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I've kind of been thinking about this a bit here and there for the last few weeks. Got inspired to make this after reading Null's letter.

I don't know what to do about my career. I trained to A+ stuff. I still haven't taken the fucking tests for the certs. I fucked up there. I really don't know if that's the best decision right now. I want to have a career in the IT field. Probably as a head of a department or whatever. I don't know what to do.

Suggestions? Thanks!

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I trained to A+ stuff.
That way leads to a future in the Best Buy Geek Squad, cleaning cat hair and cigarette dust out of people's PCs. Don't do it, man. I know it seems like you'll make money doing something you love, but in the end, you'll come to hate it.
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Not many people aspire to be "the head of a department" but if there's one thing you can say about the corporate world, it's that it's pretty stable. If you can get in and the leadership doesn't fuck up too badly, you could be set for life. Just expect it to be mostly uncreative work implementing functionality that someone else has already decided needed to be done. You will be the proverbial code monkey, at least until you work your way up into middle management - "the head of a department."

Unfortunately an A+ cert isn't going to mean much for these guys; go to school and get a full IT degree. Already got a different degree and/or want to save some money? There are plenty of online universities nowadays; some people are still skeptical about them, but there are good legit ones out there, and I suspect they will be taken increasingly seriously in the post-coof world. Some of them may even have have job placement programs which will help steer you into a position with a company after, or maybe even before, graduation.

Once you've got the magical paperwork, it's just a matter of building a resume and applying, applying, applying until you get a position. For corporate gigs, places like LinkedIn and GlassDoor's job boards are good places to start; places like the StackExchange and AngelList boards are more oriented towards start-ups and smaller companies. Basically stick to more normie, non-tech-focused job boards if you want to find those more established companies.

Good luck!


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Shoot guns and can goods in a cabin in the middle of no where. I'm lucky to get the job I have now because it was back around February before shit went down. It's conformal coating on PCBs and I do it for 40 to 60 hours a week. Chemicals can get to you at times.
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I trained to A+ stuff. I still haven't taken the fucking tests for the certs
Contrary to what other people will tell you, you really DON'T need a cert or to take a test. You just need the experience and to find a job that's willing to give you a shot if your resume looks really good.

Before i turned it into a career, I worked on computers as a hobby. At the time, people weren't sending their shit to Geek Squad all the time and it was rare that anyone had any computer knowledge (unlike today, where every neighbor has a family member or knows someone that's a "tech person"). Once I started getting confident enough to where I wanted to do this as a job (getting a fuck-ton of compliments for all the work I did helps build that confidence, lol), I tried applying for entry level stuff (like level 1 IT help). It wasn't until I landed a job doing shipping help for a payroll company where I overheard their IT Department was short 1 guy, so I emailed the IT manager, included my resume and tech experience, he invited me into his office, was impressed with my work and after picking my brain, and gave me the position. Ever since then I've been happy as a pig in shit. I moved to a couple other jobs after that before getting the one I'm at now, but with each new job comes new experiences (like active directory experience, which is piss easy).
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