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I'm surprised I haven't seen people taking the low level cancellation crew(people with less than 100k followers on whatever platform) out by using fake screens of DMs or deleted tweets or IG stories etc of them saying vaguely racist things. It wouldn't be that difficult to use reddit or a fb page or something to make them gain traction.

Would this only fuel the problem? Would it just be counterintuitive?

I'm not considering doing this, I don't really try to pay attention to people trying to take someone down with a video or a screenshot or whatever. I just see how many people are annoyed by it and wonder why no one is doing that. It seems like flooding social media with fake proofs of egregious sins like saying nigga in an eight year old tweet would also make everyone more suspicious of other receipts of misbehavior.

I'm sure this isn't a new idea but I haven't seen any large efforts to this end.

Would it be just as dumb and petty as harping about some facebook post from 2009?

What made me think of this was some guy on twitter who posts a lot of pictures of people and their license plates and sometimes addresses and says they called him a nigger or did a million racist things to him. He seems like an obvious Jussie to me. It seems like doing the opposite would become just common.

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Cancellers do what they do because they're narcissistic, power hungry scum who can only feel good if they destroy something better than them. If someone is pathetic enough to form a Twitter hate mob, it's much easier to simply join cancel culture itself.

If you're talking about justice, on the other hand, I think you're grossly overestimating the number of people out there who give enough of a fuck about anything but themselves to spend their time combing through social media posts and trying to incite the masses.

Not to mention that reinforcing the concept that saying nigger is a justification for ruining your life is a horrible idea. We need to give that word less power, not more. It's already a weapon used to justify murder.


Cancel culture can't really be eliminated because it is essentially a form of modern human sacrifice. Movements and philosophy cannot correct tribalistic stupidity because it is ingrained into our monkey instincts. It is volcano-tossing over the internet, and every one of us is guilty - no matter our intelligence or awareness - because we are all human beings.

I mean, sure, there are lots of wonderful things about people, but this isn't so much of one, and it's just something we just have to evolve out of. Maybe it'll be corrected in fifty-thousand years, but we just have to sort of accept it for now. If you want to try and fight it for yourself, go right ahead. Maybe you can even help that evolution along; who knows...

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The way to stop it is to delegitimize it. If one big company was like, "nah, you're making ridiculous demands and we don't care" and they didn't give in then the treat is gone.

The twitter mobs don't have almost any power. Individuals might, but mostly it's just simian chest-pounding as Gus said. The specter of lost profits from an perceived large boycott or an imagined market who cares deeply is most of the driver.

Twitter is actively used by some single-digit percentage of people in the US. That's not gonna affect the bottom line if nobody else takes them seriously. Everyone is just so captivated by social media....

So basically, become a CEO of a big company and then don't let your people get cancelled.


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I always wondered "what if somebody traced something I said on the internet in the year 2000 back to me today?". Good God I could be cancelled for an archive or screencap of a 20 year old GameFAQs post. And cancel culture would totally fellate itself to something that pathetic because that's just what it does.

With something that sad I think my face would be more :lol: than :'(

Look at that actor from The Flash who was fired due to a dumb Al Sharpton joke he made on Twitter in 2012. When people are grasping at such distance straws who is the badman here?

This all just proves that we are doing it wrong. If somebody has to dig through miles of tweets to find one several years old thing to cancel you with then we should be laughing them right off the internet rather than kowtowing to their cancelling demands. Because their actions are sad, pathetic and downright laughable. Because who the hell wastes their time digging through this stuff? What kind of loser do you have to be? Remember, these are the same people who call anyone who disagrees with them a pathetic -ist and -phobic.

Rather than manufacture content to cancel cancellers with it's time we started doing the right thing and tell them to go suck a fuck for digging up ancient content in a desperate attempt to ruin lives and tank careers. Stop bending over and taking your cancellation up the ass with no lube. :mad:

Maybe I am being optimistic, but I think if enough people told them to fuck off and the media followed suit cancel culture could fade away. It just takes actual effort and the media realising that trading integrity for woke points is not a good look after all.

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Normal people don't care enough to go through the effort, and the people who do care have committed on the strategy of "do nothing and let le capitalism/freedom/free market/democracy handle it while sabotaging anything that might actually be productive". We should probably kill the people in the latter group.

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Cant be cancelled if you dont use twitter or social media. Checkmake.

Social media is the only way people can defend themselves. The truly cancelled people are those who have to rely on "human resources" and their woke union.


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can't be cancelled if you're not a wageslave. there are plenty of ways to make money without wageslaving, like selling the organs of communists for example