Cancer Update - 06/12/20 -

hmm.. when she had the gallstones the doctor said she was too fat to be operated on. not sure if she needed an mri back then but she weighed less then, I think it was back when she was with Krystle
She had an ultrasound, I believe but she was small enough when she was with Krystal to fit into an MRI machine. She has said she hasn’t ever had one (before cancer) and that she has. I am not even sure she knows the difference between an MRI and CT scan. CT would most likely be given in an ER for stomach pain.

Which family of hers is in Oklahoma? Is that destiny's family?

Can't believe the audacity of her calling a Pap Smear "traumatizing" when its preventative care for most normal people.
Her body on her back with her feet in stirrups while they try to part the flesh to even get to her vagina would be traumatizing and embarrassing. We’ve seen her trunk like legs. I don’t see her managing this position.

She does not have insurance - and by the sounds of it she does not even have enough in the bank to cover the basics
Hospital social workers at nonprofit hospitals will get a payment plan put together to spend her down and onto Medicaid. They will submit the application and the spend down will begin.

A lot of people shit on Becky for using our gorl as a cash cow but tbh I can't blame her. Amber constantly belittles her, thirsts over her ex, constantly acts like Becky is holding her back... they couldn't even fuck if they tried. I'd be checked the fuck out too. What the fuck is there to gain from this relationship but money?
This is the best Becky has ever done socially and financially. Becky thinks she is a celebrity and maybe she is. But words like “college”, “adult skill set”, are met with blank bewilderment. I’d love to witness the fight that went on for Becky to have moved from the guest room to further out of reach.. down the steps. Perfect getaway to keep Amber away. All of them, Becky, Eric, Ricky, Destiny and Dana all appear very low functioning. Perfect friends for Al.