Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / Akkad Daily / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple - Leader of the "Liberalists" & Droning Pseudo-Intellectual Boomer anti-SJW Activist, Applebees Waiter, Mass Shooter Whiteknight

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Would you rape Jess Phillips

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Ok, this thread is probably going to be a divisive one, and I'm hoping it doesn't devolve into troll shielding or something like that.

What can be said about this guy? He is a British Youtuber who is notorious for making many videos that complain about SJWs or whatever groups fall under that umbrella (e.g. feminism). Sargon was, and still is a major figure in GamerGate (which is still going on, why?)

For all his bluster about SJWs, like others of his ilk, he is cut from the same cloth. Since there have been a few comments in the "Boys who cried SJW" thread where his name frequently pops up, it only seems right to give him his own thread.

In his videos, you can typically count on him:

-Crying sophistry at whoever for whatever reason
-Complaining about "professional victims"
-Talking about whatever SJW issue is the flavor of the day
-Using thumbnails that compare whoever he is attacking to Nazis or some other malignant group/person (Chairman Pao, SOCJUS, Swastikas, the female gender symbol with the fist, etc)
-Actually make said comparisons within the actual video
-Reference Orwellian concepts such as doublethink or thought crime
-Something, something, Steve Shives
-Bring up logical fallacies or cognitive biases and talk about them as if he actually understands them because British accent apparently means he's smart
-Do something that manufactures outrage (he shouldn't kid himself with titles like "This Week In Stupid" or "Why Do People Hate Feminists")
- Complain about Islam/ "Islamophiles"
-The odd drop of the words "Cultural Marxist" here or there.

Basically, what a good chunk of the user base here have done at least once

Go nuts people.

A few examples of some of his recent content:

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If we're gonna have this thread open, please add his powerword to the title. It's Carl Benjamin.

This is what he looks like. He actually once mentioned this site a bit when he was asked about it. He said it looked like fun.



Let me find some of his tweets to Laurie Penny. Those might be worth talking about.


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I can see this thread going in two different ways. It can either be like The Amazing Atheist thread where pretty much the worst of what he does is covered but it's acknowledged that not everything he says is wrong or it can still be a debate about whether he is or isn't a lolcow. This is also why I would caution people against making a Thunderf00t thread for similar reasons.

Let's get some content in here, like this. There was a time I was in chat and a bunch of people were saying that Sargon had become pretty spergy.


Emperor Julian
He's usually got enough self depreciation to stop himself going full lolcow. He isnt really a loser IRL, he rustles the jimmies of people who are actual lolcows. His video's are usually pretty forgettable and occasionally spergy but nothing really marks them out as a Chris chan or even a Brianna Wu.
The only think I can think of which qualifies as lolcow is his e-begging and the fact the he assumed the title of famous person from history as his online persona-the pretentious shithead.

Edit-people like this now instead of 2016 Should take note he's rapidly devolving into one.

Edit the 2nd, it's 2018 now he's a collosal lolcow.
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