Cannot delete conversation. -

Zeke Von Genbu

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All 3 of you are on the member list when I just now scrolled through?

Did you put it on ignore or something?
When you leave it doesn't remove you from the member's list you're forever there even if you aren't actually able to do anything in it. I know because I've seen a few dozen people in one mass PM chain that left the site after the leak of 2019.


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The PM thread is loading so badly because all 1600+ participants thumbnail pictures are being loaded on every DOM refresh of the page. And that equates to 50MB worth of pictures every load, even if it's cached it's making user's toaster computers explode, to speak nothing of mobile users. If the participant list of PM chains over a certain cap started being paginated or infinite scrolled, it would fix that problem. An even lazier/easier solution would be to just not load the thumbnail images for user profiles in the participants list, but it would still be a bloated as fuck DOM.

Does Kiwifarms have a Github/Bitbucket repo? I know Null is always busy, so I thought that I'm sure myself and other webdev kiwis would be interested in helping out the forum and making some pull requests to add/fix stuff like this.

Here's some of lighthouse performance report I ran on that nightmare PM thread:


Vlinny Chan

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You get used to having 3 notifications on your screen at all times. I see them as badges that allow you special access to a secret garden of autism. There, I can sperg in peace along with like-minded fellows as special as I am. How can anyone not want that, is what I like to know?