in magazines like Ultra Game Players and EGM in the 1990s. I was pretty excited for Zelda expansion packs and Earthbound 64 on it. At a time where the save memory on a typical N64 game was one megabit or less, and a standard Playstation memory card was 128 kilobytes, the promise of a 64 megabytes of writable memory carried with it the promise of a level of in-game customization previously only seen on computers. Ultimately it didn't get released in North America and Japan got a shitty version of what was promised.

WCW/NWO Live, a WCW game built on the same engine as the original Smackdown that was in development before THQ got the WWF License.

WWF Backlash for N64. Was 30% done. They came so close to perfection with No Mercy, there were just some issues with slowdown and save games getting deleted. I wish they took one more kick at the can, but I guess the N64 was so close to end of life it wasn't worth it. God damn, I remember like one game coming out a month by winter 2001.

Mario Land VB. Wario Land for Virtual Boy is one of my all time favourite games. I wish this one got released too.
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The movie wasn't bad, but the bottom line of it is contemporary Hollywood would never have the balls to portray Ender as the high-functioning sociopathic product of a eugenics program, who was bullied and manipulated into suicidal depression to commit an act of genocide in a fake war, and become the scapegoat for a coup d'etat led by his own (low-functioning sociopathic) brother and emotional sock puppet sister. They learned their lesson about science fiction movies that are politically-charged in inconvenient ways, after letting Paul Verhoeven do what he wanted with Starship Troopers. Can't make investors and producers with stock in Boeing and Raytheon too uncomfortable, you know.

At least a game would have the freedom and depth to give all those nasty little side plots and background tidbits room to breathe, you know.
Verhoeven completely fucked up Starship Troopers. If anything, no one has the balls to make an actual adaptation of the book.