Career YouTube ClickBaiter Channels - There are many YouTube channels who have made a living from click baiting !


JM 590

Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips is by far the most shameless Youtuber I watch. He'll advertise anything, he drives a hot pink car, and his thumbnails can be awful at times. But he puts out quality content about tech with no political bias or clown world bullshit, and doesn't maintain any fanboy loyalty to any company, so he's okay by me.

blameitonjorge's older material is mostly clickbait lists, though his recent documentaries have been stellar.

I can't think of a third one to round this list out. Someone already said it, but seriously, fuck Watchmojo

Count groudon

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GuavaJuice is either branded with some unholy mark that causes otherworldly creatures to flock to his location (even ones from fictional movies), or he’s just some shitty clickbait fag that runs around in dark places and screams his lungs out to cash in on little kids obsessed with spooky shit.

Smaug's Smokey Hole

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I haven't watched many of rwhitegoose's videos, they pop up in the recommended list sometimes and the title/thumbnail sounds interesting, but he seems to start by meandering for ten minutes before getting to what the thumbnail and title is actually about. An impressive feat for a 13-15 minute video. I know that he's a libertarian, it has nothing to do with anything and that is my point, why the fuck would I know something like that after trying to watch a couple of videos about autistic Goldeneye strategies.