Cancelled Games You Wish Had Been Released - I Can't Think of a Good Subtitle

In Heaven

In Heaven, everything is fine...
This isn't exactly a cancelled game since it was eventually released on the 3DS, but I would've loved to see the Nintendo DS version of Fantasy Life. I'm a huge fan of EarthBound/Mother style sprites and graphics, and the early WIP screenshots look very cute!
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Nom Carver

Pandemic did it better.
My choice would originally have been Mech Assault 3 (Mech Assault was an Xbox Live launch game that was a third person shooter spin-off of the battletech franchise. Really solid third person shooter). But, after some leaks that were uncovered about the cancelled Mech Assault 3, and how much it was planning to radically change things from both 1 and 2, my choice now would be Battlefront 3.

while not exactly cancelled, but i would love to play a version of the 2002/2003 version of Half-Life 2 where its tone was a lot more drastic than in the final game
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