Cancer Update - 06/12/20 -


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Not prerecorded lets celebrate with a surprise Ricky!

She had her very first pap smear, which is concerning. I'm sure the doctor that had to administer the pap went home and downed a fifth of Makers Mark. Mom can you help me hold up my apron so the doctor can look at my dainty hole?

Archive (720p):
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- Says her mother is the "best person she ever met", is now religious and has been sober for 5 years
- Had a PET scan of her pelvic area
- Praises the medical staff
- Has 2 options for her treatment but won't say what because she doesn't want people's opinions and how she'll tell us which she chose once she decides
- Doesn't know what stage her cancer is in yet
- Has a CT and MRI scan and a weight loss specialist scheduled
- Will wait for her CT and MRI scan results before deciding her treatment
- Says her family cares a lot about her
- Fake crying
- Says how she's close to 30 and doesn't know what she'll do when her mom is gone
- Her mom now means a lot to her
- Won't show her mom on video because Amber is afraid of rude comments
- "My last 2 weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions"
- "Me and my mom have a lot of the same interests"
- Still fat

Well at least we are now sure she didn't hear "pre-cancerous" on the phone and jumped to conclusion from there. Cancer seems real. Also, her mother is apparently the most amazing human being ever.
I am having the dangedest of times trying to figure out why people doubted that a fat slob has developed a type of cancer associated with being an actual fat slob.

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
She also said she has more prerecorded videos. Can’t wait for more muckbangs.

  • This is not a prerecorded vidoe
  • She’s emotional, lots of cryeen lately
  • Meth mommy is here
  • She’s been sober for 5 years, found God, has a job
  • She almost cries talking about her mom
  • Amber’s sad because Meth has to go home in a few days
  • She went to the cancer center and cried
  • 5 hours there, she could only have 1 person and she picked Meth [poor Necky]
  • First pelvic exam, traumatizing because she’s a virgin [wasn’t she raped?]
  • Cancer, two treatment options. She has to choose for herself, so she will not say what the two options are
  • Stage: she doesn’t now, they need more exams
  • Coming up: CT scan with contrast, MRI, in two months a weight loss specialist appointment
  • She almost cries talking about her mom (again)
  • Meth is a completely different person now
  • Amber’s sad because Meth has to go home in a few days
  • If Becky wasn’t there she would move to Oklahoma to stay with Meth
  • Meth is a completely different person now (again)
  • She won’t appear on camera because we’re rude
  • She’s emotional, lots of cryeen lately (again)
  • Bitch still has prerecorded videos... we’ll see them soon

Update. I've been cryeen. My mom has found GAWD. She hasn't bothered to see her own child in 12 years but she is one of the best people I knooow. The pap smear was difficult for me as a virgeen. I have two treatment options. I don't wanna share what they are, but I will consider bolth. I don't know what stage it is. I'll see a weight specialist in a couple of months (No hurry gorl. Baby steps). My mom is really good feareen. My maaawm. If I didn't have Becky keepeen me here I would move to be with my maaaawm.

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I mean, I'm sure rape victims are traumatized but they allow doctors to collect rape kits to be collected and tested, do they not? Hambone is just a big ass baby and this video personifies it 10000%.

I also find her use of ads in this video interesting. Her first announcement regarding the cancer news she didnt monitize, but this video had 6 ads crunched in.

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