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have you taken your b12?
I feel like this shotgunning of videos is from her being out of cash manic panic....she just spent a lot of money to move, and even if she did have insurance and if its one she bought into it has a deductible and copays...
This is the manic actions of a broke ass piggy, has anyone peeked at her income estimates recently? I bet from the cancer scare she got a big spike but then it fell.
this is exactly whats happening. At least try to make your videos better and put some effort in
outro? intro? cutaways? anything??

I'd be surprised if Amber is making $4k/month in 2020. Even if she sticks to uploading daily, that's maybe $5k/month, and that will make her miserable. I don't know how she's paying for all this shit unless some insurance is really covering everything.
idk either. not like she has a credit card to help make payments
she pays cash and only has a checking account
idk why she lives like an immigrant
amber, you're a 30 year old white woman in kentucky. get your shit together

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"I'm not manic I'm taking my meds!"

For someone who says they know a lot about bipolar, she sure doesn't seem to know that you can and do still have episodes while on meds. They tend to be less severe and less frequent when medicated properly, but they still happen.

There is also something called the prodrome where you are "ramping up" before an actual manic episode. Oh, and changes in hormones, as well as major stress, can trigger an episode. Thought those were interesting things to note. I'm sure she already knows all those things though.
You're so right. While the mood stabilizers do help curb the incredibly different changes in episodes you absolutely WILL still have some of those manic episodes... though not as severe. She is fucking retarded thinking she'll never be manic EVER AGAIN because she's on her precious mood stabilizers.

And she never even specified which type of Bipolar disorder she has, which are very, VERY different. I will bet you a million dollars she doesn't even know. She just heard the word "bipolar" and ran with it.

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The part where she tells us that she eats three whole pickles as a snack was really funny to me. She didn't realize that she was revealing something there, because pickles are indeed low-calorie (fuck those sodium counts tho lmao). But it shows to normal people who like a few pickle slices as a snack but would otherwise struggle to finish even one entire pickle, that her stomach has been stretched to a cavernous size and her idea of appropriate food portions is very distorted.

Otherwise boring episode. Expected more spice based on the title and short-ish video length. Not very good competition against the Corn Harvest, tbh.


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Noom has passed Amber’s turing test
Yeah, but it's not really that hard when Noom gives you praise for doing the absolute bare minimum. It feeds her dopamine kicks with praise for eating only 4000 some-odd calories. Even if she slips up, the programme will tell her, "it's okay, just try harder next time!"

She's paying $300 a year to get asspats. It's the perfect programme for a narcissist and a lazy cunt.


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I keep lol'ing at her "this is good for weightloss, do your research. I weigh 484 pounds and am ecstatic". Its like some trust fun baby telling me to pull myself up by the bootstraps.

What a dainty portion! I’m sure she didn’t have 5 plates more when the camera went off. Also, that crap on the right she claims is “cheesy rice”, that sounds absolutely repulsive.View attachment 1515318
Sans the cheesy rice/potatoes this is actually a healthy mean so thumbs up for that at least. But yea, that's assuming she didn't do some pre meal snacking.